John Macarthur’s Transformational, Church Growth, Purpose-Driven Church

By Bob Johnson

March 9, 2009

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On January 2, 2005, John Macarthur gave a sermon to his congregation in which he described the state of his church. In that sermon John Macarthur stated, “I feel like part of the ministry I must discharge before the Lord and you is a ministry of warning about danger. Our church is not in particular danger from some dominating iniquity. It is not in particular danger from some infiltrating heresy. It is not in danger from some loss of resources financially or human. Everything you can see on the surface looks to be good. And we would have every reason to think we stand, and still be on the brink of a fall.”

John Macarthur said that his church was not in particular danger from infiltrating heresy. This paper will show that a dangerous heresy has infiltrated his church; a heresy known generally as the church growth movement. And this paper will show that this movement, being backed by globalists and being used to fulfill their one-world agenda, is now manipulating GCC into that same agenda.

John Macarthur said that his church is not in danger from some dominating iniquity. This paper will show that John Macarthur, being the dominant figure in his church, by disobeying the doctrine of separation, has allowed men to speak at his church and has allowed men to occupy leadership positions in his church, who, professing to be Christians, are actually dedicated to this one-world agenda.

John Macarthur said that everything you can see on the surface of his church looks to be good. I have been to his church, and I have attended his ministries, and I didn’t have to look beyond the surface to see that everything there is not good. I didn’t have to look beyond the surface of his church in order to see the presence of the Purpose Driven Church (PDC) model or the dialectic sessions employed by that model. Nor did I have to look beyond the surface to see that John Macarthur’s international ministry, a ministry dedicated to “training church leaders worldwide,” is a church growth organization now partnering with foreign governments.

In his “state of the church” sermon, John Macarthur said that GCC could be on the brink of a fall. GCC has gone beyond that brink and has now fallen. GCC is not holy, peculiar, sanctified and set apart, but rather, is a church that has now found common ground with Satanic agents pushing the one-world agenda via the church growth movement.

Allow me, by way of introduction, to say how I became interested in the goings on at GCC. My interest in GCC began in March 2005 when a local pastor invited me to accompany him to the GCC Pastor’s Conference being held that same month. Wanting to get information about the conference, I went to the GCC website where I noticed that Dr. Albert Mohler was to be a keynote speaker. I’d never heard of Dr. Mohler. When curiosity pressed and an internet search ended, I had discovered information about Dr. Mohler that was not in accord with his Christian profession.

I had discovered that Dr. Mohler was a Founding Fellow of the “think tank” of a UN-NGO. I had discovered that a UN-NGO is a non-governmental organization that is listed with the UN and that serves the UN and its one-world agenda. And therefore, I concluded that it must necessarily follow, that Dr. Mohler, being a Founding Fellow of this UN-NGO’s “think tank” which serves the UN and its agenda, must also serve the UN agenda. (It has since been confirmed to me by a colleague of Dr. Mohler’s that all the Fellows of the “think tank” of this UN-NGO are dedicated to the principles of the charter of the UN).

Knowing that the UN agenda is satanic and knowing that this agenda includes the destruction of Biblical Christianity, I wondered why John Macarthur would invite a man dedicated to this agenda into his church and into his pulpit. Was John Macarthur aware of Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation? (I have since learned that Dr. Mohler holds leadership positions in at least two organizations that serve the UN globalist agenda as NGO’s.)

I proceeded to write a letter to each of the members of the GCC elder board. I warned them all of Dr. Mohler’s associations. I received a reply from elder, Phil Johnson, dated March 23, 2005. Regarding Dr. Mohler’s associations, Mr. Johnson wrote, “We may not agree with all his associations, but nothing in Scripture demands that we separate from a true brother in Christ just because we may disagree with him on where he draws the circle of his own fellowship.” Is this a true statement? Is there nothing in Scripture that demands separation from a professed Christian who is affiliated with satanic evil (the UN)?

Many verses in Scripture demand that Christians separate from evil and 2 Thess. 3:14 demands separation from professed Christians who are disobedient: “And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him that he may be ashamed.” Scripture does demand separation from Dr. Mohler.

Why didn’t the GCC elders seem to be alarmed by Dr. Mohler’s affiliations? Why were they willing to ignore Biblical commands in order to continue a relationship with Dr. Mohler?

Being dissatisfied with the reply I’d received from the GCC elder board, I then decided to make phone calls to several other GCC pastors in order to inform them of Dr. Mohler’s UN connection. Surely, they would all be concerned. I told them all that Dr. Mohler was a Fellow of a UN-NGO. What was their response? The pastors all angrily denied this easily verifiable fact.

I then decided to write letters to about ten more GCC pastors. I expressed to them my concern that Dr. Mohler was a Fellow of a UN-NGO. I received a reply from one pastor, Rick Mclean, responding for all, who, putting himself in the position of God, told me that the information I’d given them regarding Dr. Mohler’s associations “was of no eternal consequence.” This pastor also told me to never contact them again regarding this matter.

In November 2005, a member of GCC agreed to meet me for a discussion. His name was George. I had asked George during a phone conversation if he’d be willing to have a discussion with me concerning some things at GCC that I had found troubling. Two days after agreeing to meet with me, I received an email from George informing me that our meeting couldn’t take place. He told me that after checking with his church’s authorities, those authorities had decided not to allow our meeting to take place. George also informed me that only one man at GCC would meet with me. This was the same pastor who had already written to tell me to never contact them again. The email that George sent me was cc’d or copied to this same pastor and George informed me that any future correspondence I might have with him would also be cc’d to this pastor. The GCC authorities were exercising strict control over this situation. If Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation was “of no eternal consequence” according to pastors at GCC, then why were they taking such extraordinary measures in order to prevent the exposure of that affiliation? Why were they willing to go to such lengths in order to keep knowledge of that affiliation hidden from their church membership?

George was not allowed to meet me for a discussion in a local coffee shop. In not allowing one Christian to meet another, the GCC authorities had taken authority not given them in the Word of God. In not allowing one Christian to meet another, the GCC authorities were exercising a type of control that is cult-like.

Believing the GCC authority’s behavior to be deceitful, and knowing they didn’t want Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation exposed, I decided to do just that at their March 2006 Pastor’s Conference. With Dr. Mohler again invited to be a keynote speaker, I stood outside their church and handed out flyers to the arriving pastors.

The flyer was titled “Al Mohler and the United Nations.” The flyer basically contained 2 facts: Al Mohler was a Founding Fellow of the Research Institute (think tank) of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and that the ERLC was a UN-NGO.

How did the GCC officials respond to these flyers being handed out on the public sidewalk outside their church? A GCC pastor, Eric Bancroft, with the head of security in tow, approached me and angrily told me that my flyer contained “all lies”; he then warned me that if I was to set foot on GCC property, I’d be arrested. When I left GCC that evening, some GCC officials followed me and with the head of security present, they photographed my car and wrote down my license plate number.

What began as an effort to warn the saints at GCC about Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation didn’t end with my threatened arrest. The GCC authorities had tried to keep Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation hidden from their membership. I couldn’t help but wonder what else they may be hiding. “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” So, I decided to take a closer look into their ministries.

GCC has eight subministries listed on their website. Two of these subministries are singles ministries. In looking through these two ministry’s web pages, I began to notice the presence of certain “buzzwords” common to the Purpose Driven Church (PDC) model. I noticed that much of the language used to describe the activities of these ministries was identical to the language used in the PDC model. Being very familiar with both the “buzzwords” and structure of the PDC, I strongly suspected that these two ministries were run on that model. My suspicions were confirmed after I attended both of these ministry’s Friday night “Bible studies.” It was then that I realized that the church growth movement (CGM)/PDC model had infiltrated GCC in at least their two singles ministries.

Knowing that the PDC movement had already spread like wildfire across America’s churches and knowing that once this movement gets a foothold in a church it will spread like cancer throughout the entire church body, I knew that it was my Christian duty to warn the saints at GCC about this real danger within.

In the summer of 2006, I wrote a letter intended for the Christian remnant at GCC in which I warned them of this dangerous church growth infiltration. It was titled “A Wake Up Call to the Saints at Grace Community Church.” While standing on the sidewalk across the street, I handed out copies to the congregants as they left the church. I handed out this letter of warning for three consecutive Sundays.

On the second Sunday, as I handed out the “Wake-up Call,” the police were called. A black and white unit stopped and an officer approached me and told me that they had received a call claiming that I was harassing the congregation. I was handing out my letter to Christians as they left the church. I never harassed anyone and no one had complained to me.

Why were the police called? On that same day, in what could be construed as another act of intimidation, a GCC official approached me and told me that the GCC authorities were considering a lawsuit against me.

Since handing out this letter of warning, I have continued to look into the activities of various ministries at GCC and I have continued to find activity indicating the presence of the church growth movement. For example, I have seen that a GCC ministry called The Master’s Academy International (TMAI), which states that its mission is to “train church leaders worldwide,” is actually a church growth organization that is now partnering with foreign governments. (A goal of the church growth movement is to merge the church into a partnership with business and government. This is called Communitarianism.) Later, I will describe both the leadership and the activities of TMAI in detail.

Grace Community Church (GCC) [], pastored by John Macarthur is being subverted and transformed by the church growth movement (CGM). This paper will give a description of the CGM, how it manifests itself at GCC, and how it has infiltrated GCC.


John Macarthur, Kendall Jenner & Hollywood

John MacArthur’s daughter, Melinda, is the wife of Kory Welch who has been a topic on the John MacArthur Cult Watch Forum because his video production company, Dorma Productions, has received millions of dollars from his father-in-law’s Grace To You. With this funding, Kory Welch has produced fashion videos for Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner is the sister in law of Kanye West who is married to Kim Kardashian. Kanye West’s pastor is Adam Tyson, a disciple of John MacArthur who graduated from MacArthur’s The Masters College and The Masters Seminary. Adam Tyson’s Placerita Bible Church is located adjacent to the The Masters University where Pastor Tyson is an Adjunct Professor.

Kanye West has been received as a Christian member of Adam Tyson’s Placerita Church. Kanye also pastors his own church named the “Church of Yeezus” which holds a Sunday “Christian” service which welcomes all faiths including hardcore Satanists.

Katy Perry is a frequent welcomed guest at Kanye’s Church of Yeezus. Dorma Productions You Tube channel also posted a video of Katy Perry. Katy Perry is a Satanist whose performances are witchcraft rituals.

The director of the Kardashian and other videos on Dorma Productions channel is Nathan Rissman. Rissman also directs movies and documentaries of Madonna, such as “‘Madonna featuring Kanye West’ Sweet and Sticky Tour,” and the Lady Gaga Winter Tour.

Kanye West considers himself to be God and calls himself by the name, Yeezus, which sounds like a combination of ye+Zeus, who was king of the Greek gods. Kan-ye may mean “ye are god(s)” which was Satan’s lie and will be the strong delusion of 2 Thess. 2:7.

In 2014, a blasphemous bible, The Book of Yeezus, was published which replaced all mention of God in the book of Genesis with the name, “Kanye.”

Kanye West’s daughter is named “North” which would be a mystery except for a few clues leaked to the press.

“But information is leaking out via E! about the baby. Apparently, the parents are informing everyone that that, ‘North means highest power.’

“According to E!’s unnamed source, West and Kardashian ‘look at her as being their highest point together,’ says a source. ‘Nothing is more special than North. Kim keeps saying, ‘She is our North Star.‘”

In the occult world, these are references to “True North” where Satan aspires to exalt himself according to Isaiah 14:13-14.

“For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”

Katy Perry’s performances are witchcraft rituals and predictive programming for destructive events that have been planned for the future Tribulation period.

In 2011, Kanye West and Katy Perry made a video titled ET in which Perry simulated mating with an alien.

See also: As in the Days of Noah

Katy Perry’s 2013 “Dark Horse” video was predictive programming as well as a witchcraft ritual to summon the demon forces that will inflict on mankind the Seal events of the Tribulation period, as prophesied in Revelation 6.

For an interpretation of Katy Perry’s performance, see: The Tribulation Seals

As stated above, John MacArthur’s son-in-law, Kory Welch, owns Dorma Productions which receives funding from Grace To You. One director of Dorma Production’s videos is Nathan Rissman who also produces many videos for popular Hollywood stars. Among these are his many videos for Madonna, such as her anti-Christian “Rebel Heart Tour“:

comment by one Madonna fan raves about the perversion and trampling of Cross of Jesus, the cross-shaped platform on which the performers danced, as well as other religious symbols in the performance:

”…this was a surprising, surprisingly fabulous viewing experience, especially the anti-theistic conflations of holy religious imagery beautifully perverted into suggestive/ hardcore eroticism. A big glamorous ‘F*** you’ to the Bible-thumping fundies. I like that. Christopher Hitchens smiles from the grave. Quelle artiste!”


Rebel Heart Tour Trailer (reveals the real agenda)

Adam Tyson’s motive for promoting Kanye West is not personal status and money. Adam Tyson is a major player in the Masonic conspiracy to destroy Christianity and he is conspiring with Kanye West to draw the masses of young people away from Christianity into the Satanic one world religion.  Tyson does not preach the pure Gospel of salvation by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, but the Social Gospel of International Freemasonry. The social gospel requires that churches be socially and politically engaged with the culture and preach cultural transformation and Domionist theology. This is the real reason Adam Tyson promotes a rich, famous and reprobate cultural icon to Christian young people who are not established in sound doctrine.

Examples of Adam Tyson’s social gospel:

Cultural Transformation: Tyson preached at Kanye’s “Sunday Session” on September 27, 2019, that the whole city of Detroit will be transformed.  He stated: “He (God) loves Detroit. He’s raising this city up from the ashes.” (37:05) ….. “Rise up” (Start at 35:15 to the end)

Wealth Distribution: Adam Tyson also delivered a sermon at Kanye’s Sunday Service event in NYC at the Better Allen A.M.E. Cathedral on 9/30. “The celebratory environment was momentarily delivered to a halt as Pastor Adam Tyson delivered a brief sermon on forgiving money owed.”

Insightful comment on Tyson’s sermon: “We rejoice at anyone making a profession of faith, but I can’t help wishing the Pastor had used the law to bring about a knowledge of sin. In our culture we often see sin being likened to ‘messiness’, ‘brokenness’, and ‘mistakes’. Without being specific I’m wondering if folks there really know what sin is. For example, I’m wondering if he would have received such a warm reception if he’d mentioned specific sins like adultery and fornication.”

Adam Tyson’s Placerita Bible Church is located ON the Master’s Seminary campus.

Placerita Bible Church Doctrinal Statement has the hybrid Calvinist / Dispensational eschatology, just like John MacArthur. This is called Progressive Dispensationalism because it allows for the Rapture of the Church and the Dominionist building the Kingdom of God on earth before Jesus Christ returns.

Dominion Theology / 7 Spheres: “Our Lord Jesus Christ, having fulfilled His redemptive mission, will then deliver up the kingdom to God the Father (1 Corinthians 15:24-28) that in all spheres the triune God may reign forever and ever (1 Cor. 15:28).”

SBTS Trainer of LGBTQ Revoice “Gay Christian” facilitators

Ask Anything with R. Albert Mohler Jr.
 event at Tyson’s Placerita Bible Church:

Following Shepherd’s Cnference, Thursday, March 7, 2019
Placerita Bible Church is pleased to host Dr. @albertmohler @SBTS, for an Ask Anything Evening this Thursday at 8:30 pm following his General session @shepconf. This event is open to anyone. You do not have to be a conference attendee.) @SBTSadmissions

New Reformation: Steven Lawson preached at Placerita Bible Church:

Dr. Steven J. Lawson is President and founder of OnePassion Ministries, a ministry designed to equip biblical expositors to bring about a new reformation in the church.


Controlled opposition fronts posing as Discernment ministries deny there is a Jewish / Masonic conspiracy to destroy Christianity. These fronts never correctly identify the source of the Evangelical apostasy as International Jewry and its Gentile front, International Freemasonry, nor do they expose their agents who lead Evangelical churches as Freemasons. Instead, they ascribe the pastor’s compromise to personal ambition for fame, greed, ignorance,, etc. It is critical that Christians understand that, today, pastors and all church leadership willingly serve the agenda of the Satanic Jewish elites to destroy Christianity. They would not be promoted to positions of authority if they were not co-conspirators.  

Whether He Lied or Not – Why is John Macarthur Connected to Political Assassinations? 

Why is John Macarthur Connected to Political Assassinations?

It’s most unlikely anyone would be asking this question had it not been for an article written by Paige Rogers and had it not been for the number of websites and radio shows which have zealously promoted this article.  What did Paige Rogers write that has generated such interest and such promotion?

Paige wrote an article that questioned John Macarthur’s claim that he was present at the Lorraine Motel on the same day MLK was assassinated!  Though few knew of this claim, it is true that this claim had been made and that it was apparently shocking enough to attract the attention of Paige who proceeded to refute it and to label Macarthur a liar.

In so doing, Paige created a dialectic between her supporters “Macarthur is a liar” and the Macarthur supporters “Macarthur would not lie” which plays out today.  Never mentioned in this ongoing dialectical process, and intentionally so, are the sordid backgrounds of the two men who accompanied Macarthur that day to the MLK assassination crime scene: Charles Evers and John Perkins.

Who are Charles Evers and John Perkins?  Paige Rogers’ supporters and Macarthur’s supporters are in consensus that they are both “Civil Rights Icons” and Paige Rogers has used their testimony to refute Macarthur’s claim that he was with them at the Lorraine Motel.  Today, both Evers and Perkins are acclaimed and honored men whose credibility is beyond question.  But who really are Charles Evers and John Perkins?  What are their backgrounds?  Why was John Macarthur with them?  And why are the players in this dialectic so silent on this issue?

Though all the players in this dialectic would have us believe that Charles Evers and John Perkins were just poor, honest Negroes who struggled to overcome poverty and racism, the following review of the “overlooked” facts paint quite a different picture (The following sections have been documented in the report “John Macarthur and the Blood of MLK.”)

Who was Charles Evers?

In 1955, Evers became a friend of Nelson Rockefeller.  From 1956 to 1963, Evers was a gangster working in the Chicago Mafia.  In 1963, the FBI accused Evers of killing his brother, Medgar, who was field secretary of the MS NAACP.  Charles took over Medgar’s position over the objections of Roy Wilkins, Executive Director of the NAACP.  As of 1967, Evers was a government informant for the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission spying on and sowing discord within the civil rights movement.  In 1968, as field secretary for the MS NAACP, Evers committed extreme violence against any Negro caught disobeying his boycott demands.  In 1968, according to John Macarthur, Evers traveled with him to the MLK assassination crime scene.  Two months later, Evers claimed to be standing just five feet from Bobby Kennedy when he was assassinated.  Evers has given four very different accounts as to his whereabouts on the day MLK was assassinated.

Given these historical facts, Paige Rogers still expects Christians to believe Charles Evers is credible and that his word should be believed, and that his word is sufficient proof that John Macarthur was not at the Lorraine Motel that day.

Who is John Perkins?

John Macarthur’s father was a member of Henrietta Mears’ Fellowship of the Burning Heart as was Richard Halverson, the head of World Vision.  Perkins named his ministry, The Voice of Calvary, same as John Macarthur’s father.  Mears published Perkins’ books.  Perkins’ “ministries” were financed by the Ford Foundation.  One of Perkins’ ministries received a “Point of Light” by GHW Bush while President.  Another of Perkins’ ministries, Christian Community Development Association, partners with World Vision.  Another ministry Perkins worked for was invited to an event hosted by the Director of the CIA.   Perkins co-wrote a book, “He’s My Brother,” with Tom Tarrants, a man who conspired to kill RFK and MLK.  Perkins also worked for a Rosenwald School (1)

1. Julius Rosenwald financed the NAACP and started the communist training school, Highlander Folk School, which MLK and Rosa Parks attended. Rosenwald’s daughter, Edith Stern, owned the radio and TV stations in New Orleans which gave airtime to Lee Harvey Oswald.  Edith Stern was the closest friend of Clay Shaw, who was put on trial for assassinating JFK.  Edith Stern illegally smuggled nuclear material to Israel and her husband, Alfred Stern, was a communist spy who fled to Russia after being convicted of espionage by a US court.

Who is Tom Tarrants?

Tom Tarrants was a member of the Ku Klux Klan who conspired to kill MLK and RFK.  He was released from prison with the help of Richard Halverson.  Tarrants is the head of the CS Lewis Institute which has a McLean, VA address.  Tarrants also co-wrote a book with John Perkins, He’s My Brother.

Who is Richard Halverson?

Richard Halverson was a member of Henrietta Mears’ Fellowship of the Burning Heart along with John Macarthur’s father.  He was a pastor in Mears’ church in Hollywood.  He was a long time Senate Chaplain and the Chairman of World Vision (1956-1983).  World Vision has close ties with the CIA and has allegedly been involved with assassinations.  Halverson befriended Tom Tarrants, who had conspired to kill MLK and RFK and who co-wrote a book with John Perkins.

Who is Dewayne Wolfer?

Dewayne Wolfer is the LAPD criminalist who falsified evidence at The Ambassador Hotel so that Sirhan Sirhan could be pinned as the “lone nut” shooter of Bobby Kennedy.  Dewayne Wolfer’s son, Dewayne Wolfer Jr., worked for John Macarthur at Grace Community Church and was John Macarthur’s bodyguard.

“John Macarthur and the Blood of MLK”

John MacArthur Cult Watch Forum

SEC Brings Charges Against John MacArthur’s Son, a GTY Board Member, and Other TMU Grads

SEC Brings Charges Against Mark MacArthur

“Mark MacArthur, son of John MacArthur and board member of MacArthur’s Grace to You ministryhas been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission of engaging in a scheme to defraud clients over a three year period from 2014 to 2017. According to the complaint, MacArthur and his partner, Robert Gravette, failed to disclose a costly conflict of interest:

‘Defendants Criterion Wealth Management Insurance Services, Inc. (“Criterion”), Gravette, and MacArthur were investment advisers. They owed their clients – who entrusted them with the discretionary management of their money – a fiduciary duty to act with loyalty, fairness, and good faith. This civil enforcement action arises from defendants’ breach of their fiduciary duty when failing to disclose a glaring conflict of their financial interests with those of their clients. From the spring 2014 through the summer 2017, defendants recommended that their advisory clients invest more than $16 million in four private placement funds, without disclosing that the fund managers for these investments had paid them more than $1 million in side compensation – income on top of the fees that defendants were already charging their clients directly.

‘For two of the private placement funds, the undisclosed  compensation that defendants received reduced the investment returns that defendants’ advisory clients would have otherwise received. Defendants kept their clients in the dark as to all these material facts and, in doing so, they violated their fiduciary duty and defrauded their advisory clients.’

Read the SEC Complaint

“According to the complaint, MacArthur and Gravette (both The Master’s University graduates) worked with another TMU graduate at a separate company to construct a scheme which allowed Criterion to pocket fees which should have gone to Criterion’s clients. The SEC claims MacArthur and Gravette failed to disclose the terms of investing to clients which put those clients at a disadvantage and depressed their investment returns.

“It is not stated in the complaint which clients received the lower returns or if any of the entities controlled by the MacArthurs were involved as investment clients. ”

The Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree

“According to the complaint, MacArthur and Gravette (both The Master’s University graduates) worked with another TMU graduate at a separate company to construct a scheme which allowed Criterion to pocket fees which should have gone to Criterion’s clients.”

Most amazing that these three Master’s University grads constructed this scheme which enabled Mark Macarthur’s company, Criterion, to defraud its clients.  And it seems clear that these Master’s U grads just flat out stole from their clients through this scheme.  They defrauded by not disclosing a very costly conflict of interest.  This reminds me of how John Macarthur also didn’t disclose a conflict of interest which enabled his son-in-law, Kory Welch, to profit from Grace To You among other “Christian” entities.

The SEC’s complaint against Mark Macarthur can be read here.

Federal Securities Fraud

A conviction for Securities Fraud will carry a lengthy prison sentence.

Securities Fraud covers a wide range of illegal activities that involve the deception of investors or the manipulation of financial markets. The most commonly prosecuted acts of Securities Fraud include insider trading, broker misrepresentation, stock churning, and ponzi schemes.

Definition of Federal Securities Fraud

Under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Securities Fraud is defined as willfully engaging in deceptive practices intended to manipulate financial markets or induce investors to make financial investment decisions based on deceptive or false information

“Securities” are broadly defined as any form of investment, such as stocks, bonds, bank notes, commodities, investment contracts, and options.

Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud

Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud occurs when two or more people work together to engage in the manipulation of financial markets or fraudulently induce investors to make financial decisions.

Importantly, Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud can, and usually is, charged against minor participants in securities fraud scheme.

The government charges minor participants with Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud because under 18 U.S.C. § 371, the penalties for Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud are the same as actual Securities Fraud, which results in minor participants cutting deals to testify against major participants in order to avoid the severe penalties Securities Fraud carries.

Penalties for Securities Fraud

Under federal law, the crime of Securities Fraud is a Class C felonypunishable by up to twenty years in prison, three years of supervised release, and $5 million in fines. Additionally, disgorgement of any profits will be ordered and any property obtained from the proceeds of the offense can be confiscated.

Under the United States Sentencing Commission, Guidelines Manual, §2B1, a person convicted of Securities Fraud would be assigned a base offense level between 6-36, which carries a guideline range of probation up to 33 months in prison before taking into account any aggravating or mitigating circumstances.

Importantly, probation is rarely given in federal cases and the amount of loss or aggravating offense characteristics associated with a particular Securities Fraud case can result in a significantly greater prison sentence than 33 months in prison.

As of 2018, the average federal sentence imposed for Securities Fraud fell between 20-24 months in prison. [1] . . . [Source]

Based on the activities cited which constitute “Federal Securities Fraud,” it looks like Mark Macarthur should be convicted and should do jail time, but he may not be convicted or do jail time due to his father’s influence within secret societies (Freemasonry).

John Macarthur’s Security Will  Bear False Witness​ Against Christians

Friday night (3/7/14) at about 6:30 pm, I was handing out flyers on the public sidewalk across the street from John Macarthur’s church. I was handing out flyers to those attending his Pastors’ Conference’s 7 pm session. The flyer was promoting the article written by Barbara Aho of Watch Unto Prayer titled, “John Macarthur: Paganizing the Christian Church.”
While handing out these flyers, one of John Macarthur’s security men approached me and assured me that as long as I wasn’t bothering them, they wouldn’t bother me. All I was doing was offering a flyer to any pastor that was interested. Then he took my picture and left.
After the pastors were all inside (at about 7 pm) I decided to take a rest and so I went back to sit in my car which was parked on a public street maybe a couple hundred yards from the church. As I was sitting in my car, John Macarthur’s security patrol approached my car from behind, parked parallel to mine on the street, and then a uniformed man quickly got out of the passenger side of the patrol car and began shouting at me to “exit my vehicle now.” Then he loudly repeated his demand as the security man driving the car approached me and as another security man (on foot) was in front of my car. When I refused to exit my vehicle he continued his demand. When it became clear to me that I was going to be cuffed by Macarthur’s “security,” I decided to drive off and go home.  
Macarthur’s security had attempted to arrest me without cause (ie, make a false arrest). They wanted to stop me from handing out more flyers to pastors leaving the conference at 8:30 and they succeeded.
So please read John Macarthur: Paganizing the Christian Church and learn exactly why John Macarthur now teaches that one can still be redeemed after taking the Mark of the Beast.
Note: At about 4 pm this same day and while I was handing out flyers on a public sidewalk outside John Macarthur’s church, two men approached me in their car and made false charges that I was harassing women and they told me that they would testify to this in court. Then they told me that they would report me to John Macarthur’s security.  So I believe that this was the initial setup for their scheme. Their plan was to arrest me and then make the lie that I was harassing women.  By the way, this was a men’s pastors’ conference with hardly a woman present because their attendance was discouraged.
At his church and elsewhere, John Macathur is protected by armed guards. And following his orders, these guards threaten with arrests and with lawsuits anyone who dares to expose the true nature of his operations.  It’s also my understanding that some of his guards are LAPD or ex-LAPD officers.  An ex-member of Grace Community Church has told me that these armed guards are referred to as Temple Guards.  See John Macarthur’s Armed Temple Guards.  Click here to see a list of some police and military who are or have been in leadership at Macarthur’s church.
Note: I recently received the following information from a member of John Macarthur’s Grace Community Church regarding his church’s armed security force.
“To further sharpen their skills, I heard (from a reliable source) that certain of the ‘security’ force there [at Grace Community Church] were planning to go for further training to this place: (Church at Kaweah Spreads Hateful, Militant Christian Views)
“Several years ago, there were links on their site ‘Church of Kaweah’ (and on youtube), with all the pastors in full war-brigade, lying on the ground with rifles ready.”
Note: Scroll down this page to the Introduction section to read that John Macarthur’s security has a history of making threats and bearing false witness.

Nepotism at John Macarthur’s Grace To You 

Every Year Grace To You Awards Contract to John Macarthur’s Son In Law’s Firm
[Note: Since this article was published, The Welch Group has changed its name.  It’s now known as The Welch Group Companies and it’s video production arm is now called DormaproductionsTo still see the Welch Group listed on the Grace To You IRS 990 form for 2012, then click here and scroll down to page 34.]
Grace To You (GTY) is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  It has “12 voting members of the governing body.”  John Macarthur is the President of GTY; his son, Matt Macarthur, is Treasurer of GTY; and his other son, Mark Macarthur, is a Director of GTY. (John Macarthur’s sons are considered to be non-independent board members of GTY.)  (Mark Macarthur works as the Chief Investment Officer for Criterion Wealth Management.)
In the IRS 990 form for 2009, Schedule L, in the section titled, “Business Transactions Involving Interested Persons,” and listed under “Contract Services,” it’s shown that GTY paid $667,000 to The Welch Group Corporation.  The Welch Group Corporation is a video production company whose CEO and sole owner is Kory Welch, John Macarthur’s son-in law.  For the calendar years from 2008-2013, The Welch Group was paid the following by Grace To You:
2014–$789,433 (includes Dorma Productions contract)
Total for the last 7 years–$5,112,823
Update: It’s in the public record that for the 2011 calendar year John Macarthur earned $402,444 for working part time for Grace To You.  This salary doesn’t include Macarthur’s earnings at The Master’s College and Seminary (which was $103,000 for 2011), Grace Church, book royalties, speaking fees, etc.  This record can be seen on page 7 of the link here.  The Masters College and Seminary record can be seen here.  For his work at Grace To You and The Masters College and Seminary, John Macarthur earned nearly $10,000 per week.

Other Articles of Interest
See “Is John Macarthur a Master of the Craft?” to view Masonic symbols in Kory Welch’s videos.
See  John Macarthur’s “Slave” Book Promotional Video Depicts the Masonic All-Seeing Eye Within a Pyramid
Click here to learn that John Macarthur’s Church’s principal financier is/was a Governor of The Council for National Policy, a CFR front. 

What is the Church Growth Movement (CGM)?

Some Christians are aware that Satan is forming a world government (New World Order) which he plans to rule from modern Israel through the coming false Jewish Messiah (the anti-Christ). What most Christians don’t know is that the apostate Church will not only be a partner in this New World Order, but is even now working toward its creation.

“Evangelical churches will be the chief instrument to bring the New World Order to birth.” 1.

The purpose of the church growth movement is to facilitate the transition of Christians and churches into the New World Order. The starting point for the New World Order is a political ideology known as Communitarianism.

Communitarianism, Amitai Etzioni, and the Kabbalah

Communitarianism is a “Third Way” compromise between Capitalism and Communism.  Communitarianism is not Fascism nor is it Communism, but a synthesis of these opposing ideologies which preceded it. It draws government-business partnerships from Fascism and employs group decision-making from Communism.  Communitarianism will resemble a corporate state (Fascism) in which the elite will work under capitalist rules to continue generating wealth while the working class will be controlled by Communist model laws. The Communitarian synthesis incorporates not only elements of Fascism and Communism, but also Globalism.

The impending economic collapse of the United States along with the financial markets of the world will create the conditions necessary for a global Communitarian society.  U.S. President Barack Obama is a Communitarian whose Cabinet and staff will function as a Third Way governing board.  It is significant that Barack Obama’s base as a “community organizer” was Chicago’s churches:

“President Obama began his career on the South Side of Chicago, working with a coalition of churches to improve living conditions in poor neighborhoods. During the election, people all across the country talked about feeling a new sense of civic engagement and got involved in politics for the first time. Now, President Obama and Vice President Biden are counting on Americans from all walks of life to serve the nation and help address the problems we face—and they’re committed to building the infrastructure and providing the resources that will make it possible.” 2.

Shortly after he took office, President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Office for Faith-Based and Community Partnerships. Churches who sign on with this faith-based initiative will be required to compromise in many ways, such as refraining from sharing the Gospel and employing non-believers in their programs. It appears there will be serious legal consequences for refusal to employ whomever may apply, even Muslims, Satanists, homosexuals, transgenders and pedophiles.

Update, March 2017: “How the HRC and Gay Lobby Have Been Empowered by White House Faith-Based Partnerships

“Obama’s overriding reason for establishing this office is because he believes that ‘our problems require an ‘all hands on deck’ approach, and that the federal government should enlist effective faith-based and community groups to help solve them.’ Of course, Obama’s strong support of faith-based and community partnership initiatives stems from his early years as a hands-on community organizer on Chicago’s South Side…

“The President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships…will be overseen by a 25-member advisory board of ‘religious and secular leaders and scholars from different backgrounds’ appointed to one-year terms. The Faith-Based Advisory Council will be headed by Rev. Joshua DuBois, the 26-year-old Pentecostal pastor who served as director of religious affairs for Obama’s Presidential campaign. Included on the influential Council are [Evangelical and Baptist ministers including]… Rev. Jim Wallis, President & Executive Director, Sojourners…, Dr. Frank S. Page, President emeritus, Southern Baptist Convention…” 3.

The following description of Communitarianism from the Rockefeller expose, Thy Will Be Done; The Conquest of the Amazon, shows how central the apostate church will be in the coming Communitarian global government: “…communitarianism, a system of church-centered community ownership of property that vaguely would include private ownership of homes and land.” 4. Authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett documented the tragic outcome of communitarianism in Latin America — a genocidal campaign conducted by death squads that were funded by Evangelical churches in the United States. (“Antipas: CIA Connections”)

According to Niki Raapana, co-founder of the Anti-Communitarian League, “The leader of the unheralded transition to a communitarian system in the U.S. is the Israeli Zionist founder of the Communitarian Network, Dr. Amitai Etzioni.” 5. Amitai Etzioni, born a German Jew named Werner Falk, is a former member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the founder of American Communitarianism, the founder and director of the Communitarian Network, and possibly the most influential man in American politics today.

According to Amitai Etzioni, “Nationalism must be ended. It is a creed that has come to burden the expansion of globalism.” 6. “The communitarian agenda is to eliminate all nations and establish an all-powerful, central global government.” 7.

Amitai Etzioni was a student of Martin Buber at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 8. Martin Buber was a German Zionist Jew and a Kabbalist who embraced the teachings of Hasidism. “In addition to studying Kabbalah with Gershom Scholem, Etzioni worked with Buber himself…” 9. “…he [Amitai Etzioni] studied the Kabbalah and the Hegelian dialectic.” 10.

Why did Werner Falk change his name to Amitai Etzioni? Niki Raapana explains: “The Kabbalah is often described as The Truth Tree or The Tree of Knowledge (Amitai Etzioni means Tree of Knowledge from Zion).” 11. “Communitarian legal theory is based in part in the Kabbalah.” 12.

“Etzioni’s new communitarian idea of ‘community spirit’ is based in the Talmud, Hegel, and the theosophical ideas expressed by Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley. They, along with many other gurus, introduced Americans to the worship of Lucifer as the ultimate ‘light being.’ One Thousand Points of Light is a whole program based on Satanic ‘community oriented’ principles.” 13. The Talmud is the textbook of Jewish Rabbis and the basis of Judaism. The Kabbalah is the “blood and bone” of the Talmud.

The Talmud and the Noahide Laws

Niki Raapana wrote in “The Role of Religion in the Communitarian Synthesis”: “The theory of Communitarianism has its own Law, its own guru, its own theoretical basis, and another set of laws based in the Talmud, which is being taught to American lawyers and judges at the Judaic Law Institute in Washington D.C. Communitarian and Talmudic Law supersedes all other national and religious laws.” 14.

“…in a communitarianized Amerika, we’ll all be required to bow before a court enforcing Talmudic, communitarian laws.” 15. “U.S. lawyers and judges are being retrained to base decisions on Talmudic Law.” 16.

“Israeli Jews claim to have developed ‘a system of courts for non-Jews adhering to the Seven Laws of Noah…’” 17. The Noahide Laws correspond with the Sephirot or path of initiation taught in the Kabbalah. “…the seven Noahide commandments …are arranged in the sefirotic structure familiar to students of Kabbalah. . .” 18. The sefirotic structure is called the Kabbalist “Tree of Life,” which is the meaning of Amitai Etzioni’s first name.

The Noahide Laws will be administered by a restored Sanhedrin. “[Archaeologist Dr. Vendyl Jones] is working with the Sanhedrin to establish a system of courts for non-Jews adhering to the Seven Laws of Noah, which the Torah obligates all of humanity to follow.” 19. “One of those laws is to establish courts of justice. A high court has been established by the Sanhedrin for such purposes, and a subsidiary of that court will soon be established in the United States as well.” 20. In 1991, Chabad-Lubavitch in cooperation with President Bush established the observance of Education Day, USA [Public Law 102—14 (H..J. Res. 104]: March 20, 1991), “to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws.” 21.

According to the Talmud, “One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57A)” 22. One of the 7 Noahide Laws prohibits idolatry. True Christians, under these Noahide Laws, will be considered idolaters for their faith in Jesus Christ and will be beheaded.

In the model communitarian villages of Guatemala established and supported by American Evangelicals in the 1980s, the World Zionist Organization conducted espionage, interrogation by torture and genocide which involved beheadings. (“Antipas: CIA Connections”)

“But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before the rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them.” Mark 13: 9

“And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the Word of God and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” Rev. 20:4

Judeo-Freemasonry & The Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is the “blood and bone” of Talmudic Judaism, which is Babylonian Pharisaism, and its Gentile front, Freemasonry.

The chief Rabbi of Great Britain, J. H. Hertz, wrote in the Forward to the first English translation of the Babylonian Talmud: “The beginnings of Talmudic literature date back to the time of the Babylonian exile in the Sixth pre-Christian Century.” 23. Rabbi Louis Finklestein, former head of Jewish Theological Seminary of America, wrote of the “The Pharisees”: “Pharasaism became Talmudism…But the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.” 24.

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia of 1943 states: “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its decent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees…The Talmud…is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism.” 25. The Lord Jesus Christ called Pharisaism the “Synagogue of Satan” (Rev 2:9, 3:9). (Mystery Babylon: Catholic or Jewish?)

Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, a major figure and pioneer of Reform Judaism in America, stated in 1855: “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.” (Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Israel) The Jewish Tribune stated in 1927, “Freemasonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?”

Albert Pike stated in Morals and Dogma, “The Kabalah is the key of all Masonry and the occult sciences…” 26. “It is, in fact, the Cabalistic elements in Freemasonry that act as the main driving force in the envenomed and aggressive opposition of the later to Christianity, and its never-flagging efforts for the undermining and destruction of the Christian organization of society.” 27.

Edith Starr Miller wrote in Occult Theocrasy, “The Kabbalah teaches magic or the art of intercourse with spirits and supernatural beings” 28. Elizabeth Dilling wrote in The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today, “Kabbalah, means ‘tradition,’ and it is the tradition of the paganisms of Babylon, Egypt, and the pagan philosophers, enshrined in the Jewish religion.” 29. “The Jewish Cabala is a library of literature, all on magic and spiritism, and based on sheer pantheism.” 30. “The Hasidist branch of Judaism specializes in the Cabala.” 31. Recall that Martin Buber, who taught Amitai Etzioni, embraced Hasidic Judaism and became a practitioner of Kabbalah.

Peter Drucker, the Kabbalah, and Total Quality Management (TQM)

Communitarians refer to the creation of a world government as the effort to create a “healthy society.” The goal of the church growth movement (CGM) is to manipulate Christians and churches into this healthy society. “Health-based” language is sometimes used in the CGM. Some church growth leaders desire “healthy churches” and “healthy congregations” made up of “healthy Christians.” A healthy church would be one in which all members are willing to compromise the Word of God for the common good.

Communitarians believe that attaining a healthy society involves the successful merger of the 3 sectors of society. It requires a merger of the government sector, the private sector (business) and the social sector (which includes the churches). This merger is also known as “Drucker’s 3-legged stool,” named after its main proponent, Peter Drucker, who is considered to be the “father of modern management.” Peter Drucker, like Amitai Etzioni, was a Communitarian and was also a student of the Kabbalah.

According to Roger Oakland’s “Bob Buford, Peter Drucker, and the Emerging Church,” Peter Drucker, like Amitai Etzioni, shared a bond with the Kabbalist, Martin Buber. Roger Oakland stated, “Drucker felt a strong bond…with a panentheist/ mystic named Martin Buber (1878-1965), who embraced the teachings of Hasidism (Jewish mysticism).” In his book, “Between Man and Man” (New York, NY: Routledge Classics, 2002, first published in 1947), p. 219, Buber states, ‘Since 1900 I had first been under the influence of German mysticism from Meister Eckhart [a mystic] … then I had been under the influence of the later Kabalah [Jewish mysticism] and of Hasidism.’” 32.

Drucker, who developed the community-based global management system, was under the influence of the Kabbalist Martin Buber, who also taught Amitai Etzioni, the Israeli Zionist Communitarian leader in the U.S. and founder of the Communitarian Network. Roger Oakland, quoting Michael Schwarz’s “Early Influences upon Peter Drucker’s Perception of ‘the Public Interest,’ stated, “Drucker was a student of Buber’s at the University of Frankfurt.” 33. John E. Flaherty, author of Peter Drucker: Shaping the Managerial Mind, wrote that Drucker “[drew] upon the wisdom of the philosopher Martin Buber.” 34.  Note: Peter Drucker’s father, Adolf Drucker, was a Grandmaster of the Austrian Freemasons. (Peter Drucker Society)

Peter Drucker was very interested in getting churches involved in the implementation of the world government. Drucker, who once lamented that there were “still many unhealthy churches,” 35. was not only an occultist, but an organizational guru. It was his involvement in the Jewish Kabbalah that inspired him to create an organizational model that would transform churches into agents of Satan. This organizational model today is called Total Quality Management (TQM). “Total” stands for “totalitarian.” It was Drucker’s vision that all organizations, including church organizations, within the 3-legged stool (Communitarian system) be run on TQM. He considered churches not conformed to this TQM model to be “still unhealthy.”

Today, Drucker’s vision has become reality as organizations across all 3 sectors of society have been conformed to a TQM-style organizational model. This organizational model is called Total Quality Leadership in the military, Community Oriented Policing (COPS) or DARE in civilian law enforcement, Outcome-Based Education (OBE), and School to Work (STW) in politics.

Perhaps the main organization manipulating the churches into this Communitarian partnership (New World Order) is the Leadership Network ( The Leadership Network was founded by an entrepreneur named Bob Buford. Buford also founded the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management (now called The Leader to Leader Institute). In the dedication to his book, “Halftime”, Buford referred to Drucker as “the man who formed my mind.” 36. The Leadership Network is in the business of marketing and promoting church growth. The Leadership Network trains church leaders how to implement congregational transformation. “The Mission of the Leadership Network is to ‘Accelerate the emergence of the 21st-century church,’ and that the (emerging) ‘paradigm (of the 21st century church) is not centered in theology, but rather it is focused on structure, organization, and the transition from an institutionally based church to a mission-driven church.’” 37. Listed among the recent contributors to The Leadership Network is the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund. 38.

The TQM-style model has been adopted in varying degrees by all churches that have been infiltrated by the church growth movement. This is a major step toward conforming the churches to the standards required by the “Healthy Society.” For example, the First Korean United Methodist Church of Kentucky’s (FKUMC) website states, “FKUMC is dedicated to maximizing the growth of its members through productivity, training, teamwork and total quality management.” 39.

The TQM organizational model in the churches is a transformational process or change process which utilizes group peer pressure to conform the church members to the goals (purpose, mission, vision) of the church leadership.

Church Transformation and the Dialectic Process

Churches on board with the church growth movement are known by different names. Some are called the purpose or mission driven church. They are also called the church of the 21st century, the disciple-making church, the meta-church, and the cell church. Churches that have been subverted by stealth may not be called by any of these names. They may simply be called “community” churches.

Those who are calling for church “transformation” use a variety of terms to make their case. Some claim there is a “need for a second reformation.” Others say that the church “needs to return to the first century church model.” Still others may refer to this church transformation as a needed “paradigm shift” for the church.

In order for the church to merge into Satan’s new world order, agents of transformation must “facilitate” a total transformation of the church. This total church transformation incorporates three general levels of transformation. Change agents working within the churches desire to facilitate a personal transformation of individual church members. They desire a transformation of the church structure away from its traditional biblical model toward a cell or small group church model. And they desire to transform the church’s function so that it will be suited for service within the 3-legged stool (getting the churches to “partner” with the government and business sectors).

How will the transformation of individual church members be accomplished? Change agents within the church have laid a transformational trap for the membership. The plan calls for Christians, as well as community members (diversity), to be seduced into this trap by appealing to their “felt” needs (their “social needs” and not their “spiritual needs”). The plan also calls for creating an “environment” that will enable or “facilitate” the satisfaction of those needs.

The transformational trap laid by change agents is called the dialectic process. The environment created to facilitate the satisfaction of those “felt” needs centers on the dynamic of the small group or team, each lead by a leader/change agent. This change agent-led small group or team functions within an environment of “team-building” and TQM. The dialectic process is the basis of TQM.

The purpose of the group dialectic process is to change the minds and behavior of the participating group members to an outcome pre-determined by the group leader/facilitator. Group members will arrive at this pre-determined outcome (group consensus) through dialogue and by peer pressure facilitated by the group leader. Fearing alienation from the group will cause group members to compromise their position (standards, beliefs) for social harmony. A seeker friendly “ministry” insures that these groups will be diverse (having a mixture of believer and unbeliever). As believers are pressured to reach consensus with unbelievers for relationship building, then God’s Word will be increasingly compromised as the group process repeats itself. When the believer (thesis) reaches consensus with the unbeliever (anti-thesis), then the resulting compromise (synthesis) will be the new thesis for the next group meeting. The end result of this facilitator-led group consensus process will be group member behavioral change and transformation. As group members are transformed and become change agents, they will repeat the process by forming and leading their own groups to compromise and consensus. In this manner, the group members will have “reproduced” themselves.

In church growth infiltrated churches, the leaders/change agents often require, by covenant (forbidden by God), that all members participate in the dialectic process as manifested in small groups. (It should be noted that many “Christians” who are church members have already been through this transformation process by their exposure to change agents, small groups, and the dialectic process at their work [TQM] or at school [OBE] or somewhere else.)

Facilitators, Small Groups, and Brainwashing

If the Christian is to be transformed, then he must participate in the dialectic process or a change agent-led small group. This personal transformation process is continuous (continuous change) and without end. The global planners call the personal transformation process “life-long learning” (cradle to grave transformation and control).

What does God have to say about change agents and a process of continuous change in His Church? “For I am the Lord, I change not…” Mal. 3:6. “My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change. For their calamity shall rise suddenly; and who knoweth the ruin of them both?” Prov. 24:21-2

In churches infiltrated by the church growth movement, each small group leader/change agent (also called a facilitator) is Satan’s agent in the group. And the small group he is leading or facilitating is actually functioning as a dialectic brainwashing session. The reason for the term “brainwashing” is because it is the goal of the facilitator to remove from the minds of all the individuals in the group those things that are hindering the individual’s ability to reach group consensus, group harmony, and a collective group mind. It is the job of the facilitator to remove an individual’s standards and beliefs and morals and anything else that he or she may be holding on to (like God’s Word) that prevents that person from agreeing with the feelings of others in the group. This is called “reaching consensus.” The facilitator wants everyone to be unified with one mind.

The small church group leader/facilitator is a highly skilled seducer and manipulator who manipulates the group members by employing the weapon of fear. (All Christians know that God doesn’t give the spirit of fear). To manipulate the group members, the facilitator utilizes the fear of social rejection. This fear or trauma makes the group member feel uncomfortable because he or she experiences the fear of social rejection and alienation that comes from holding to his position against the majority of the group. Social rejection is a trauma that often creates a desire for performance, and this desire is a trap that holds people in bondage. It is during this time of trauma that the change agent will seduce and manipulate with the lie that the truth is to be found in the group consensus. The weak Christian, fearing man more than God, will then compromise the Truth for the group consensus. His trauma will be gone, albeit temporarily; he will be accepted again by the group, but his conscience will be seared. The fear of social rejection and alienation is the fear that the change agent uses to manipulate Christians into ultimately losing their faith. The change agent wants the fear of man to override the fear of God. For many, holding to God’s Word isn’t worth the pain of social rejection and so they compromise. Fear of social rejection keeps them loyal to the group, but what the Christian doesn’t know is that this loyalty to the group and its change agent will one day be transferred to the anti-Christ.

Because group members have willingly sacrificed the truth for the lie in their need for relief from trauma, they have chosen to be deceived. They are no longer lovers of truth. They have been transformed.

Church change agents may admit the purpose of their small group meeting is “for relationship building and bonding.” Does Jesus Christ want His bride seduced into a facilitated bondage through the utilization of fear tactics? “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption…” Rom: 8:15. The change agent and his group members have received the “spirit of bondage.” (I will explain later how this spirit is invoked.)

In the article, “What Exactly is a Cell Church?” written on a Catholic website, the American psychologist, Carl Rogers is quoted regarding small groups: “The power of the ‘small group’ was addressed by a comrade of Maslow, Dr. Carl Rogers, as he saw that moving from traditional religion to the small fellowshipping groups would culminate in ‘God will be dead and buried.’” 40. If the Word of God is compromised by group members through peer pressure tactics (fear of man), then God’s influence over the group members will have been negated.

Change agents in the church intend for everyone, in all situations, to be willing to compromise the Word of God. The transformed Christian has learned that compromise is the way to social harmony. The transformed Christian will turn others on to compromised thinking. This is what the church growth change agents refer to when they say, “we want to train leaders who will reproduce themselves.” They mean “we want to train change agents who will transform others into change agents, repeating the process.”

The true Christian will align himself to facts, truth and God’s Word. The transformed Christian will align himself to his group’s consensus (what they can all agree upon and feel good about). The obedient Christian will be accountable to God and His Word. The transformed Christian will have had his accountability shifted to man (his group members, his group leader and the church leaders).

Pastors and group leaders in church growth churches also act as agents of transformation by the way they have been trained to pick and choose from Scripture. The pastor or group leader, acting as change agent, will emphasize Scripture that promotes human relationship building, and he will deemphasize or omit Scripture that obstructs human relationship building. It’s all about promoting human relations, unity, and a collective group mind. The agenda of “not forsaking the assembling of yourselves” must be emphasized, while the true agenda that Christianity means standing alone for Christ must be deemphasized.

The group leader/facilitator, disguised as a Bible teacher, won’t teach the Bible in a traditional fashion. He won’t preach God’s Word. He won’t use language like “it is written.” The facilitator has no interest in meeting the spiritual needs of the group members. Instead, the change agent will employ language which questions God and his Word. He will create a permissive atmosphere with no boundaries—an atmosphere in which God’s Word can be questioned. This is called critical thinking. This is how the serpent deceived Eve: “Hath God said…?”

Small group change agents will ask the group participants questions like “What do you want?” or “How do you feel?” or “What do you think?” These kinds of questions, which have no place in a didactic Bible study, serve the purpose of identifying the “felt” needs of the group members so that they can be manipulated. Change agents don’t want group members going outside their group for the fulfillment of their social needs. This would place individual needs in competition with the group goals. Ultimately, the change agent has no interest in meeting individual needs; he wants to set aside individual needs for group goals, which are Satan’s goals.

Rick Warren and the CFR

Rick Warren, a prominent church growth leader, stated on pp. 69, 70 of The Purpose Driven Church that “Healthy churches are built on a process, not on personalities.” Rick Warren was referring to the Hegelian dialectical process.

A Fortune Magazine article written on Oct. 31, 2005, “Will Success Spoil Rick Warren?”, stated that Warren is “a protégé of management thinker Peter Drucker.” Warren, who is now working to draw churches into their proper place within Drucker’s Communitarian system, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Click here to see a picture of Warren with Drucker.

“In fact, as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations… I might know as much about the Middle East as you.” 41. (Rick Warren to WorldNetDaily columnist, Joseph Farah, after Warren’s trip to Syria in 2006)

“Every man in the Council on Foreign Relations believes that Lucifer is God supreme, has declared it, has taken a vow of secrecy and has dedicated his life to seeing that Adam [anti-Christ] gains the world.” 42. (John Todd, Christian and ex member of the Grand Druid Council of 13 of the Illuminati.)

Winston Lord, who served as Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1977 to 1985, wrote in the August 4-ll, 1978 issue of “W” magazine: “The Tri Lateral Commission doesn’t secretly run the world, the Council of Foreign Relations does that.”

Is Rick Warren also Jewish? He opened the Inaugural prayer with the Shema: “Hear O Israel, the Lord thy God is one…” Warren also invites Jewish musicians to lead the worship at Saddleback Church and shares with leaders of Reform Judaism, not the Gospel, but ways to increase the membership of their synagogues.

“The ‘Purpose-Driven’ pastor spoke to thousands of Jewish leaders Thursday night at the Union for Reform Judaism’s biennial convention in San Diego. With the holiday season in mind, Warren urged clergy to take advantage of crowded events to publicize other programs so people can get involved in the community through smaller groups. ‘There are some principles that apply regardless of our faith, if it’s Jewish or Christian,’ he said at the convention. One of his principles: ‘Just be nice to people. Smile.’ After Warren spoke a few minutes at the podium, he sat alongside two popular Southern California rabbis for a casual talk about strengthening congregational life.” (“Rick Warren Counsels Jews on Recruiting Congregants”)

Hegel, Alchemy, and the Kabbalist “Tree of Life”

In the essay “On Hegel: A Study in Sorcery,” by Eric Voegelin, Hegel’s best-known work, “The Phenomenology of Spirit,” is referred to “as a ‘grimoire’ which ‘must be recognized as a work of magic—indeed, it is one of the great magic performances.” 43.

Glenn Alexander Magee wrote in Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition, “If Eric Voegelin could describe ‘The Phenomenology of Spirit’ as a Grimoire, one could equally well describe the ‘scientific’ portions of the Encyclopedia [by Hegel]—the ‘Philosophy of Nature’ and ‘Philosophy of Subjective Spirit’—as an alchemical manual, an Emerald Tablet for the modern age.” 44.

The structure of the dialectic process, as we know it today, was developed by Hegel. Hegel was an occultist who studied alchemy and the Kabbalah. The Jewish Encyclopedia states, “The real and ideal is taught in the same way in the Cabala as in Hegel.” 45.

According to the Lurianic Kabbalah—Hegel: “Luria’s dynamic of Sefirot (original idea), Shevirah (shattering of that idea) and Tikkun (restoration of the original idea on a higher level) can be readily understood as a symbolic representation of the very dialectical reasoning which is later given conceptual form in Hegel.” 46.

Albert Mackey wrote in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, “This division of the ten Sephiroth into three triads was arranged into a form called by the Cabalists the Cabalistic Tree, or the ‘Tree of Life.’” 47.

Is the Kabbalist “Tree of Life” the basis for the group dialectic process now employed by church growth leaders? An Introduction to Kabbalah states: “For the Kabbalistic Tree of Life should play a vital role in the training and initiation of any Magician…By this means the practicing Magician will organize his mind and strengthen his magical knowledge, and he will inevitably be able to unify that knowledge and transmute the Many into the One.” 48. The group dialectic process also purposes to “transmute the many into the one.” Change agents call this “unity in diversity.”

Transmutation is the goal of alchemy and it’s an alchemical process that church leader/change agents are performing in the small groups. Alchemy involves a “death” of the base metal in order for it to be transmuted into gold (divinity, perfection). Transformation of the church and its membership requires a death of the old ways of thinking (doctrinally) and acceptance of the new paradigm. In church growth terminology, “transformation” may be a Biblical substitute for alchemical “transmutation.”

According to Manley P. Hall’s volume, The Secret Teaching of the Ages, “Alchemy is a threefold art, its mystery well symbolized by a triangle. Its symbol is 3 times 3—three elements or processes in three worlds or spheres [3 triads]. The 3 times 3 is part of the mystery of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, for 33 is 3 times 3, which is 9, the number of esoteric man and the number of emanations from the root of the Divine Tree [Kabbalist Tree of Life].” 49.

The Sephirot (intelligences or emanations) in the Kabbalist “Tree of Life” also form three triads. Each triad “consisting of two opposites (flowing or emanating from a superior triad until the divine unity is reached), and being reconciled in a middle point of connection.” 50. “Thus each triad is compounded of force, counter-force, and their connecting link: namely active and passive agents and combination.” (Jewish Encyclopedia, “Sefirot, Ten”) 51.

Just as alchemy and the Sephirot of the Kabbalist “Tree of Life” function within three triads (nine total), in which “opposites are reconciled until divine unity is reached,” the dialectic process also purposes to reconcile opposites to unity and it also functions within three triads in which opposites emanate from a superior triad. In the group dialectic process there are the thesis, antithesis and synthesis phases with each phase having three sub-phases of thesis, antithesis and synthesis for a total of nine phases in all.

Leadership Training

How did TQM and the group dialectic process get into the churches? It entered from “leaders” who had already been transformed and trained as change agents during “leadership training” and “leadership development” as taught by universities, seminaries and organizations like the Peter Drucker inspired Leadership Network.

In church growth organizations, the terms “leader,” “leadership,” “leadership training” and “leadership development” are often used. The Leadership Network trains leaders to transform churches. The Peter F. Drucker Foundation is now called the Leader to Leader Institute. Peter Drucker envisioned the church as the main provider of “Leadership Training” (which is change agent training) for the social sector of his 3-legged stool.

Sometimes a leader/change agent in church growth organizations will be referred to as a “servant leader.” A “servant leader” isn’t called this name because he serves Christ. The term “servant leader” is a business organizational term. On one website, it states, “One of our reasons for being at is to assist the transition in Leadership from Command and Control to Servant Leadership.” 52. To “equip” a “servant leader” is to train him in “leadership training.”

The following examples show that leadership training can be change agent/facilitator training. A church website states, “…we the leadership team would be the first Learning Community facilitators.” 53. Another website says that their “Personal Transformation Leadership Training” leads you to become a “Personal Transformation Intensive Facilitator.” 54. An education website describes “The ‘Leadership training’ weekend, in which educators are certified as volunteer facilitators…” 55. The same website states, “Facilitator training is also known as leadership training…Leadership training is a weekend training program that certifies participants to become Project WILD facilitators.” 56. Another webpage states, “Leadership training consists of learning from the best-experienced, seasoned facilitators.” 57. A future change agent may want to enroll in “101 Leadership Training for Facilitators at Yale.” 58.

In church growth organizations, leadership training means change agent training. Men are “transformed” into change agents through the process called “leadership training.” “Leadership development” refers to the process of learning the skills of a group change agent. Leadership development is change agent training which takes place in small groups.

The following example from an internet site illustrates the deceptive nature and purpose of leadership development. The following quote is from a report titled, Leadership Development Program Serves As a Change Agent in Community Development: “Although community residents MAY NOT REALIZE IT [emphasis added], individuals participating in the BOLD Leadership Development Program became change agents and they are on a journey that many others have traveled to improve their community.” 59. Just as these community residents may not have realized that this leadership development program was change agent training (brainwashing), Christians participating in leadership development and leadership training also may not be aware that they are being brainwashed and transformed for “community service” (to affect social change in the community).

Vision Casting

Church change agents work to create dissatisfaction with the old traditional ways. When people become dissatisfied with the present situation, will they be open to change.

One method used by church change agents to sow seeds of dissatisfaction is to “cast a vision” for the membership of a better future. By casting their visions of “what can be” (which is a fantasy or an illusion), the change agent is able to “unfreeze” the group from the old way and move them toward a new way as they all now focus on this new vision. Vision statements are an important part of the church transformation process. As the congregation focuses on a man-made vision or purpose, an organizational collective “group mind” is created.

To “catch the vision” or “vision casting” are New Age terms. According to the TQM model, successful leadership begins with a vision which reflects the shared purpose. This is also called a transformational vision. “Vision” or “what can be” results from a dissatisfaction with God and His Word, and is antithetical to biblical Christianity. “What can be’ or ‘vision’ is the end result of the Hegelian dialectic process or transformational thinking. It is the direct opposite of moral absolutism-‘what is’ [God’s Word]. In order to move a person into this transformational mode of thinking, ‘what is’ must be questioned and challenged. The dialectic process-‘constant change’- requires one to let go of ‘what is’, in order to strive toward potential-‘what can be’ [vision]. You have to leave your moral absolutes behind [God’s Word], or else you will remain resistant to change…” 60.

In the Church Growth Movement, many pastors “cast a vision.” Church growth leader, Rick Warren, sees himself as a “vision casting leader.” On an internet website Rick Warren is quoted: “I know my leadership style. I am a big-picture, vision casting leader… there is nothing inherently right or wrong about being a vision casting leader. It is simply the way God wired me.” 61. Another church growth leader, Bill Hybels, advertises a CD of a summit meeting at his church. It is titled “Vision Casting: The Road of Leadership, the Summit at Willow Creek (Audio CD).” 62. According to Warren Smith, Robert Schuller’s leadership methods also involve vision casting as he encouraged the use of guided visualization (vision casting) so that people could gain whatever they want.

Those in the CGM who advocate casting and catching visions are tapping into the occult world. One website defines sorcery as the “Manipulation of energy or forces to bring about a desired end through visualization; invocation or summoning of powers/spirits…” 63. This tells us that sorcery can involve visualization. An occult website defines guided visualization as “Ancient shamanism; induced trance like states, or altered states of consciousness, where one is led to visualize the desired goal; making contact with ‘spirit guide’ or ‘demonic being’…” 64. This definition says that guided visualization can involve contact with demonic beings. Another website states that “creative visualization can easily introduce the practitioner to spirit guides.” 65. An article about basic shamanism states, “The journey into non-ordinary reality is most frequently accomplished by what many would term visualization.” 66.

Does God want Christians taking a journey into non-ordinary reality? An article titled “How to Start a Coven” refers to guided visualization as a “magickal skill.” 67. “Through the act of visualization you will get the cooperation of the higher powers of the universe who will work to bring this vision into manifestation.” What kind of “higher powers” cooperate with church growth vision casters?

What does the Word of God say about contact with “higher powers?” “There shall not be found among you…a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD…” Deut. 18:10-12

The Word of God calls vision-casting “divination” and “false visions”: “Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.” Jer. 14:14

Jeremiah 23:28 states, “The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? Saith the Lord.” When a Christian has God’s Word which is truth, why would he want to catch a deceitful man-made vision?



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How the Church Growth Movement Invokes Demons

The church growth movement is mind control and magic cloaked as Christianity. Its purpose is to transform Christians and churches from serving God to serving Satan. The purpose of the church growth movement is to bring the entire church community under demonic control.

The church growth movement transforms the churches from within. Its agents (leaders, change agents and facilitators), who are Satan’s agents, have already transformed themselves “into the apostles of Christ” and “ministers of righteousness” (2Cor 11:13-15).

Once within church walls, these change agents will establish an environment and conditions favorable to demons and, as a result, demonic influence over the membership will be maximized. Demonic influence over the church membership will be maximized when change agents have succeeded in manipulating the membership into a collective group mind.

A collective group mind is created when the members of the group set aside their differences and agree to and focus on a common man-made purpose, mission or vision. Church change agents often exhort their membership to unify and to catch their vision.

In order to maximize demonic influence over the church membership, change agents divide the membership into small groups and teams. Each team and small group is led and controlled by a change agent who keeps the group and team members, through manipulative dialogue, unified in purpose. Thus, each group and team will have formed their own collective group mind.

Many Christians recognize these change agent or facilitator-led small groups to be dialectical sessions. Most, however, don’t recognize that the true purpose of the group dialectic process is to invoke demons and to strengthen, sustain and align demonic influence over the participating group members. Change agents desiring to create and sustain a collective group mind, won’t say, and in most cases, don’t know, that a collective group mind summons a demon which will control the minds of those participating in the small group.

The dialectic process in the church, directed or “facilitated” by Satan’s agents (change agents), is a manipulative process whereby Christians will be transformed from obeying God to obeying Satan through the wiles of his covert agents: the group facilitator and the group demon.

Change agents want to remove from the environment or “synthesize” all “divisive” elements that hinder the creation of a collective group mind. True Christians unwilling to compromise Christ for group consensus must be removed from this environment because the presence of the Holy Spirit hinders both the formation of a group mind and the resulting demonic influence over the group.

When two or more people come together for a man-made purpose that contradicts God’s Word, a demon is invoked. When change agents get church members unified in agreement with a common purpose opposed to the Word of God, a demon is invoked. (All groups in a Christian church filled with true Christians are controlled by the Holy Spirit.)

The small group change agent is an alchemist and a magician. The small group is an alchemical laboratory and a magic circle. The magician, by his manipulative facilitation skills, creates the conditions whereby the members of his magic circle will come under the influence of the invoked demon.

In change agent-led small groups, a demon is invoked, strengthened and sustained by the group/team member’s interaction; it is able to further influence and direct the minds and behavior of the group members. The group demon is able to align the group members’ thinking and behavior in accord with the original group/team purpose and vision as cast by the change agent.

Group member interaction (also known as group dynamics) in churches infiltrated by the church growth movement is often referred to by church growth change agents as “synergy” or “synergy of energy.” The meaning or definition of group synergy is that the “group mind,” taken as an entity, is something different and greater than the sum of the minds of the individual group members. Its formation is often depicted by the equation, 2+2=5. What church growth change agents don’t explain is where the extra “one” in this equation comes from. It comes from the influence of the group demon which has been invoked. This group/team demon is called an “egregore.”

The term “egregore” derives from the Greek word “egeiro” which means “to be awake, to watch” and the Hebrew word “ (Hebrew letters, ‘ayin’, ‘yod’, ‘reish’)…pronounced IR or ER…n. m. waking, or wakeful one, i.e. angel.” 68.

Egregores have a purpose. Egregores can be invoked either intentionally or unintentionally. All group structures have their own egregores and the egregore is invoked by group members as they join the group and agree with its purpose or “catch its vision.” Each individual in the group receives the influence of the egregore. As individuals add to the group and agree with the group purpose, the egregore is strengthened. The strength of the egregore grows or is recharged as the group renews a unity of emotion or focus. Egregores are capable of influencing each group member in a manner that they would be incapable of being influenced apart from the group. Egregores can interact; they can have dominion over each other, and they can move across different languages and become adaptable across cultures.

“An egregor is an angel, sometimes called watcher; in Hebrew the word is ir, and the concept appears in The Book of Enoch….” 69.

“The Kabbalah names 72…national angelic regents, which the Hebrews call Elohim; the metaphysical technical term Egregors is also used for them. Derived from the Greek word egreoros, it means ‘watcher’ or ‘guardian.’” 70.

According to the Kabbalist, Eliphaz Levi, “The egregors are the Anakim of the Bible or, rather, according to the book of Enoch, they are the patriarchs. They are the fabled Titans and are found in all religious traditions.” 71.

The Anakim and Titans are the fallen angels or Nephilim who mated with human women in Genesis 6: “Sumerian texts repeatedly state that the Anunnaki came to Earth… They are spoken of in the Bible as the ‘Anakim’ and ‘Anak’ or ‘Nefilim’ (nephilum). ‘Nefilim’ (nephilum) in Hebrew means ‘giants’ or ‘those who have fallen’.” 72. (Mount Hermon/Sion)

The following statements from various sources describe the influence of egregores or demons on a collective group mind, the creation of which is the goal of church growth change agents.

“An egregore has the characteristic of having an effectiveness greater than the mere sum of its individual members. It continuously interacts with its members, influencing them and being influenced by them. The interaction works positively by stimulating and assisting its members but only as long as they behave and act in line with its original aim. It will stimulate both individually and collectively all those faculties in the group which will permit the realization of the objectives of its original program. If this process is continued a long time the egregore will take on a kind of life of its own…” 73.

“…each individual who is involved in a group receives the influences of the egregores…An egregore actually grows by drawing support from the members which constitute it who, in turn, through their repeated actions vivify it, somehow helping it to maintain its power.” 74.

“…an egregore is created – whether intentionally or otherwise – by people…an egregore is shared by more than one person, and its power increases as it is invoked…Modern group structures…have their own egregores…A magickal group ritual repeated many times [feeds into an egregore].” 75. Note that church growth small groups, in an effort to create a unified group mind, meet repeatedly.

“The egregor is always an invisible and spiritual being…When several people on the earth unite around a common idea, they give birth to an egregora… this being is then going to become independent and have its own life which will be capable of influencing human beings and history. This is a terrifying secret which was carefully hidden inside the ancient mysteries. They called it: “The art of creating Gods.” 76.

“The egregore is a group spirit that serves to remind the initiate of his or her goals [or purposes]…” 77.

“As sentient beings created by a collaborative choice, egregores can be considered ‘team spirit’, in a very literal sense.” 78.

“It [an egregore] may best be defined as a ‘collective group mind,’ in both its conscious and sub-conscious aspects, which is formed by the united thinking and feeling of a number of like-minded people…and as the numbers [of people] admitted increase, so the power and range of the Egregore increases, and a peculiar reciprocal action takes place. Each member of the group pours energy into the collective thought-form but, equally, into each member there also passes the influence of the group as a whole.” 79.

An occult website explains how a “mage” invokes an egregore, and not unlike church growth change agents, envisions its pre-defined purpose: “The mage is striving to better align the egregore more fully with its own inherent benevolent Purpose, whatever the mage who initially created it envisioned its Purpose to be.” 80. Notice in referring to the egregore’s purpose, the word “purpose,” which has occult meaning, is placed in capitals. This example refers to an egregore that has been intentionally invoked.

“Konstantinos, in his book Summoning Spirits… warns his readers that, in order to evoke entities from the Necronomicon, they will probably have to create them themselves, as they would any egregore (An egregore is a thought-form created by the magician by means of his/her will and visualization).” 81.

The Necronomicon is a “Book of Dead Names” about the ancient demi-gods of “Atlantis,” that is, the offspring of fallen angels who were drowned in the Great Deluge.

“For as Abdul writes of The Necronomicon ‘civilizations were destroyed because of the knowledge contained in this book.’ This is the deed that must be avenged, the memory of which slumbers in the blood of their human offspring – just as they slumber beneath the Earth, waiting for the day that the stars will be right again, and their descendants will perform the rites which will bring them up from the depths to reclaim their kingdom, and the Age of the Gods will begin anew: The New Atlantis, the New Jerusalem, the New World Order.” 82. (Atlantis; “Atlantis Rising”)

These offspring of the fallen angels can be invoked by a magician’s will through visualization, i.e., the church growth change agent’s “vision casting.”

“But it certainly demonstrates the power of egregores, and why magickal societies were so hush-hush about them in the early 1900’s.” 83.

The church growth movement and its leadership are also “hush-hush” about these demons and the fact that they are clandestinely being summoned by the small groups they lead to “consensus.”

Kurt Lewin and the National Training Labs

Facilitator-led small groups are the basis of the church growth movement and church transformation. Facilitator-led small groups, having their origin in the occult, have been refined by decades of social laboratory experimentation. Some of these labs were the National Training Labs started by Kurt Lewin. According to the National Training Labs website, “In 1946, while serving as director of MIT’s new Research Center for GroupDynamics, a group he helped found, Lewin was contacted by the American Jewish Congress Committee on Community Interrelations and the Connecticut Interracial Commission to assist in the training of leaders who would deal with intergroup tensions in their home communities.” 84.

Kurt Lewin taught that “It is easier to change individuals formed into a group than to change any one of them separately.” Lewin is known for a 3 stage change or brainwashing method he developed in which group members were first “unfrozen” from their existing mindset, then, with their defenses down, moved or transitioned in a second stage and then “refrozen” into a new mindset. This process would repeat until the pre-determined mindset was reached.

Kurt Lewin became the director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932. According to Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America, “One of the key institutions established for this purpose [brainwashing] in the United States was the National Training Laboratories (NTL). Founded in 1947 by members of the Tavistock network in the United States and located originally on an estate in Bethel, Maine, NTL had as its explicit purpose the brainwashing of leaders of the government, educational institutions, and corporate bureaucracies in the Tavistock method, and then using these ‘leaders’ to either themselves run Tavistock group sessions in their organizations or to hire other similarly trained group leaders to do the job. The ‘nuts and bolts’ of the NTL operation revolves around the particular form of Tavistock degenerate psychology known as ‘group dynamics,’ developed by German Tavistock operative Kurt Lewin, who emigrated to the United States in the 1930s and whose students founded NTL.

In a Lewinite brainwashing group, a number of individuals from varying backgrounds and personalities, are manipulated by a ‘group leader’ to form a ‘consensus’ of opinion, achieving a new ‘group identity.’ The key to the process is the creation of a controlled environment, in which stress is introduced (sometimes called dissonance) to crack an individual’s belief structure. Using the peer pressure of other group members, the individual is ‘cracked,’ and a new personality emerges with new values. The degrading experience causes the person to deny that any change has taken place. In that way, an individual is brainwashed without the victim knowing what has taken place.” 85. Several millions of Americans have been through NTL brainwashing programs.

“One of the groups that went through the NTL mill in the 1950s was the leadership of the National Education Association, the largest organization of teachers in the United States. Thus, the NEA’s outlook has been ‘shaped’ by Tavistock, through the NTL. In 1964, the NTL Institute became a direct part of the NEA, with the NTL setting up ‘group sessions’ for all its affiliates. With funding from the Department of Education, the NTL Institute drafted the programs for the training of the nation’s primary and secondary schoolteachers, and has a hand as well in developing the content of educational ‘reforms,’ including OBE [outcome-based education].” 86.

Transformation to a Cell Group Structure

Change agents want to transform the traditional churches into a network of facilitator-led small groups (cell churches). In this new paradigm, the cell groups will be structured into a networking hierarchy not unlike a multi-level marketing structure. In this structure, all church members will be closely monitored, manipulated and databased by a top-down control. In the New Age book, The Aquarian Conspiracy, these networks were called SPIN’s or Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks.

Five hundred traditionally minded Christians in a traditional church structure can’t be controlled. Five hundred Christians can be controlled and manipulated if they are divided into fifty small groups with each group under the control of a group leader transformed through leadership training. This small group leader can then “reproduce himself” as other group members realize their felt needs and find common ground and become transformed and form their own small groups.

It may also be important to note that the cell network structure is a military structure. It is similar to a militia structure and it is a structure that can easily infiltrate and subvert traditional government hierarchies as it has subverted traditional churches.

Transformation of Church Function

The goal of church change agents is to also transform the church into service within Drucker’s 3–legged stool. These change agents aspire to change the church’s traditional function. They intend for the churches to partner with the business and government sectors of the envisioned Communitarian society.

Rick Warren and other church growth change agents are leading the churches to take their proper place within this world government by enticing the churches with the gospel of good works or the social gospel. Warren has been able to bring churches and their members into this system by casting his vision for world peace. Warren calls this vision his PEACE Plan. The PEACE plan calls for humanitarian works like the curing of diseases and assisting the poor. Many church members may not realize, however, that this PEACE plan is similar to the UN development goals. Christians who believe they will be serving Jesus Christ when they catch this PEACE vision don’t realize they will be working for Satan’s goals. Ultimately, globalists don’t care about world sickness or poverty. The PEACE plan is just an instrument to bring the churches into the Communitarian system (business-government-social sector partnership) where “Christians” will be relegated to social work.

There is a Lutheran church in my neighborhood. The Lutheran denomination is a UN-NGO. This particular Lutheran church has a computer lab available to the public. They have a nurse’s station where vaccinations could be given. When I walked through their halls I noticed “community development offices” and the sign on one door read “cluster network office.” Perhaps one day they will be distributing free cheese to help meet the needs of the community. This is the church of the future. It’s basically a welfare distribution center.

According to the Leadership Network, “The Church of the 21st Century is reforming itself into a multi-faceted service operation.” 87. Regarding the church, Peter Drucker stated, “The community … needs a community center… I’m not talking religion now, I’m talking society. There is no other institution on the American community that could be the center.” 88.

Rick Warren told TIME Magazine: “Well, as I said, I could take you to villages that don’t have a clinic… But they’ve got a church. In fact, in many countries the only infrastructure that is there is religion… What if in this 21st century we were able to network these churches providing the…manpower in local congregations. Let’s just take my religion by itself. Christianity… The church is bigger than any government in the world. Then you add in Muslims, you add in Hindus, you add in all the different religions, and you use those houses of worship as distribution centers, not just for spiritual care but for health care. What could be done? Government has a role and business has a role and churches, house of worship have a role. I think it’s time to go to the moon, and I invite you to go with us.” 89.


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How the Church Growth Movement Manifests Itself at GCC

John Macarthur’s Purpose Driven Ministries

This section will show that the church growth model is operative in the two singles ministries at GCC and that The Master’s Academy International (TMAI) is a church growth org. This section will briefly expose the 2 singles ministries (which were exposed 2 years ago) and then it will expose in detail the church growth org, TMAI.

Two ministries at GCC that adopted the TQM/PDC model are the singles ministries called The Foundry and The Guild. These ministries, as of 2 years ago (2006), had both the structure and the language (buzzwords) of the TQM/PDC model. Soon after these ministries were exposed, The Foundry removed 15-20 pages (I counted 19 pages removed) from their website. These pages weren’t changed; they were removed. The pages removed were the pages that contained the language which indicated the presence of the PDC model. In similar fashion, The Guild also removed many pages from their website. In removing pages from their websites, I firmly believe that those who oversee The Foundry (Mr. Rob Iverson, Kurt Gebhards) and The Guild (Tom Patton) were engaging in an effort to further conceal the presence of this model within these ministries. Due to these changes and deletions, much of the evidence in this paper regarding the Guild and the Foundry has been deleted from their websites. Since these ministries were exposed, the Guild has changed its pastor. For these reasons I will refer to these ministries in the past tense. Many of the removed pages can be viewed here.

The information given in the section about TMAI is all new and up to date. Most members of GCC may not know anything about TMAI. I will show conclusively that TMAI is a church growth org run by men with church growth backgrounds. The expose on TMAI is lengthy and so I beg for the reader’s indulgence.

The Guild

“Catch the Vision at the Guild”

The opening page of The Guild website stated: “We purpose to dramatically impact GCC, our workplace, and the world around us with unrestrained expressions of the love of Jesus Christ through worship, evangelism, service and discipleship…” Worship, evangelism, service and discipleship are four of Rick Warren’s five purposes (ministry being the fifth). Although these purposes are all biblical, these Christian terms take on new meaning when used in the context of church growth. Terms are redefined in the church growth movement (CGM) as a deceptive ploy. Notice that the Guild statement mentions only the “love of Jesus Christ” and not His judgment or wrath. Utilizing a non-offensive type of evangelism is a common mark of the CGM.

On the right column of the Guild website was a section called “Tom Talk.” This section contained a weekly letter written by Tom Patton, the then pastor of the Guild. These letters, which were often, if not always, about “relationship issues,” were closed or signed off with the phrase “catch the vision at the Guild” or a slight variation thereof. Tom Patton closed his letters to the Guild with the following: “Catching the vision is clear communication to all at the Guild,” “Initiate catching the vision for yourself at the Guild,” “Catch the vision of love at the Guild,” “Catch the vision with us from the mountain peak…at the Guild” and “Catching the vision at the Guild is always the right response.”

Recently, I spoke on the phone with a pastor who was working as the “pastor of the day” at GCC. I asked him if the GCC pastors were engaged in vision casting and if he believed it was biblical. This pastor confirmed to me that some pastors at GCC engage in vision casting, and he defended the practice to me as being biblical.

On the wall of the Guild meeting room was a banner which emphasized unity. The “u” in “Guild” stands for unity. Organizational unity is the goal of the CGM. Are the Guild members unified by God’s Spirit or are they (were they) unified in a man-made vision?

The members of the Guild were divided into many teams and small groups. Some ministries at GCC call their small groups “core groups.” Core group isn’t a biblical term. It may be of interest that on the opening page of the Core Discipleship Ministry website is the satanic symbol 666 (a triquetra).  This site also instructs small group leaders in the art of vision casting. If one studies “core group theory,” then one will be studying the group dialectic process [the triquetra has been removed from their website].

Two years ago, the Guild had 12 teams listed on its website. Each team had a purpose. For example, the “Helping Hands” team “purposes to plan, coordinate and, when necessary, facilitate the needs of the Guild…”

One Friday evening I attended the Guild Bible study at GCC. There were about 100 people in attendance and after a short sermon on relationships, Tom Patton told us to divide into small groups. We divided into 5 groups of about 10 men each and 5 groups of about 10 women each. Each group met in a circle and each group had a leader. Tom Patton gave the topics that were to be discussed by the groups. The men and women were given different topics for discussion. The topic for the men to discuss was a social topic that involved relationships.

The leader in my group proceeded to start and direct a dialogue on the topic that Tom Patton had given. Some men in my group were talking about the troubles they had in past relationships (with women) and one man was spilling his guts to the group as he recalled his past relationships. I had gone to the Guild expecting a Bible study. There were no Bibles open in my group and I didn’t see a Bible open in the entire room. After much more dialogue, my group leader stated, “So we can all then agree that trust is important in relationships?” Clearly, my group leader was trying to reach a consensus.

What was going on at the Guild this Friday night? Why did Tom Patton divide those present into 10 small groups? Why were we dialoging a topic on relationships? Clearly, these weren’t Bible study groups, as no Bibles were open. What was the purpose of these small groups? There can be no doubt that these group meetings were dialectic sessions where diversity gathered in a facilitator-led meeting, utilizing peer pressure, to dialogue a social issue to a pre-determined consensus.

During this dialectic session, I asked my group leader why we were meeting in groups. He told me, in the presence of the others, that the purpose of these groups was for “relationship building and bonding.” He didn’t say that the purpose of these group meetings was to study the Bible; nor did he say that the purpose was to build a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He said the purpose of the group meeting was for “relationship building and bonding” (with others in the group). That the groups stated purpose was for “relationship building and bonding” further shows that these groups were dialectic (brainwashing) sessions.

“Relationship building” is a necessary component of the dialectic process used in the TQM model and used at GCC. A church whose primary focus is on human relationship building is a church that has ceased to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

At this Friday night Guild meeting, regarding those who study the Bible, Tom Patton stated, “They will study information without seeking transformation.” To what kind of transformation was Mr. Patton referring given that he was “casting his vision” to a congregation participating in dialectic (brainwashing) sessions.

Diversity is a necessary component of the CGM because it is needed for the dialectic process to work (diversity in unity). Was there diversity (mixture of believer and unbeliever) at the Guild? I’ll answer this by saying that when I arrived at the Guild, I was greeted at the door and later ushered into a small group; no one at any time ever asked me if I was a Christian.

The “Guild Single Parents Service Event” was organized by the Guild “Activities Team.” In this event, each Guild single parent who so desired had a “team” assigned to them. The team is “designated to serve the parent.” Nine teams were listed to serve nine different parents. Let me give a few examples from the Guild website. Team 2: “This parent would love it if some Guild guys would spend a day in the park with him playing football and then enjoy fellowship over dinner at an area restaurant.” Team 3: “This parent would love it if Guilders would take him and his child to the Will Rogers Museum, then to Mom’s Kitchen (restaurant), at the corner of Van Owen and Coldwater Canyon!” Team 4: “This parent would love it if Guilders would come to the house and help get rid of weeds and other unsightly things in the yard that are preventing fun summer BBQ’s and green grass! Let’s have pizza and wonderful fellowship!” Team 8: “This parent seems to never get time to herself and would love a ‘day away’ from the home. Ideal would be a pedicure or manicure and then a movie. What a blessing that would be.”

Christians are called to love the brethren. We should help each other. But do Christians need to be organized in teams to help a single parent in need? Should single parents depend on a team or on God for their needs? Christians are placed in numerous teams in the CGM so that they will become accustomed to think in a group and to think for the collective. As I have shown, this collective group mind will also maximize demonic influence over the group members.

The Guild website encouraged the Guild members to support several “Guild Friendly Businesses.” The businesses mentioned included Starbucks and AMC Theatres.

Starbucks is anti-Christian to an extreme, but “Guild friendly.” They sponsor gay pride parades, homosexual organizations, and they have sponsored the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards. They are also pro-abortion as Starbucks financially supports Planned Parenthood as a “matching gift company” (One can see this on the Planned Parenthood website). Starbucks also places pro-homosexual quotes on their cups. Oddly enough, according to one website, the only “Christian” quoted on their cups has been Rick Warren. It appears that the Guild and Starbucks have found common ground in Warren. One is quoting him while the other is/was embracing his ministry model. AMC Theatres, another “Guild friendly” business, distributes anti-Christian, anti-American propaganda.

Was the Guild a seeker friendly ministry? When a visitor went to the Guild, he would be “meeted and greeted” at the door (meeters and greeters are used in the PDC model); food and drink would be offered; there would be guitar music and announcements would be accompanied by a big screen video display. Attendance would be taken and a short sermon would be given (on the night I went the sermon was about relationships) and then small groups would be formed for the purpose of relationship building and bonding. I have been told that these small groups are still being formed at The Guild. On the night I was there they were all planning to go to the movies together. They were planning to see the movie, “Chronicles of Narnia,” which is occult entertainment based on the book written by CS Lewis. They were also planning a trip to Big Bear, a local resort.

Many at Grace Church believe CS Lewis was a great Christian apologist. I have heard at least one leader at Grace Church state that the works of JRR Tolkien are “Christian.” JRR Tolkien was a Roman Catholic and a close friend of CS Lewis, who was Lutheran. According to “Hermetic Imagination: The Effect of the Golden Dawn on Fantasy Literature,” the works of Lewis and Tolkein were strongly influenced by their friendship with the English novelist, Charles Williams, who joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1917. 90. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a magical order in late 19th and early 20th century England to which many prominent figures belonged. This secret order, along with the Theosophical Society and the Rosicrucian Order, was one of the principle influences on 20th century occultism.

Is “The Guild” at GCC named after the medieval guilds that were infiltrated by Rosicrucianism and evolved into Masonic lodges. “By James I’s time,…a lodge system had already been established within the guilds of ‘operative’ stonemasonry and had begun to proliferate across Scotland. By the end of the Thirty Years War, a system had filtered down to England. In its general structure, it seems to have coincided most felicitously with that of Andrea’s Christian Unions; and it proved more than ready to accommodate the influx of ‘Rosicrucian’ thought. German refugees thus found a spiritual home in English masonry; and their input of ‘Rosicrucian ideas’ was the final ingredient necessary for the emergence of modern ‘speculative’ Freemasonry.” 91.

The Guild website also displayed photos from trips to Catalina Island, the Hollywood Bowl, cruises, museums, chili cookoffs, miniature golf, ice skating, Medieval Times Outing, Mountain-day trip, Speed Zone Outing, and beach parties. At one time, the Guild website announced the “Guild 2006 Winter Games Day” on their events page. These activities shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the Guild Activities Team “purposes to provide a fun, comfortable, and dynamic atmosphere for fellowship…” One would have a hard time finding a more seeker friendly ministry than the Guild, unless one goes to the Foundry.

The Foundry

Visions—Core Groups—Ice-breakers—Relationship Building—Leadership Development—Radical Transformation

The Foundry ministry also contained both the structure and the language (buzzwords) of the PDC model. This ministry was divided into many “core groups” and ministry teams. On the Foundry website is a page titled “core groups” which gives a definition of core groups. It states, “Core groups are gender specific groups of 4-10 designed to provide all members of The Foundry with an opportunity to build deep and abiding relationships.” This proves that the stated definition of the Foundry “core groups” matches the stated purpose of the Guild small groups: relationship building. Notice that the stated “core groups” definition did not say that the “core groups” were for Bible study; nor did it state that the “core groups” were for building a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is clear, that through their “core groups,” the Foundry, like the Guild, has enabled the dialectic process by creating an “environment” for the purpose of relationship building. This is antithetical to Biblical Christianity because faith in and obedience to God hinders relationship building.

Let me provide examples of some of the language of the change process (PDC) at the Foundry. Every team in the Foundry had a “purpose.” The Foundry website stated that “there are nineteen ministry teams that are divided into four ministry groups.” For example, the Integration Team “purposes to be an instrument used to encourage and facilitate active involvement from every member of The Foundry by planting them in Coregroups and Ministry Teams. We work together with the Visitor Team to welcome new visitors and pursue their involvement within the Foundry.” This is the same language as Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Model. This is where the pastor will plant you in ministry; tell you where you will serve; and tell you how you will serve. The Integration Team went on to say: “Team member responsibilities include…pursuing relationships and encouraging involvement. It is also expected that every member of the Integration team would be an active and faithful participant in a Coregroup.” This is what is required of the members of Saddleback Church (Warren’s church) and all PDC’s. At Saddleback, all members are required to sign a covenant agreeing to participate in a small group (core group). In TQM, all must participate (no child left behind).

The Killer V’s (New Visitors Team) “exists for the purpose of serving new visitors. This includes meeting and greeting…” “Greeters” are at Saddleback Church and the PDC’s. “Meeters” and “greeters” are part of the “seeker friendly” CGM. The Killer V’s go on to say: “at its core, we are a Care team…” What is a Care team? In some church growth orgs, a CARE team is an acronym that stands for “Create A Relational Environment.” In Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Church”, CARE ministries are described. “Mission of CARE Groups To connect and grow people in Christ through relational environments.” 92.

The Killer V’s then state: “We want to meet the needs of all visitors, provide them with information, and ultimately get them involved in Core Groups and Ministry Teams.” This is the language of Rick Warren’s PDC. Meet the “felt needs” of the new visitors and then plant them in ministry. This type of approach to ministry denies the power of God because only He can place one within the body of Christ. Also, these teams at the Foundry, busy shuttling people through to leadership positions in ministry, directly violate the Word of God; for as James 3:1 states: “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.”

Another ministry in the Foundry which was violating James 3:1 is called “The Leadership Group.” A team within this group is called “LIT.” “LIT purposes to develop leaders who will influence the body of Christ by reproducing themselves.” Although this purpose is not given in God’s Word, it is from the TQM/PDC model. In TQM, a leader/change agent is to recruit others into the dialectic process, and then “transform” them so that they are now leader/change agents bringing others into the process, and thus, “reproducing themselves.” The term “Leadership” is used quite often in the CGM as it is in the world. In the CGM, the term “leader” refers to being a “change agent” who leads others to change (transformation).

Let me provide more examples of the transformational language of the CGM (TQM/PDC) within the Foundry. “Local Outreach” stated, “Our vision is to make radical followers of Jesus Christ.” “Radical followers” is new paradigm language. The Global Outreach team “purposes… that sinners everywhere may come to radically transforming, saving faith in Jesus Christ.” In the PDC model, “radically transforming” is language that refers to the effects of the dialectic process and does not refer to the transforming power of God’s Word and God’s Spirit. They also wanted to “evangelize cross-culturally” (multi-culturalism/bringing diversity in unity).

The Graphics Team “never allows a design to go out until it has a majority consensus within the team.” The synthesis phase of the dialectic process is when consensus is reached in the group. In TQM and the dialectic process, truth is arrived at via consensus (what all in the group can agree upon and feel good about). The Logos Team “purposes to serve GCC by facilitating and growing the capacity of the Logos Bible Institute.” The Service Team said, “We need people on this team who are self-starters. To get this team functioning to its full capacity we need people who will head up different ministries and run with it.” Where is God and His sovereignty? This team also mentions “the facilitation of service opportunities.” The Foundry also had teams with psycho-social names like its “corebuilder team.” Lastly, in the “New Visitor Welcome CD”, Kurt Gebhards, the Foundry pastor, mentions the “purpose” and “vision” of the Foundry.

One particular core group in the Foundry, the only one that provided a description of itself, stated, “What is core group about? Core group is about God, people and relationships.” The description went on to say: “Our core group is about flexibility and meeting one anothers needs… Our preliminary list of core group activities includes small things everyday like eating at fun (and good) restaurants, playing tennis or golf to bigger things like going to Dodger games! Core group should be profitable and enjoyable!” These activities were meant to reinforce bonding, to facilitate relationship building, and to create a dependence on the group. Each event this core group took part in becoming another session in group dialogue.

One Friday night I attended a “Bible study” at the Foundry ministry called “310.” After about a half-hour of refreshments and socializing, we sat down for announcements and the new visitors were introduced. I was asked to stand, and with Bible in hand, the leader proceeded to ask me several “ice-breaker” questions. In a group of about 35 people, I was asked the following: “How did you find out about us?” “Where do you live?” “Do you know any good restaurants?” “What do you do for a living?” “When is your birthday?” “Can you tell us about a particularly memorable birthday you’ve had?” There were 4 visitors that evening who were asked to stand and submit to these ice-breakers. After the ice-breakers ended we took a break so that people in the group could meet and greet the new visitors. By the way, I was told by the Foundry leader that these questions were ice-breakers (he used that term).

Group leader/change agents often use exercises at the beginning of each group session called “ice-breakers.” These ice-breakers may involve funny stories or some kind of light conversation designed to shift the group participant’s paradigm or way of thinking. The change agent wants the group members to begin “thinking with their feelings.” The change agent, through these exercises, is attempting to “unfreeze” the group members from their traditional position so that they can be “moved” and “refrozen” into a compromised state. Group members who see ice-breakers as being harmless or enjoyable fail to understand that they serve Satan’s purpose of shifting ones “mode of thinking” from “facts-based” to “feelings-based.”

“Ice-breaker exercises” facilitate the dialectic process and are used in the PDC model. “Ice-breakers” were developed by Kurt Lewin. As Kurt Lewin stated in “Human Relations”, p. 34, “A successful change includes, therefore, three aspects: unfreezing (if necessary) the present level, moving to the new level, and freezing group life on the new level.” It shouldn’t be surprising that “ice-breakers” are used at GCC because John Macarthur has advocated their use (I will show this later).

As stated, “transformation” in the CGM corresponds to “transmutation” in traditional alchemy, the term used for transforming base metals into gold. In manufacturing, a foundry is a factory where metal is melted and poured into molds. In The Foundry at GCC, Christians are “melted” (unfrozen) and recast (refrozen) in a new mold. In ancient Qumran, there was an alchemical foundry operated by the Essenes, a Gnostic community. The Qumran “foundry” converted precious metals – gold, silver, platinum and palladium – into a substance called “white powered gold.” This white powder of gold was believed to contain properties which, when ingested, transformed the human subject into a “light being” possessing divine powers and immortality. Alchemical guru, David Hudson, maintains that this lost art is now being restored for the “transformation” of the human race:

“…The Bible says that Moses told the Hebrew people that they had not kept the Covenant, so the Manna was to be taken from them, but it will come back in the end times when we would be a nation of high priests, not an elect high priesthood. This is the food, this is the light, that you take in your body. In fact, if you ask a Rabbi if he ever heard of the white powder of gold, he says, yes, we know of the white powder of gold, but to our knowledge No one knows how to make it since the destruction of the first Temple, the Temple of Solomon… This knowledge was not completely lost, the high priests who left the temple when it was destroyed went out on the desert and organized the community known as Qumran, they were the Essenes. As you read in the Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, not only did the Qumran community have a metallurgical foundry in the center of the city, you also find out that…this thing that they were totally preoccupied with, wasn’t Moses or Christ. It says the high priest swallowed the…Holy Spirit, it is the light, the zero point light that is not measurable. But it is in fact, the light or god force within us. It is the teacher that shows us how to know all things, we don’t have to read or study, we just know…” 93.

Gnostics believe they are above reading God’s Word because they have been transformed into gods, having “gnosis” (knowledge), also called the “logos” (word) or the “light” (enlightenment) within themselves. They are believing Satan’s lie: “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:4-5

In the two hours I spent at the Foundry “Bible study,” the Bible was preached for about 20 minutes. In the 4 hours I spent at the Guild and Foundry “Bible studies”, the Bible was preached for about 45 minutes. Most of the time was spent in socializing and relationship building. Conformity to the new paradigm is attained through “consensus building” as opposed to Bible study. It seems that alchemical transformation of a spiritual nature is taking place at The Foundry.

One should also take a close look at the Logos Equipping Ministries at GCC. Their website stated, “The new identity of Logos Pillars features 3 levels of classes. 100 Bible Foundations, 200 Growth Electives, and 300 Discipleship Counseling.” These 3 levels seem to be similar to Rick Warren’s 101, 201 and 301 courses. Within this ministry is something called “Life Application Logos.” In the CGM, the teaching of Bible doctrine is watered down to “Life Application.”



90. “Hermetic Imagination: The Effect of the Golden Dawn on Fantasy Literature, Charles A. Coulombe,

91. (Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, The Temple & The Lodge, NY: Touchstone, Rockefeller Center, 1998, pp. 144-45.


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The Money Trail – Who Finances TMAI?

The Believers Foundation

According to their March 2006 Prospectus, the TMAI operating budget was underwritten by The Believers Foundation “for the next 3 years.” After viewing the 2006 IRS Form 990-PF “Return of Private Foundation” for The Believers Foundation, Inc for the calendar year beginning 9/1/05 to 8/31/06, I would estimate that the Believers Foundation gave approximately $650,000 to TMAI and their related ministries that year. According to 2006 IRS Form 990-PF, The Believers Foundation held $33,571,009 and disbursed $3,774,085 during that year. Disbursements to TMAI represented about 17% of the 2006 total. The Believers Foundation also gave $1,025,000 to The Master’s College, $840,000 to Grace Community Church (GCC), and $254,000 to The Master’s Seminary. I estimate that The Believers Foundation gave approximately 73% of their disbursements to GCC related ministries in 2006. This is just an estimate and probably a low estimate because some other ministries The Believers Foundation funded are also connected in some way to GCC and their leaders. This 2006 IRS Form 990-PF can be seen here.

According to the 2006 IRS Form 990-PF, The Believers Foundation gave $233,706 to Christ Seminary (TMAI South Africa). It gave $132,729 to MEDA (TMAI Honduras) [“The Believers Foundation is directly involved in the day to day operations of MEDA and directly incurs expenses”], and The Believers Foundation gave $36,500 to Shepherd’s Bible College (TMAI New Zealand) among others. They also gave $10,000 to Counsel&Capital.

According to 2006 IRS Form 990-PF, I would estimate that The Believers Foundation gave approximately $1,000,000 to ministries not directly tied to GCC. Did this $1,000,000 go to fund ministries that are biblical? Or was the money used to fund more church growth orgs like TMAI? Let’s take a look at some of these other ministries funded by The Believers Foundation in 2006.

Of the $1,000,000, $325,000 was given to the Slavic Gospel Association. This was the largest disbursement to a ministry “unrelated” to GCC. Bill Molinari, TMAI board member, has been a member of the Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) board according to his TMAI bio. And according to the SGA website, SGA is an international ministry that operates “an office staffed by nationals at the headquarters of the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Russia in Moscow (UECB).” The SGA website goes on to say, “Since 1997, SGA has been privileged to serve as the official representative of the Russian UECB in North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.” The UECB is a member of the World Baptist Alliance, a UN-NGO. (According to their 990 forms, from 2002-2007, The Believers Foundation disbursed $1,284,000 to the Slavic Gospel Foundation.)

One of the larger Believers Foundation disbursements for that calendar year was for $109,000 to an organization called Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW). Is BMW a biblical ministry as their name implies? No, BMW is a large, international, blatantly transformational, “new paradigm” church growth organization. Let me quote just enough from their large website to allow the reader to see the true nature BMW.

“Biblical Ministries Worldwide is a mission agency whose passion is to help churches plant reproducing churches through evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.” Regarding their South African church: BMW has “20-20 teams” and “BMW has established its 20-20 vision for southern Africa.” “It would be optimal if team members ‘had a synergy of ministry already developed between them.’” “BMW has been shifting over time from a primary leadership role in church planting to a “facilitating” role…”

Under the title, “Leaders Training Leaders” the BMW website states, “We strive to teach leaders how to think, not just what to think. In this way, we reproduce ourselves in a South African leader.” Transformational ministries want to transform the people. They want to change their minds. The way one thinks is called one’s paradigm. The goal of church growth is to shift one’s paradigm from traditional (obedience to authority) to transformational (compromising authority for group goals). They want to shift one’s paradigm from individual thinking to group thinking. Changing “how one thinks” (brainwashing) is referred to as a “paradigm shift” by church growth leaders. This paradigm shift usually takes place in change agent-led small groups and teams. Changing “how one thinks” is the goal of training change agents who can then go out and reproduce by changing how others think.

An important part of BMW’s ministry is called BMW’s “Change Workshops.” Change Workshop #2 “enables church leaders to develop biblically dynamic core values and purpose statements…and vision statement[s].” These statements are an essential part of the church growth transformation process.

Change Workshop #3: “This workshop endeavors to give some practical tips on how church leaders should handle proposing and implementing major changes in the church with maximum consensus and minimal dissent.” No mention of obedience to God here—just get as many as possible on board with the change program with “minimal dissent.”

Change Workshop #4 is called “Fostering the Harvest.” The description states, “Unlike the other workshops in the Companion Church Connection in which a trained facilitator is needed…” Apparently trained facilitators are needed for some of these workshops. A facilitator is Satan’s agent who plays a crucial role in TQM and in church growth.

“BMW operates an email forum to facilitate discussion of issues related to missions called Thinkspots.” To facilitate discussion is to bring diverse opinions to consensus (group harmony/group think). “Each year we facilitate a conference on the field…”

One of the “Core Values” at BMW is “Life-Long Learning.” The website states, “Life-Long Learning is a necessity in ministry…” Life-Long Learning comes from UNESCO and it is all about utilizing the dialectic process to achieve life-long transformation away from God.

Another of their core values is relationships. “We function as teams, embracing interdependence and accountability.” No mention here of dependence on God.

Another of BMW’s core values is “servant leadership.” “We measure leadership by whether we produce successors; therefore, we are committed to reproducing servant leaders.” As stated before, a servant leader is a business organizational term.

Under “Leadership Development” it states, “Mentoring is molding people, not simply imparting information.” This “mentoring” involves personal transformation that usually takes place in facilitator-led small group dialectic sessions.

The vision for BMW Fiji: “In the next decade, 20 cell churches that are continuing to multiply themselves.” The fourth stage of this vision: “To group believers and help them begin functioning together as a cell group.”

I’ve just scratched the surface of this large “ministry” called BMW which received disbursements from The Believers Foundation from 2004-2007 and was given $109,000 in 2006. Though it’s not necessary that other ministries funded by The Believers Foundation be exposed in order to show that The Believers Foundation funds church growth orgs, let me just very briefly mention a bit more about some of these GCC unrelated ministries.

The Believers Foundation funded ministries that are members of the Southern Baptist Convention (UN-NGO). Two of those SBC ministries are Founders Ministries and New Berean Baptist Church of Brandon, Fl. The Believers Foundation funded several ministries whose emphasis is on small groups to “build relationships,” “to fulfill the ‘one another’s of scripture’”, “to encourage accountability,” and for “transforming people into Spirit-filled people.” The Believers Foundation also gave $57,000 to The Institute for Creation Research (ICR). ICR was founded by Dr. Henry M. Morris in 1970. Dr. Morris endorsed the false teaching of “The Gospel in the Stars” in his book, The Long War against God (pp. 265-269), and Dr. Morris was a member of the Council for National Policy. As of 11/06, Dr. Wismer, the treasurer of TMAI and an officer of The Believers Foundation, was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for The Institute for Creation Research (ICR). The false prophecy teacher and first president of the Council for National Policy, Dr. Tim LaHaye, also sat on the board of ICR.

The Believers Foundation gave $5,000 to Mike Gendron’s “Proclaiming the Gospel.” Mike Gendron speaks at The Master’s Seminary and MEDA (TMAI Honduras) and he is a regular speaker at the Steeling the Mind Conferences. Members of the anti-Christian Council for National Policy frequently speak at these conferences. Mike Gendron’s ministry exposes Roman Catholicism as a false religion.

The Believers Foundation also gave $20,000 to Grace Bible Church of Tampa (GBCT). In August, 2008, a group from GBCT went to MEDA (TMAI Honduras) for a week to work on maintenance. They were assigned the following tasks: Building bunkbeds, cleaning and painting the water tower, cleaning and varnishing the bricks and stone walkways, cleaning and painting the playground, building the retention wall at front gate, painting inside of administration office, staining new ceiling wood boards, weeding out and planting gardens, trimming bushes, and cutting wood. Regarding their experience in Honduras the church group stated, “We worked hard, but we rejoiced in the Lord every moment we spent scrubbing, scraping or lifting.” But were they serving the Lord at MEDA? Or were they playing their role in the Communitarian transformational agenda?

It’s clear that The Believers Foundation finances church growth orgs. Its day to day operations are run by Executive Director, Ken Fuller, who sits on the board of TMAI. Two members of the TMAI board, Ken Fuller and their treasurer, David Wismer, were listed as being officers of The Believers Foundation as of 2007. The Believers Foundation was incorporated many years before TMAI was started in 2002.

[The examples above pertained to The Believers Foundation disbursements for 2006. According to their 990 forms, from 2002-2007, The Believers Foundation disbursed approximately $12,000,000 to ministries under the GCC umbrella with TMAI ministries receiving approximately $3,200,000 during that time. Christ Seminary (TMAI South Africa) received more money than the other TMAI centers. From 2003-2007 Christ Seminary received $1,200,000 directly from The Believers Foundation.]

Mr. Robert Jaeb and The Conservative Caucus

According to IRS Form 990-PF, in 2007, the 4 officers of The Believers Foundation were Lorena Jaeb, Steven Jaeb, Ken Fuller, and David Wismer. Lorena and Steven are the wife and son of the late Robert Jaeb.

Mr. Robert Jaeb started a convenience store chain called Shop & Go. In 1985, according to Thomson Financial Mergers & Acquisitions, when Shop & Go, Inc was tendered to Circle K Corp for $166,000,000 in cash and stock, Robert and Lorena Jaeb owned 52% of its stock. [Since publishing this report, the figures stated above have been X’d out.]

The Jaebs funded the Believers Foundation. According to TMAI Newsletter (2/06), “In 1987, the Jaeb family set up The Believers Foundation…to help spread God’s word around the world.” Through The Believers Foundation, Mr. Jaeb established a special program in partnership with The Master’s Seminary (TMS) and GCC to fund TMS graduates who went out as missionaries. “It was the seed for what has grown into The Master’s Academy International.” “His [Mr. Jaeb’s] vision and sacrifice planted the seeds of The Master’s Academy.” “Through TMAI, Mr. Jaeb’s vision is being realized in ways no one could have imagined.” According to the TMAI website, “The Believers Foundation has supported TMAI since its inception in 2002.” “The Believers Foundation wholeheartedly recommends TMAI as one ministry that you or your foundation should consider supporting.” At Mr. Jaeb’s memorial service, John Macarthur cited the Bible to frame what he called “the divine biography of Robert Jaeb.” At the memorial service, Ken Fuller stated, “I suspect…there’s a long line of saints in Heaven…waiting their turn to greet him [Mr. Jaeb].”

Mr. Robert Jaeb had a strong interest in politics. An article in the St. Petersburg Times (9/10/05) described him as being “a political enthusiast.” Former Florida Governor Bob Martinez stated that Mr. Jaeb “gave generously to local and national political orgs.” And according to the St. Petersburg Times, “Politically, Mr. Jaeb is remembered as not only a great financial supporter of various Republican political organizations, but also as a quiet yet influential political thinker.” Mr. Jaeb was a member of the Leadership Council of The Conservative Caucus chaired by Howard Phillips. 105.

Howard Phillips founded The Conservative Caucus (TCC). “In 1975, at the direction of 33º Mason Jesse Helms on whose staff he served, Phillips founded The Conservative Caucus.” “Phillips founded TCC, a leading right-wing lobby group. TCC has an interlocking directorate (Phillips served on advisory board) with the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) of the World Anti-Communist League [headed by John Singlaub (CIA)], a multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad leaders and North American neo-fascists.” 106. “As TCC national director, Phillips boasted, ‘we organize discontent’ and ‘must prove our ability to get revenge on people who go against us.’”

Howard Phillips also helped Paul Weyrich and Jerry Falwell establish the Moral Majority in 1979. “We are no longer working to preserve the status quo. We are radicals working to overturn the present power structure in this country.” (Paul Weyrich) 107. As founder of the very influential Heritage Foundation, Paul Weyrich was one of the most powerful men in American politics. The Heritage Foundation, which has connections to Sun Myung Moon, Fascists and Communists, was almost a shadow government during the Reagan administration. Click here to learn more about Heritage.

In 1992, Howard Phillips founded the U.S. Taxpayer Party (USTP) which is now the Constitution Party. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America served as an executive of Howard Phillips U.S. Taxpayers Party. Phillips and Pratt are members of the CNP and both are involved with the neo-Nazi militia movement. “At its 1994 convention, USTP sold a paramilitary manual entitled ‘Principles Justifying the Arming and Organizing of a Militia’… In short, it is a manual that prepares the recruit for underground war.” Imagine the irony of Howard Phillips, who is Jewish, handing out warfare manuals to the anti-Semitic militias. Furthermore, “It was at Estes Park, that Pratt spoke to the assembled fanatics and convinced them that the armed vigilante death squads that had worked their poison in Central America and in the Philippines, could become the model for an armed militia movement within the United States.” (CNP Database)

Howard Phillips, John Singlaub, Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell, Paul Weyrich and Robert Jaeb found common ground in an organization called the Council for National Policy (CNP). Howard Phillips was a founding member of the CNP. Major General John K Singlaub was a member of the CNP Board of Governors in 1981. Jesse Helms and Jerry Falwell served on the CNP Board of Governors in 1982. Paul Weyrich served on the CNP Board of Governors in 1982, 1996. And Robert Jaeb’s wife, Lorena, also served on the CNP Board of Governors in 1996 (and 1997, 1998 according to available membership lists). (CNP Database)

Lorena Jaeb and The Council for National Policy (CNP)

The Jaeb’s funded The Believers Foundation. Lorena Jaeb and Steven Jaeb are officers of The Believers Foundation. Lorena Jaeb served on the CNP Board of Governors in 1996 and, according to available membership lists, in 1997 and 1998 as well.

The suppression of information regarding the existence and membership of the CNP has been a major factor in deceiving Christians. Being a secretive org, the CNP doesn’t publish their membership lists. “Our membership list is strictly confidential and should not be shared outside the Council.” 108. However, a few past membership lists have been obtained by Christian researchers. Let’s now take a look into the CNP since Lorena Jaeb has served on the CNP Board of Governors and since the Jaeb’s, through The Believers Foundation, finance TMAI, The Master’s Seminary, and GCC.

The Council for National Policy evolved from the John Birch Society (JBS). The JBS was founded by Robert Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, and an agent for Nelson Rockefeller. According to James E Braddock, “Welch, being a well proven 32nd degree Mason, jumped at the chance to aide and abet in the furtherance of the destruction of Christianity.” (The John Birch Society an Enigma, p.13.) The JBS was an intelligence operation with its roots in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which became the CIA. Its domestic surveillance arm, Western Goals Foundation, worked with Reinhard Gehlen, one of Hitler’s top intelligence officers. The JBS, which presented itself as a right-wing patriotic org fighting communist infiltration in America, was eventually exposed for being a “controlled opposition front” once it was known that its leadership consisted of CFR members and leaders of the Federal Reserve—the same members of the liberal establishment that the JBS had pretended to oppose. The JBS was exposed in 1977 in a report titled The Belmont Brotherhood. “This 12-page report concluded with the perceptive observation that the John Birch Society represents the most diabolical form of the Illuminati conspiracy.” (The John Birch Society) Once exposed, the JBS morphed into the CNP.

The CNP was formed in 1981. Nelson Bunker Hunt, who was a member of the JBS and who provided funding for the Western Goals Foundation, provided the start-up money for the CNP, “a highly secretive coalition which represents the entire spectrum of New Right corporate executives, TV preachers and former high ranking government and military leaders. The Council for National Policy is considered the primary coordinating body—and funding conduit—for Christian Right projects.” (JBS) “Nelson Bunker Hunt, who was president of the CNP in 1982-83, is among several of the John Birch Society/Western Goals Foundation principals and associates who also served on the newly-formed CNP Board of Governors.”

“Early CNP membership directories were obtained by enterprising researchers…and these revealed that the early leadership of the CNP was, in fact, also represented in the Council on Foreign Relations — the very organization of globalists to which the CNP was to be the conservative alternative! On the first CNP Governing Board there were no less than three, and possibly more, members of the CFR: George F. Gilder – CNP Board of Governors (1982) ; Dr. Edward Teller – CNP Board of Governors (1982); and Guy Vander Jagt – CNP Board of Governors (1982).”

“Later CNP directories list CFR members J. Peter Grace (CNP, 1984-85; 1988) and Arnaud deBorchgrave (CNP, 1988)” (The Council for National Policy) William Simon and George Gilder are also listed as being members of the CFR and CNP.

“Besides CFR and Religious Roundtable members, the upper echelon of the Council for National Policy were basically refugees from the defunct Western Goals Foundation, the domestic surveillance outfit of the John Birch Society which included high-ranking members of the fascist World Anti-Communist League, Knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon and Freemasonry. There is some overlapping of Western Goals operatives who formed the early CNP Governing Board who were also CFR and/or Religious Roundtable members [Note that one was a member of Hitler’s Luftwaffe]:

• John Singlaub [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Member of national policy board of the American Freedom Coalition [AFC], a front for Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church.

• Daniel O. Graham [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Member of national policy board of AFC.

• Mildred Faye Jefferson [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Member of national policy board of AFC.

• Sherman Unkefer [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Served as an adviser to Chile’s regime under Augusto Pinochet and reportedly worked closely with Chile’s secret police organization, DINA.

• Hans Sennholz [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. A decorated pilot in the Luftwaffe, Adolf Hitler’s elite air corps.

• Robert Stoddard [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. Listed in The Belmont Brotherhood, as Chairman of the Board of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, whose editors belonged to the local Committee of the CFR. Board of Directors of Willard Garvey’s National Center for Privatization.

• Larry McDonald [CNP Board of Governors 1982-83]. President of the John Birch Society; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Western Goals Foundation, and served on the Congressional Board of Christian Voice, a front for the Unification Church.

• Nelson Bunker Hunt [CNP President 1982-83, Executive Committee 1984-85, 1988]. Knight of the Order of Malta. Member of a racial eugenics organization, the International Association for the Advancement of Eugenics and Ethnology, that was headquartered in Scotland. IAAEE was established in the U.S. by Lord Malcolm Douglas, a member of the British Cliveden Set which supported Hitler during World War II.

• Oliver North [CNP Governing Board 1984-85] Formed the Military Assistance Group-Special Operations Group (MAG-SOG), a political murder unit, and participated in Operation Phoenix which killed about 100,000 civilians in Southeast Asia. North received aid from the Unification Church and Knights of Malta for Contra operations in Latin America.

• Howard Phillips [CNP Executive Committee 1984-85, 1988] Director of The Conservative Caucus, served on advisory board of the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) of the World Anti-Communist League, a multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad leaders and North American neo-fascists. Conservative Caucus board member and funder, Richard Shoff, is a former Grand Kilgrapp of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan.

• Major F. Andy Messing, Jr. USAR (Ret.). Former chairman of The Conservative Caucus; Board of USWCF; Director of the National Defense Council Foundation. Collaborated with Linda Guell of CAUSA (a political arm of the Unification Church) and its head, Bo Hi Pak. to provide funds for Oliver North’s operation in Latin America.

• J. Peter Grace [CNP Board of Governors 1986] Council on Foreign Relations; Head of Order of Knights of Malta in the U.S.; Chairman of W.R. Grace Co which focuses its business activities in Latin America and assisted the Contra operation in Latin America.

• William E. Simon [CFR; Knight of Malta]. Secretary of the Treasury under Richard Nixon; Chairman of the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund (NFF), a fundraising organization set up in l985 by the Washington Times, a newspaper owned by the Unification Church. Trustee of the Heritage Foundation. According to Sidney Blumenthal, Simon is or was a member of the CNP.

• Frank Shakespeare, [Knight of Malta]. Council U.S. Information Agency director and director of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, a Nazi front established by Hitler’s espionage officer, Reinhard Gehlen. Trustee of the Heritage Foundation.

• Dr. Edward Teller [CNP Board of Governors 1982] Council on Foreign Relations. Hungarian-born American physicist who became the architect of the hydrogen bomb. During World War II he was a member of the Manhattan Project for the development of the atomic bomb. Teller was a member of the Citizens Legal Defense Fund for the FBI, Ad Hoc, and advisor to the Western Goals Foundation.”

Members of the CNP can be categorized as being members of or representing the following: Freemasonry, The Knights of Malta, the KKK, Nazi Fascism, Mormonism, the U.S. government, the U.S. military, the CFR, the CIA, globalism and pseudo-Christian leadership. In order to view a larger, and much more detailed list of past/present and prominent members of the CNP, including Lorena Jaeb, see the CNP Database. Many CNP members, including several professed Christians such as Jerry Falwell, have connections to Sun Myung Moon, who considers himself to be the Messiah and who openly blasphemes Jesus Christ (John Macarthur has participated in Falwell’s conferences.) 109. Moon, who has Korean CIA ties, wields much power in the CNP.  Click here to read more about the CNP-Moon connection.

According to CNP membership lists, Lorena Jaeb served on the CNP Board of Governors in 1996, 1997 and 1998. Let’s take a look at the CNP board members with whom she served in 1996 (click on the links for greater detail):

• Howard Ahmanson (Ahmanson Foundation/Chalcedon/Rushdooney/Reconstructionism; The Ahmanson Foundation was a contributor to the Council on Foreign Relations, according to 1990-1993 Annual Reports.

• Thomas R. Anderson (Board of Directors, Family Research Council (FRC); FRC is a UN-NGO with special consultative status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council.)

• Ed Atsinger (Salem Communications Corporation; Public, NASDAQ:SALM)

• Jeff Coors (Coors Brewery/Heritage Foundation/Free Congress Foundation/Moon)

• Richard DeVos (33º Freemason/Amway/Templeton Foundation)

• Stuart Epperson (Salem Communications Corporation; Public, NASDAQ:SALM)

• Ed Feulner (President Heritage Foundation/Free Congress Foundation/Moon)

• Foster Friess (Templeton Foundation Board of Advisors)

• Mary Reilly Hunt (Order of Malta) [She can be seen on the Order of Malta website. There is a Thomas F. Schlafly on various boards of this American branch of the Knights of Malta. Phyllis Schlafly, prominent CNP member, is reportedly a Dame of the Knights of Malta.]

• Woody Jenkins (Nat. Chmn. ALEC/Founder, Chairman—Friends of the Americas/assisted Nicaraguan Contras)

• Tim La Haye (1st CNP President/Moon associate; “LaHaye held the position of paid chairman with Sun Myung Moon’s now defunct Coalition for Religious Freedom.” “LaHaye’s involvement with Moon is particularly vile. In 1985, Carolyn Weaver, writing for Mother Jones Magazine, exposed the fact that LaHaye had received substantial funds from Moon’s aid Bo Hi Park. This was discovered in a tape of a dictated thank you letter from LaHaye, thanking Park for a contribution in excess of $500,000. LaHaye would not admit or deny the receipt of the contribution, instead he attacked the source of the information. [Reported in the 1Q96, Religion in Politics.]” 110.

• Beverly La Haye (founder of Concerned Women for America [UN-NGO]; speaker at Moon convention in Washington, DC)

• Sam Moore (Thomas Nelson Publisher; Thomas Nelson publisher of corrupt modern Bible versions.)

• Oliver North (Iran Contra Affair; Robert and Lorena Jaeb contributed to the ‘Oliver North for U S Senate Committee Inc.’ in 1994.)

• Christine Vollmer (Opus Dei)

• Paul Weyrich (Founder/President, Free Congress Foundation/Heritage Foundation)

The Belmont Brotherhood documents that the founding JBS National Council was entrenched in the Eastern Establishment it purported to despise. Nor is its progeny, the Council for National Policy, a conservative, anti-Communist organization, but rather a globalist organization, anti-American and unpatriotic in the extreme.” 111. And John Macarthur’s principal source of funding, The Believers Foundation, is funded and directed by Lorena Jaeb, who was and may still be a Governor of the CNP.

How the Church Growth Movement Infiltrated GCC

In his January 2005 “State of the Church” sermon, John Macarthur stated regarding GCC: “It is not in particular danger from some infiltrating heresy…everything you can see on the surface looks to be good.” Was John Macarthur telling the truth in that sermon?

Several Christians living in the Los Angeles area are aware that the church growth movement has infiltrated GCC. They have seen the evidence. But these Christians are divided in opinion as to whether this infiltration has the approval of John Macarthur. Does John Macarthur approve of this infiltration? Or has his church just gotten too big for him to exercise proper pastoral oversight? (I was once told by John Macarthur’s secretary that his own church members couldn’t make an appointment to speak with him. He didn’t have the time.)

Has the church growth movement infiltrated GCC by “men who have crept in unawares?” Or has the CGM been brought in with the approval of one or more members of the GCC elder board?

GCC is governed by a board of elders. Mr. Rob Iverson is the Chairman of the GCC elder board. Not only is Mr. Iverson a Director of the church growth org, Leadership Resources International, but as of 3 years ago, Mr. Iverson was the elder who oversaw the Purpose Driven Foundry ministry and Mr. Iverson is currently the President and Chairman of the Board of TMAI. Furthermore, as already shown, Kurt Gebhards, The Foundry pastor, stated proudly in his online resume that on three occasions he had been asked by GCC leaders to enter ministries at GCC to be a vision casting “agent of change.”

When the Foundry and Guild were exposed 3 years ago as being Purpose Driven, their websites were changed, but their pastors, Tom Patton and Kurt Gebhards, weren’t kicked out of the church. Instead, they have both been promoted.

Very often whoever pays the piper calls the tunes. The Believers Foundation finances church growth orgs (like Biblical Ministries Worldwide). In a recent calendar year, The Believers Foundation disbursed nearly $3,000,000 to ministries under the GCC umbrella. From 2002-2007, The Believers Foundation disbursed approximately $12,000,000 to ministries under the GCC umbrella. Two men who were officers of The Believers Foundation as of 2007, Ken Fuller and David Wismer, also sit on the board of TMAI. David Wismer is the treasurer of TMAI. (D Wismer is no longer an officer of the Believers Foundation.)

Pastors at GCC will emphasize that John Macarthur “has taken a strong stance against the church growth movement.” Is this true? John Macarthur has advocated the use of “ice-breakers” exercises. He has also advocated dialectic-type rules for Bible studies. This can be seen in his book, “Saved Without A Doubt.” On pp.155-157, under the heading “Personal and Group Study Guide,” ice-breaker exercises are advocated. As stated earlier, ice-breakers are to change ones thinking mode from facts-based to feelings-based in order to further the dialectic process. These ice-breaker exercises play into Satan’s hand; as he wants Christians to approach a study of God’s Word with feelings.

It says on p. 156 of “Saved Without A Doubt”: “Pray for each group member, asking the Lord to help you create an open atmosphere where everyone will feel free to share with one another and you.” Advocating the creation of an open atmosphere is also a condition for the dialectic process. An open atmosphere, where everyone feels free to share, is not a component of a didactic Bible study. An open atmosphere implies one in which standards are set aside so that everyone will feel free to experience new things together.

In these group study guidelines, John Macarthur goes on to encourage the use of multiple Bible versions “for the purposes of comparison.” This is what Rick Warren and the PDC’s also advocate. Multiple Bible versions tempt group members to compromise the Word of God. Are Christians to find the true meaning of God’s Word by comparing translations and reaching consensus? Or by comparing translations with the Greek Textus Receptus? John Macarthur also encourages everyone’s involvement (necessary for TQM), “sharing oneself,” and “arranging chairs in a circle or semicircle” for “dynamic discussion.” These are required for dialectic sessions. In this book, John Macarthur has given rules for group Bible studies which resemble the rules for a group dialectic process.

John Macarthur preaches with Greg Laurie, a supporter of the Purpose Driven Movement

In November 2008, John Macarthur participated in a “Conference for Pastors and Leaders” at Greg Laurie’s church, Harvest Christian Fellowship. Two former Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), UN-NGO, also spoke at this conference.

John Macarthur’s host, Greg Laurie, who sits on the board of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, is a big supporter of the Purpose Driven movement. Greg Laurie believes the Purpose Driven movement is of God. Click here to see a picture of Laurie sitting with Rick Warren at his Harvest Crusade (picture is at top of page).

In a May 2008 letter to pastors and leaders, Laurie talks about his upcoming crusade in New York City, stating, “God is on the move.” He then states, “this move is also seen in the formation of the New York City Leadership group. Under their direction, a community-wide 40 Days of Purpose campaign with Pastor Rick Warren has been launched, and the significant services of Bill Hybels’ Leadership Summit conferences are also being organized to strengthen the local church.”112.

Greg Laurie is sponsoring, through financial support, The New York City Leadership Center’s Sept. 2008 “Launch Event.” Scroll down to the bottom of the page here and read the two listed “Event Sponsors.” On The New York City Leadership Center’s website, their “Leadership Team” members are listed. Among those listed are Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Bob Buford, Ken Blanchard and Frances Hesselbein, the Chairman of the Leader to Leader Institute (Warren’s name has recently been removed). These team members are church growth kingpins and yet Laurie states that the organization they lead, The New York City Leadership Center, has been formed as a “move of God,” and Laurie approves of the 40 Days of Purpose campaign which these leaders will direct.

How can John Macarthur’s pastors claim that he has taken a strong stance against the church growth movement when he preaches with and fellowships with and endorses those who advocate this movement? John Macarthur “has taken a strong stance against the CGM” as it enters GCC along with men from the Southern Baptist Convention (UN-NGO).

Chuck Smith also spoke with John Macarthur at Greg Laurie’s conference. A Calvary Chapel head pastor once told me that Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie’s pastor and the founder of the Calvary Chapel movement, considered Peter Drucker to be his good friend and a fellow Christian! This pastor told me that Smith met with Drucker to discuss matters concerning “the transitioning of his church.” I was able to confirm with Smith’s secretary that, indeed, Smith and Drucker had met for lunch. If he sought Drucker’s counsel, then Chuck Smith was seeking the counsel of an occultist, a humanist, and a globalist whose objective was to destroy Christianity.

A true Christian enters the straight gate and stays on the narrow path. Does God’s narrow path lead to communion with church growth advocates at Greg Laurie’s church? John Macarthur is on the wide ecumenical road that leads to destruction.








110. Biblical Discernment Ministries,

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