The Masters College IBEX Campus in Israel

IBEX is the name of an extension of The Master’s College in Israel.

“The Israel Bible EXtension program, called ‘IBEX’, is The Master’s College (TMC) extension program in Israel.” (IBEX)

In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for “wild goat” refers to the IBEX:

Strong’s #3277. יָעֵל ya`el
from 3276; an ibex (as climbing):—wild goat.

The Ibex is larger than the common goat and its horns are much longer, sometimes more than a yard in length and curved, like the long-horned Baphomet which Knights Templar and Freemasons worship as the bisexual human-goat god of fertility.

This is the same horned fertility god invoked by Wiccans flashing their Satanic hand signs at John Macarthur’s Camp Regeneration.

Is the IBEX Campus of John Macarthur’s The Masters College in Israel Dedicated to the Horned Goat God of Freemasonry?

“Why would John MacArthur give his college in Israel the name of IBEX, a wild goat with great horns like the Baphomet? Jews living in Israel surely know what ‘IBEX’ means. Freemasons like John MacArthur’s great grandfather worshiped the horned goat god called Baphomet. John MacArthur has stated that his global ministry is the fruit of his Masonic great grandfather’s ministry.” (See: John MacArthur & Freemasonry)

The Baphomet is also worshiped by Satanists like the Hardcore, Deathcore and Black Metal bands. One Black Metal band called Ibex Throne made an album which displays the Baphomet on the cover:

SDL022 Ibex Throne (Usa) “Total Inversion” CD

“Ibex throne has unleashed the next round of artillery and warfare aimed at all religion and humanity. The future is lost, humanity is worthless, herald the end of existence and obtain this piece of black hatred. 8 new songs of blasphemous, Black Metal is Warfare, Not Music!!!”

The first song on the Ibex Throne album is “Anti-Christian Warfare”— the same warfare that is being waged globally by Freemasonry, Wiccans, Satanists and all pagan religions against Jesus Christ and His Church.

The widespread appeal of the Deathcore, Hardcore and Black Metal movement to the present youth culture should not be underestimated. SMNnews, which promotes and sponsors interactive forums for the “underground metal and hardcore world,” boasts that it has more than 35,000 registered members.

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  1. How outrageous that John Macarthur’s ministry in Israel is called IBEX, which is a wild goat! Yet the blind still support him.

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