John Macarthur’s Spiritual Mentor was a Jewish Rabbi

John Macarthur’s father, Dr. “Jack” Macarthur, in addition to being the director of the foundation which started Fuller Seminary, was in Henrietta Mears’ inner circle and was involved at the highest level of the world ecumenical movement. The goal of the ecumenical movement is to create a one-world religion for the worship of Lucifer.  Christians have been falsely led to believe that the one-world religion will eradicate Christianity rather than transform it. (See John Macarthur’s Ecumenical Roots and What is the Church Growth Movement?)

According to an interview with Phil Johnson of Grace To You, John Macarthur stated that at his father’s request, he went to Talbot Theological Seminary (now known as Talbot School of Theology) “just because of him [Dr. Charles Feinberg], to be my mentor, my professor and [to take] every course that he offered.” (1)

Dr. Feinberg was Talbot Seminary’s first dean (1952-1975) and according to John Macarthur, was a Jewish rabbi.  In reference to his time at Talbot Seminary (I believe in the early 1960’s), John Macarthur stated, “Charles Feinberg…, just a converted rabbi, basically, studied fourteen years to be a rabbi.” (2)  Why are Jewish rabbis heading Christian seminaries?  Do you believe a Jewish Rabbi would personally tutor a Gentile?

According to Wikipedia “In 1930, he [Charles Feinberg] converted from Judaism to Christianity through the ministry of Chosen People Ministries.”

According to the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Feinberg was a charter member of the ETS), “Charles Lee Feinberg was born on June 12, 1909…  He was reared in an orthodox Jewish home and prepared for the rabbinate for fourteen years prior to his conversion to Christ in the fall of 1930.”(3)

The curriculum for being a Rabbi involves studying the Talmud, the textbook of all rabbi’s and the basis of Judaism.  The Talmud is extremely anti-christian and greatly slanders the Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. Feinberg studied the Babylonian Talmud and cited it in his writings.

Though John Macarthur refers to his spiritual mentor, Rabbi Feinberg, as a “Jewish Christian,” (4) Rabbi Feinberg’s son, Dr. John Feinberg, referred to his father posthumously as “an orthodox Jew” (5).

Of interest, according to the Lockman Foundation website, Dr. Feinberg was an original translator of the corrupt bible version, the NASB, the version from which John Macarthur currently preaches. Click here to read more about this corrupt bible version and the false Greek text from which it was translated.

There is also evidence that Rabbi Feinberg was a Calvinist.  “…or the treasury of notes in the New Scofield Bible written by an elite group of Bible scholars which included Charles Feinberg, who incidently, was a Calvinist.”  To those who have studied the truth about John Calvin, a crypto Jew, and the Protestant Reformation, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that an orthodox Jewish rabbi was a Calvinist.  Click here to read a most enlightening article regarding evil Calvin, Calvinism, and the Rosicrucian roots of the Protestant Reformation.

Christian researchers have found definite connections to Freemasonry at the highest levels of the leadership of the Reformed movement (located in Edinburgh, Scotland).  Interestingly, the motto for FIRE (Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals), which includes Phil Johnson, the Executive Director of John Macarthur’s Grace To You, as a member, is nearly identical to the motto of Phoenix Freemasonry. (See John Macarthur’s Ecumenical Roots)

The following references the curriculum for Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies at the Charles Feinberg Center in partnership with Talbot School of Theology. The Feinberg program is approved by the Rockefeller-funded Assoc. of Theological Schools which is the accrediting institution of Talbot School of Theology. 

Where do Messianic Jewish Rabbi’s get their training? 

Do they attend a Yeshiva University or Bible College? I’d be interested in hearing the answers.

Best Answer

I’m a Messianic Jew and know a good amount about Messianic training. Unfortunately only some of the avenues of education can be presented here. There are many more.

In-depth education from an accredited University is required to become a Messianic Rabbi. They need as much education as a Conservative or Reform Rabbi does. Here’s some facts about their education.


Here are just some of the courses offered in Colleges having Messianic courses. These would be for those interested in a degree or Smichah program:

Pastoral Holistic Ministry, Pastoral Holistic Counseling, Theology/Religious Studies, All Messianic Missionaries and Rabbis know about Hebrew Synagogue forms of worship and liturgy, Shabbat observance and laws, Holy Day observance and laws, Extra biblical observances, Kosher laws, Life cycle events, Talmudic study, Zohar, Midrash Rabbah, Lawful forms of rabbinic interpretation of Scriptures, Rabbinic teaching methods.

Most importantly, Messianic rabbis must know about Oral Law and how it should be used in the messianic community. Here are some very accomplished and recognized Messianic Leaders. I’ll let their education speak for itself – each one has a short bio:

MESSIANIC JEWS – What education is required to be a MESSIANIC RABBI?

Here’s the criteria for one being ordained a Messianic Rabbi, as stated by one particular synagogue:

“The calling of a person to the Rabbinate is a serious and humbling experience. No one should enter into this calling lightly, or for selfish gain. Do to the preponderance proliferation of many self proclaimed “rabbis,” it is important that a firm definition and qualifications be established.

The Union of Conservative Messianic Jewish Synagogues does not agree with the popularly practiced procedure of a Christian Pastor becoming a Messianic Rabbi with no formal training or Jewish Heritage.

Would established mainline Churches would accept a Rabbi without any formal training on Christian Theology? Not Likely! Then why should Jewish Synagogues, Messianic, Reformed, Conservative, or Orthodox accept someone not properly trained.


  • Jewish by birth or conversion
  • Have lived a predominately Jewish Lifestyle for a minimum of 3 years (preferably more, this includes secular Jews who have been away from the community)
  • Full identification as a Jew
  • Formal Yeshiva Training which must include: Torah, Talmud, Shulkan Aruch, Jewish History, Jewish Thought, and Jewish Lifestyle / see Shulkan Aruch below
  • For UCMJS rabbis, formal acceptance of UCMJS Halacha


The Charles L. Feinberg Center is an accredited Master of Divinity program in Messianic Jewish Studies. The program is designed to train those with a call to full-time Jewish ministry as Messianic congregational leaders, outreach workers or educators.

These unique training needs are the focus of a program emphasizing biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek exegesis, and the understanding of rabbinic texts. Essential matters of theology and practice are treated through intensive study of Jewish law, religion, culture, sociology and history.

Students are encouraged to explore this rich heritage, and to develop effective methods to reach and serve today’s Jewish community. Practical areas of Jewish ministry are addressed through courses in apologetics, Jewish-Christian relations, pastoral care and counseling.

The Master of Divinity program is a professional degree designed to be completed in three years of full-time graduate study. 


  • Tuition scholarships and financial aid
  • Graduate classes in Messianic studies
  • A summer program offered in Los Angeles and offer full-time studies offered in New York City
  • Messianic Jewish studies integrated throughout the curriculum
  • Specialized library of over 10,000 works in Manhattan for Messianic Jewish studies and an extensive research library on the Southern California campus.
  • Practical field training through mentoring and internships
  • Professors with academic and Jewish ministry experience
  • Opportunities to attend lectures and cultural events, and take classes at Jewish institutions in Southern California and New York 


Talbot School of Theology, a graduate institution of Biola University, is partnering with Chosen People Ministries to provide this Master of Divinity program in Messianic Jewish Studies.


  • To receive a quality Messianic Jewish education
  • To prepare for professional Messianic Jewish ministry
  • To have your Messianic ministry certified and recognized
  • To secure a Messianic Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree


Was formed to serve the unique need of those who feel especially called to Messianic studies and leadership, but cannot attend on-site classes.

MBI Yeshiva is both a Bible Institute and a Yeshiva. 

“MBI allows for Messianic Jewish Simcha (“conversion to Judaism”) to those who feel they are called to this action.  MBI does not require nor expect Messianic non-Jews to receive Simcha.”

How many Talbot School of Theology seminarians feel led to convert to Judaism as they read the Talmud, Shulchan Aruch and other rabbinic writings in this Messianic Jewish Yeshiva?

 Shulchan Aruch

“The Shulchan Aruch (Hebrew: שׁוּלחָן עָרוּך‎ [ʃulˈħan ʕaˈʁuχ], literally: “Set Table”)[1] also known as the Code of Jewish Law, is the most authoritative legal code of Judaism. It was authored in Safed, Ottoman Eyalet of Damascus, by Yosef Karo in 1563 and published in Venice two years later.[2] Together with its commentaries, it is the most widely accepted compilation of Jewish law ever written.

The halachic rulings in the Shulchan Aruch generally follow Sephardic law and customs…”

The Shulchan Aruch, the Code of Jewish Law, studied by Rabbinical students in the Yeshivas and Messianic Jewish schools such as the Feinberg Center, where students are “encouraged to explore the ‘rich heritage'” of rabbinic texts and Jewish law and take courses at Jewish institutions. The Shulchan Aruch was authored by Yosef Karo, a Kabbalist, which is often quoted in his works:

“Isserles, like Yosef Karo in the Shulchan Aruch, often quotes Kabbalistic sources and opinions in his various works, and writes of his great joy upon finding that his ruling concurred with what he later found written in the “words of the Zohar which were given at Sinai…”.

Moses Isserles

The Kabbalah is sephardic. The Talmud is Ashkenazi.”

Lurianic Kabbalah

“An important body of customs grew up in the Kabbalistic circle of Isaac Luria and his followers in Safed, and many of these have spread to communities throughout the Sephardi world:…”


21 Replies to “John Macarthur’s Spiritual Mentor was a Jewish Rabbi”

    1. Thank you, Alan. And the beauty of it is – they claim to be worshiping Christ, Yeshua in hebrew, and He was a Jewish Rabbi.

      You can’t make this stuff up!

  1. I guess Christians are deceived enough to believe that a Jewish Rabbi would or could mentor a “Christian gentile.” Of course this provides strong evidence that John MacArthur is Jewish.

    1. If he converted to Chritianity, who cares what he was before? What a pointless article this is.

      1. Laura, “‘if’ he converted to Christianity…”. The entire point is that MacArthur didn’t and never will convert to Christianity. And the fact that MacArthur’s mentor was a Rabbi is important given John Macarthur’s most heretical teaching. The fact that MacArthur is an unbelieving Jewish wolf in sheep’s clothes serves to clarify his aberrant teachings. It explains why he teaches that Jesus Christ only became the Son of God at his incarnation. It explains his teaching that the blood of Jesus Christ has no power to save. It explains his teachings that promote Zionism. It explains why he and his family have been robbing and deceiving Christians for decades. It also explains why he was involved with MLKs death. Do you also think the evidence his family is Masonic and Druidic is pointless?

      2. Laura, it’s unclear to whom you are referring as being “converted to Christianity.” The article was not pointless but the author presented clear evidence that neither MacArthur nor Rabbi Feinberg could be considered Christian since they are indoctrinating seminary students in Feinberg’s Messianic Jewish Studies in rabbinic texts, such as the anti-Christian Talmud, and the Shulchan Aruch, the Jewish code of law authored by a medieval Kabbalist. The Feinberg Center also had a program for their ministerial students to attend a Yeshiva in New York City which taught many rabbinic texts including the code of Jewish law, which is Oral Law codified and is a reference to the oral traditions–the traditions of men–which the Scribes and Pharisees imposed on the Jewish people. Jesus denounced this body of oral traditions in his scathing rebuke of the Scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23. What would Jesus say to Rabbi Feinberg, a teacher of these anti-Christian Jewish texts to Christian ministerial students today?

        1. Admin, And it was John Macarthur’s own father who asked Rabbi Charles Feinberg to mentor his son. Macarthur’s father was a professed Christian on radio. He was friends with Billy Graham. He baptized Roy Rogers. Why would he ask a Jewish Rabbi to mentor his son?

          1. Jack MacArthur also told his son, John, to take every course offered by Rabbi Feinberg. What Christian father does this? Moreover, Rabbi Feinberg’s ministerial students who attended the Messianic Jewish Yeshiva in New York City were allowed to convert to Judaism, if they so desired after their intensive study of the “rich heritage” of rabbinic texts, Jewish law, religion, culture, sociology and history. What Christian Seminary president stealthily leads his ministerial students to turn away from Christianity into Judaism? It’s not unreasonable to conclude from these and other facts that the MacArthurs are not Christians at all but crypto-Jews, that is secret Jews. The MacArthur Clan of Scotland are, in fact, high level Scottish Rite Freemasons and Knight Templars of the Merovingian Jewish bloodline.

        2. This is a trash accusation! Dr. Charles Feinberg was training to be a rabbi when John Solomon, converted Jewish shared the Gospel with him and Feinberg came to faith in Jesus Christ, accepting Him Lord, Savior and Messiah. Feinberg received his Ph.D. from John Hopkins University and his Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. He subsequently taught at Dallas Seminary under Lewis Sperry Chafee until he was invited to become the Dean of BIOLA’S Talbot Theological Seminary. He never became a Rabbi. Instead he became one of Fundamental Christianity’s Premier Old Testament scholars who was proficient in Hebrew and other cognate languages. He was Dispensational theologian who held to the premillennial, Pretribulational return of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was master in Bible exposition based on the exegesis of Scripture. Yes, Dr. Jack MacArthur did ask Dr. Feinberg to make a Bible expositor out of his son, John MacArthur, but that request had nothing whatsoever to do with Dr. Feinberg’s being a rabbi as this article falsely claims. In fact, Dr. Charles Feinberg worked for years with the American Board of Missions to the Jewish (now known as Chosen People Ministries). In addition he was on the translation committee of the Lockman Foundation which published the New American Standard Bible. He also served on other translation committees. Dr. Feinberg was a giant influence for Biblical Christian Truth after God saved him and changed the direction of his life. I hope this clarifies the fallacious assumptions that are nothing more than illogical assumptions based on ignorance and unfounded guilt by association.

          1. Dr. Feinberg was never a born again Christian. In his obituary Feinberg’s son, John, said that Feinberg was an Orthodox Jew. When Feinberg went to the Knesset in Israel with Macarthur he opposed a man who preached the gospel there; he only wanted the Millennial Reign preached. Feinberg helped translate the NASB, which is a very false and Satanic bible translation. The truth is that Feinberg went to his grave hating Jesus Christ and Christians just like his student, John Macarthur.

      3. Yes, Laura, you are correct. It makes you wonder about what the folks here think about 12 Jewish disciples that worked inside Jerusalem and walked across Asia Minor and through Europe were all about! Surely those men, since they were Jewish, were anti-Christian. Haha.

        The article was without point, not truthful, and clearly meant to defame Mr. MacArthur. Not to mention defame Jews, period.

        We are all children of God and He calls each of us to come to Him through His Son Yeshua. Amen.

    2. Yeshua, God’s Son’s name in Hebrew.

      Jesus, God’s Son’s name taken from the Greek language to Latin, was a Jewish Rabbi.

      So what is your point here? That we can’t believe in Christ because He was a Jewish Rabbi?

  2. It is reasonable to conclude from the evidence that John MacArthur is Jewish. And there is evidence that Phil Johnson and all or many of the other Grace To You Board members are Jewish as well. This also explains John MacArthur’s Calvinism and works- based gospel. “We are the specially chosen people.”

  3. Please seek they mental help you so desperately need.
    Wow, your conspiracy theories are all over the place.
    Is MacArthur also a lizard person from the planet Voltron in the Zephyr galaxy?! Lol!

    Good grief you are silly

  4. John, No, Macarthur isn’t a lizard person. He’s a Jewish Freemason who hates Jesus Christ. The pulpits today are filled with deceivers just like him

  5. Fools like John can only engage in ad hominem attacks. But that’s all he has because he can’t refute facts.

    1. The Bible says do not call anyone a fool. I see where you are going. You have no basis to your statement and clearly I see disdain to such a great servant of God as is Dr MacArthur

      1. Dr. MacArthur is NOT a Christian or a servant of God. Macarthur is a Jew, a Druid, and a Freemason. He’s also a heretic who has taught for 40 years that “the blood of Jesus Christ has no power to save” and that “it’s OK and redeemable to take the Mark of the Beast.” He has always taught a damning works-based gospel known as Lordship Salvation. Macarthur is also the head of a crime family. His son has been indicted for defrauding his clients of a million dollars and his son-in-law, Kory Welch, in a conflict of interest, has received more than 7 million dollars from Grace To You. Macarthur is a servant of God? Tell me why he was present at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis on the day Martin Luther King was assassinated there? And why was arrested shortly thereafter?

  6. We can’t know a man’s heart, but we can see his actions and hear his words. JM taught from the NASB and has since revised it to be the LSB… which is now ‘his’ version and ‘his’ study Bible. This version, both editions, are based on the liberal, modern, critical text which is a secular humanist production. JM teaches lordship salvation which is a clever doctrine which subtly introduces the leaven of salvation by works. JM’s master’s academy has received its founding funding from globalist, ecumenical organizations with ties to the CIA, among other nefarious organizations. JM holds Druid-like summer programs for the teens of his ‘church’, telling parents to ignore the pagan semblances because they are simply ‘attacking Satan with his own tools’. There’s more of course. But this is enough for me to consider him a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    1. I fully agree. Macarthur is also a Freemason who has taught for 40 years that “the blood of Jesus Christ has no power to save” and now teaches “that it’s OK and redeemable to take the Mark of the Beast.” For sure John Macarthur is just another evil agent for Satan

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