Whether He Lied or Not – Why is John Macarthur Connected to Political Assassinations? 

It’s most unlikely anyone would be asking this question had it not been for an article written by Paige Rogers and had it not been for the number of websites and radio shows which have zealously promoted this article.  What did Paige Rogers write that has generated such interest and such promotion?

Paige wrote an article that questioned John Macarthur’s claim that he was present at the Lorraine Motel on the same day MLK was assassinated!  Though few knew of this claim, it is true that this claim had been made and that it was apparently shocking enough to attract the attention of Paige who proceeded to refute it and to label Macarthur a liar.

In so doing, Paige created a dialectic between her supporters “Macarthur is a liar” and the Macarthur supporters “Macarthur would not lie” which plays out today.  Never mentioned in this ongoing dialectical process, and intentionally so, are the sordid backgrounds of the two men who accompanied Macarthur that day to the MLK assassination crime scene: Charles Evers and John Perkins.

Who are Charles Evers and John Perkins?  Paige Rogers’ supporters and Macarthur’s supporters are in consensus that they are both “Civil Rights Icons” and Paige Rogers has used their testimony to refute Macarthur’s claim that he was with them at the Lorraine Motel.  Today, both Evers and Perkins are acclaimed and honored men whose credibility is beyond question.  But who really are Charles Evers and John Perkins?  What are their backgrounds?  Why was John Macarthur with them?  And why are the players in this dialectic so silent on this issue?

Though all the players in this dialectic would have us believe that Charles Evers and John Perkins were just poor, honest Negroes who struggled to overcome poverty and racism, the following review of the “overlooked” facts paint quite a different picture (The following sections have been documented in the report “John Macarthur and the Blood of MLK.”)

Who was Charles Evers?

In 1955, Evers became a friend of Nelson Rockefeller.  From 1956 to 1963, Evers was a gangster working in the Chicago Mafia.  In 1963, the FBI accused Evers of killing his brother, Medgar, who was field secretary of the MS NAACP.  Charles took over Medgar’s position over the objections of Roy Wilkins, Executive Director of the NAACP.  As of 1967, Evers was a government informant for the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission spying on and sowing discord within the civil rights movement.  In 1968, as field secretary for the MS NAACP, Evers committed extreme violence against any Negro caught disobeying his boycott demands.  In 1968, according to John Macarthur, Evers traveled with him to the MLK assassination crime scene.  Two months later, Evers claimed to be standing just five feet from Bobby Kennedy when he was assassinated.  Evers has given four very different accounts as to his whereabouts on the day MLK was assassinated.

Given these historical facts, Paige Rogers still expects Christians to believe Charles Evers is credible and that his word should be believed, and that his word is sufficient proof that John Macarthur was not at the Lorraine Motel that day.

Who is John Perkins?

John Macarthur’s father was a member of Henrietta Mears’ Fellowship of the Burning Heart as was Richard Halverson, the head of World Vision.  Perkins named his ministry, The Voice of Calvary, same as John Macarthur’s father.  Mears published Perkins’ books.  Perkins’ “ministries” were financed by the Ford Foundation.  One of Perkins’ ministries received a “Point of Light” by GHW Bush while President.  Another of Perkins’ ministries, Christian Community Development Association, partners with World Vision.  Another ministry Perkins worked for was invited to an event hosted by the Director of the CIA.   Perkins co-wrote a book, “He’s My Brother,” with Tom Tarrants, a man who conspired to kill RFK and MLK.  Perkins also worked for a Rosenwald School (1)

1. Julius Rosenwald financed the NAACP and started the communist training school, Highlander Folk School, which MLK and Rosa Parks attended. Rosenwald’s daughter, Edith Stern, owned the radio and TV stations in New Orleans which gave airtime to Lee Harvey Oswald.  Edith Stern was the closest friend of Clay Shaw, who was put on trial for assassinating JFK.  Edith Stern illegally smuggled nuclear material to Israel and her husband, Alfred Stern, was a communist spy who fled to Russia after being convicted of espionage by a US court.

Who is Tom Tarrants?

Tom Tarrants was a member of the Ku Klux Klan who conspired to kill MLK and RFK.  He was released from prison with the help of Richard Halverson.  Tarrants is the head of the CS Lewis Institute which has a McLean, VA address.  Tarrants also co-wrote a book with John Perkins, He’s My Brother.

Who is Richard Halverson?

Richard Halverson was a member of Henrietta Mears’ Fellowship of the Burning Heart along with John Macarthur’s father.  He was a pastor in Mears’ church in Hollywood.  He was a long time Senate Chaplain and the Chairman of World Vision (1956-1983).  World Vision has close ties with the CIA and has allegedly been involved with assassinations.  Halverson befriended Tom Tarrants, who had conspired to kill MLK and RFK and who co-wrote a book with John Perkins.

Who is Dewayne Wolfer?

Dewayne Wolfer is the LAPD criminalist who falsified evidence at The Ambassador Hotel so that Sirhan Sirhan could be pinned as the “lone nut” shooter of Bobby Kennedy.  Dewayne Wolfer’s son, Dewayne Wolfer Jr., worked for John Macarthur at Grace Community Church and was John Macarthur’s bodyguard.

“John Macarthur and the Blood of MLK”

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