John Macarthur’s Security Will  Bear False Witness​ Against Christians

Friday night (3/7/14) at about 6:30 pm, I was handing out flyers on the public sidewalk across the street from John Macarthur’s church. I was handing out flyers to those attending his Pastors’ Conference’s 7 pm session. The flyer was promoting the article written by Barbara Aho of Watch Unto Prayer titled, “John Macarthur: Paganizing the Christian Church.”
While handing out these flyers, one of John Macarthur’s security men approached me and assured me that as long as I wasn’t bothering them, they wouldn’t bother me. All I was doing was offering a flyer to any pastor that was interested. Then he took my picture and left.
After the pastors were all inside (at about 7 pm) I decided to take a rest and so I went back to sit in my car which was parked on a public street maybe a couple hundred yards from the church. As I was sitting in my car, John Macarthur’s security patrol approached my car from behind, parked parallel to mine on the street, and then a uniformed man quickly got out of the passenger side of the patrol car and began shouting at me to “exit my vehicle now.” Then he loudly repeated his demand as the security man driving the car approached me and as another security man (on foot) was in front of my car. When I refused to exit my vehicle he continued his demand. When it became clear to me that I was going to be cuffed by Macarthur’s “security,” I decided to drive off and go home.  
Macarthur’s security had attempted to arrest me without cause (ie, make a false arrest). They wanted to stop me from handing out more flyers to pastors leaving the conference at 8:30 and they succeeded.
So please read John Macarthur: Paganizing the Christian Church and learn exactly why John Macarthur now teaches that one can still be redeemed after taking the Mark of the Beast.
Note: At about 4 pm this same day and while I was handing out flyers on a public sidewalk outside John Macarthur’s church, two men approached me in their car and made false charges that I was harassing women and they told me that they would testify to this in court. Then they told me that they would report me to John Macarthur’s security.  So I believe that this was the initial setup for their scheme. Their plan was to arrest me and then make the lie that I was harassing women.  By the way, this was a men’s pastors’ conference with hardly a woman present because their attendance was discouraged.
At his church and elsewhere, John Macathur is protected by armed guards. And following his orders, these guards threaten with arrests and with lawsuits anyone who dares to expose the true nature of his operations.  It’s also my understanding that some of his guards are LAPD or ex-LAPD officers.  An ex-member of Grace Community Church has told me that these armed guards are referred to as Temple Guards.  See John Macarthur’s Armed Temple Guards.  Click here to see a list of some police and military who are or have been in leadership at Macarthur’s church.
Note: I recently received the following information from a member of John Macarthur’s Grace Community Church regarding his church’s armed security force.
“To further sharpen their skills, I heard (from a reliable source) that certain of the ‘security’ force there [at Grace Community Church] were planning to go for further training to this place: (Church at Kaweah Spreads Hateful, Militant Christian Views)
“Several years ago, there were links on their site ‘Church of Kaweah’ (and on youtube), with all the pastors in full war-brigade, lying on the ground with rifles ready.”
Note: Scroll down this page to the Introduction section to read that John Macarthur’s security has a history of making threats and bearing false witness.

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  1. It’s too bad Christians have become accustomed to having armed police within their church assemblies. Oh ye of little faith.

  2. We’ve learned that John Macarthur’s head of church security, Tom Hatter, has admitted to having close ties with the FBI and Homeland Security.

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