John MacArthur: Mainstreaming Paganism in the Church


John MacArthur has a reputation for being a doctrinally sound expositor of God’s Word and a defender of the faith against apostasy. Yet Jesus warned His disciples not to judge ministers by their image but to inspect their fruit instead:

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24) 

“Ye shall know them by their fruits. …A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”  (Matt. 7:16-20)

John MacArthur preaches against the Emergent Church and its doctrinal errors, however, his popular book, Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ, is replete with references to the heretical works of Gnostic, modernist and postmodern scholars who deny the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.  Many of these scholars are rabidly anti-Christian and their works, which MacArthur recommends as authoritative, are filled with slander and blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For example, John MacArthur favorably references Dale B. Martin’s book, Slavery as Salvation, because it likens the Christian life to the abusive institution of slavery in the Roman Empire.  Dale B. Martin is Professor of Religious Studies at Yale University, an admitted homosexual and author of a blasphemous book titled Sex and the Single Savior which portrays Jesus as a homosexual. Prof. Martins true identity is never disclosed in Slave.

Another scholar whose translation of Gnostic writings is recommended by MacArthur is Bart D. Ehrman, Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Professor Ehrman is a New Testament critic who claims that he was an evangelical Christian until he discovered “errors” in the Bible.  Dr. Ehrman now writes books which debunk the New Testament and advocate for Gnostic forgeries such as the Gospel of Thomas and the Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot to replace the New Testament canon.

Slave is a best-seller among young Christians who are led to believe that the sources referenced therein are Christian books, or at least neutral historical sources. Theological heretics Dale Martin and Bart Ehrman are only two of many academics of the “Jesus Seminar” variety whose scholarship is recommended without an honest identification or disclaimer to warn the reader. By concealing the identity and agenda of his sources, John MacArthur is deceptively promoting Gnostic books and the Gnostic heresy to many young Christians who are not yet established in the faith.

John MacArthur also writes books and articles and preaches eloquent sermons against Paganism, but then sponsors youth events that are covertly pagan.  Every summer John MacArthur and Grace Community Church host a youth camp and church carnival at the end of July—Regeneration Camp—which happens to coincide with the pagan festival of Lugnasadh which is also the Celtic Druid Festival of Regeneration.”  The young people who attend Regeneration Camp spend a week learning and practicing pagan customs that are conditioning them to receive the mark of the Beast, which will be a pagan symbol. Reinforcing their deception, Pastor MacArthur has assured his church that those who take the mark of the Beast may still be redeemed.

John MacArthur claims that he does not lead a denomination, however, his international network of churches, colleges, and seminaries is massive and continues to expand.  John MacArthur has described the success of his worldwide ministry as an “explosion of spiritual fruit and harvest” and for this fruitful harvest he gives credit to the four generations of family ministers who preceded him. Most notably, he praises God’s work through his great grandfather, Rev. Thomas Fullerton, who was the pastor of St. James Presbyterian Church in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, for twenty years.  During that period, Rev. Thomas Fraser Fullerton was also Worshipful Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, Grand Master of PEI Grand Lodge and Grand Master, Grand Secretary of the Provincial Grand Lodge and held other high offices in Canadian Freemasonry.

John MacArthur may preach against Freemasonry, however, his personal testimony is a tacit admission that his ministry is the “spiritual fruit” of Freemasonry which is dedicated to the abolition of Christianity.  The “harvest” which John MacArthur attributes to his ancestor’s ministry is the Masonic New World Order.

Christians must be informed and vigilant, not only of overtly heretical churches, but of churches and ministries which are reputed to be doctrinally sound but are in reality stealth operations quietly promoting heresy. Unlike the Emergent Church leaders, who dispense with the sheep’s clothing, well-dressed wolves are harder to discern. But they have infiltrated the Christian churches and especially prey upon the youth who have little experience discerning false teachers and false teachings. The 13-part series which follows exposes the deceptive methods by which means John MacArthur is mainstreaming paganism in the Christian community and especially targeting the younger generation.















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  1. With all due respect, you are being intellectually dishonest on a monumental scale. You exhibit your intellectual dishonesty and bias by claiming that MacArthur has scheduled the Youth Program at the same time as a Pagan ritual. That’s an OVERT false premise because it’s the CONTENT of the event that matters. It appears to me that you are too vengeful/blind:spiritually immature to see that – I will pray the Lord will graciously grant you humility and spiritual maturity to recognize your blatant bias involving this particular scenario. In other words, I hope you learn how to think objectively; you demonstrate that you can’t. I think you are being prideful….you know what the repercussions are when we are prideful. Please be intellectually honest. That requires you to engage with the SUBSTANCE of the argument.

    What is BRAZENLY missing in the accusations you level against John MacArthur is SOLID, IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE, which has been thoroughly researched and investigated, which YOU DO NOT PROVIDE. YOU ARE DISGUSTING AND DISHONEST. SHAME ON YOU.

    Ultimately, if you are going to level an accusation against ANYONE, it is YOUR JOB to provide IRREFUTABLE evidence. Otherwise, you are either incompetent or willfully ignorant. SHAME ON YOU!!! You are disgusting.

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