Unholy Alliance: John Macarthur’s The Master’s College Long-Term Partnership with the American Enterprise Institute

A Very Unholy Alliance: John Macarthur’s The Master’s College Sponsors a Joint Forum and Enters a Long-Term Partnership with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

The intent of this article is to prove John Macarthur is allied with organizations dedicated to building Satan’s New World Order (see John Macarthur’s Transformational, Church Growth, Purpose-Driven Church).  This article could be very lengthy if I chose to research and detail fully the agenda of the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institute, and Laissez-faire economics–so I won’t.

The Forum
On November 10, 2010, The Master’s College sponsored and co-hosted a forum with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI). Acording to The Masters College website, “The Master’s College joined with the respected American Enterprise Institute (AEI) from Washington, D.C. to co-host its first joint forum. The event featured a discussion with Dr. Arthur Brooks, president of AEI, and Dr. John MacArthur, president of The Master’s College. The event was moderated by Jack Cox, Vice President of Advancement. This event is part of a new initiative focusing on Biblical values and economics.”

Featured Speakers at The Master’s College-AIE Forum

Dr. John Macarthur: Troubling facts about John Macarthur include the following: His church’s principal source of funding, The Believers Foundation, is funded and directed by Lorena Jaeb, who was and may still be a Governor of the Council for National Policy, which is considered to be a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) front org.  John Macarthur’s operations, including The Master’s College, receive approximately $2,000,000 annually from The Believers Foundation.
“According to Dr. Quigley, the Council on Foreign Relations is one of several front organizations set up by the network’s inner circle to advance its schemes. The ultimate goal: a New World Order.” (David Rockefeller is the Honorary Chairman of the CFR.) (Source)
Dr. Arthur Brooks: According to his Wikipedia bio, Brooks, in addition to being the President of AEI, is a Roman Catholic who “[pursued] a doctorate at the Frederick S. Pardee RAND Graduate School, a public policy program located at the RAND Corporation, where he was also a doctoral fellow. After receiving his PhD in policy analysis in 1998, Brooks continued to be affiliated with RAND.”  Click here to see that Dr Arthur Brooks has also been invited to speak at The Council for National Policy.
Dr. Brooks also promotes Mormonism.  Speaking at BYU on February 24, 2009, Dr. Brooks promoted Mormonism and quoted from the Book of Mormon.  Click here to the video link on the BYU website to view Dr. Brooks’ BYU speech.
Jack Cox: Master’s College Vice President of Advancement; founded The Communications Institute in 2003 as he presently serves as the Institute’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  Board members of the Communications Institute include:
Joseph P. Kalt
Professor of International Political Economy
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University
Ford Foundation 
Michael D. Rich
Executive Vice President
RAND Corporation

According to Jack Cox’s bio on the Communications Institute’s website:
“Mr. Cox founded and served for 27 years as President/CEO and founder of the Foundation for American Communications (FACS), an international nonprofit institution…The foundation’s educational programs…were funded by such diverse organizations as the Ford FoundationRockfeller FoundationKellogg Foundation, the New York TimesLos Angeles Times, NBC, CNN, ABC, and nearly every major newspaper group in the United States…Graduates of FACS programs went on to serve as White House Correspondents and anchors for network television news.”

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is a private, not-for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues of governance, international relations, economics, and social welfare. (About AEI)

Oddly enough, but not for those who understand how the dialectic process is employed in order to synthesize opposing positions into a new or “third way“, the “right wing” American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is allied with the “left wing,” Brookings Institution.  This “joint venture” is called “The American Enterprise Institute-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies.” “This joint venture between the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution is dedicated to studying federal regulatory policy.” (Source)
The Brookings Institute

Since John Macarthur’s college is co-hosting a joint forum with AEI which is allied with the Brookings Institute, let’s take a brief glance at Brookings.
“The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, D.C…Brookings conducts research and education in the social sciences, primarily in economics, metropolitan policy, governance, foreign policy, and global economy and development.”
In 1952, Robert Calkins succeeded Moulton as president of the Brookings Institution. He secured grants from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation that put the Institution on a strong financial basis
Policy Influence: Brookings traces its history back to 1916 and has contributed to the creation of the United Nations…”  “Along with the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation, Brookings is generally considered one of the three most influential policy institutes in the U.S.”
In 1977, Time Magazine described it as the “nation’s pre-eminent liberal think tank.” (Brookings Institution)
The Brookings Institution and other foundations originated the monetary programs implemented by the Federal Reserve System to destroy the American farmer, a replay of the Soviet tragedy in Russia, with one proviso that the farmer will be allowed to survive if he becomes a slave worker of the giant trusts.  (Source)
Brookings Institution Dedicates its work to what it calls a “national agenda.” Wrote President Hoover’s program, President Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, the Kennedy Administration’s “New Frontiers” program (deviation from it may have cost John F. Kennedy his life), and President Johnson’s “Great Society.” Brookings has been telling the United States Government how to conduct its affairs for the past 70 years and is still doing so. (Source)

The RAND Corporation

Since Dr. Arthur Brooks, the President of AEI, is closely affiliated with the RAND Corporation, and since a board member of Jack Cox’s Communications Institute is an Executive Vice President of the RAND Corporation, let’s read an excerpt about RAND from “Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America.”
“Without a doubt, RAND is THE think tank most beholden to Tavistock Institute and certainly the RIIA’s [The Royal Institute for International Affairs transmits orders to the CFR] most prestigious vehicle for control of United States policies at every level. Specific RAND policies that became operative include our ICBM program, prime analyses for U.S. foreign policy making, instigator of space programs, U.S. nuclear policies, corporate analyses, hundreds of projects for the military, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in relation to the use of mind altering drugs like peyote, LSD (the covert MK-ULTRA operation which lasted for 20 years).”
[Editor, Watch Unto Prayer note: The founder of the Rand Corporation, Herman Kahn, also founded the Hudson Institute in 1961. In Educating for the New World Order, B.K. Eakman tells of a training manual for “change agents” developed for the U.S. government by Rand Corporation: “. . . a how-to manual with a 1971 U.S. Office of Education contract number on it entitled ‘Training for Change Agents‘; seven volumes of ‘change agent studies‘ commissioned by the U.S. Office of Education to the Rand Corporation in 1973-74; scores of other papers submitted by behaviorist researchers who had obtained grants from the U.S. Office of Education for the purpose of exploring ways to ‘freeze’ and ‘unfreeze’ values, ‘to implement change,’ and to turn potentially hostile groups and committees into acquiescent, rubber-stamp bodies by means of such strategies as the ‘Delphi Technique.'” (p. 118)]
Some of RAND’s clients include:
American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)
Chase Manhattan Bank
International Business Machines (IBM)
National Science Foundation
Republican Party
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Department of Health
U.S. Department of Energy
There are literally THOUSANDS of highly important companies, government institutions and organizations that make use of RANDS’s services. To list them all would be impossible. Among RAND’s specialities is a study group that predicts the timing and the direction of a thermonuclear war, plus working out the many scenarios based upon its findings. RAND was once accused of being commissioned by the USSR to work out terms of surrender of the United States Government, an accusation that went all the way to the United States Senate, where it was taken up by Senator Symington and subsequently fell victim to scorn poured out by the establishment press. BRAINWASHING remains the primary function of RAND.”
Commentary Regarding The Masters College-American Enterprise Institute Forum 

In an article published on John Macarthur’s The Master’s College website [This webpage has been deleted–to view this article click here] from the Master’s News Service entitled, “Meeting America’s Economic Challenges: Christianity, Values and Public Policy” and under the subtitle, “The Master’s College: Forging a New Approach“: “Dr. Mark Tatlock, The Master’s College Provost and Senior Vice President, saw the forum as important step for the college…”
“The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California teamed up to present the academic forum with a nationally renowned think tank, The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) based in Washington, D.C.”
According to Jack Cox, “He believes the forum represents an important step in the growth of The Master’s College as a voice of biblical reason on the events shaping the nation and the world.”
“This first-ever joint forum is part of a new Master’s College initiative on biblical values and the economy.”
“Forum attendees included members of the state legislature, judges, representatives from the County of Los Angeles as well as church and business leaders. They concluded the forum by asking questions on such issues such as…reformation of the U.S. court system [to Talmudic Law?]” [Peter Drucker’s communitarian system, i.e. New World Order, demands the merger of the 3 sectors of society: government, business, and social (the churches).  We can see this merger on display during this forum at Macarthur’s “Christian” college. (see What is the Church Growth Movement?)]
“Cox said the college is already planning more efforts to bring biblical truth to bear on the issues of our time, in part through the development of the Master’s Institute on Public Issues. The school is looking at the next series of initiatives, which the college hopes to announce in the coming months that will serve both our students and society.”
Note: 11/20/13–The Master’s College has now removed every trace of this new “Master’s Institute on Public Issues” from its website and it now only looks like there was a single forum, not a long-term partnership formed with AEI. This website and one other are the only places on the internet that mention “The Master’s Institute on Public Issues” as a permanent entity within The Master’s College. 
“Keynote speakers Dr. John MacArthur, President of The Master’s College and Brooks, President and CEO of AEI addressed the role of Christianity and a Christian worldview in shaping the future of public policy in the U.S.”
“MacArthur, who is best known for his worldwide Grace to You radio-teaching ministry, said, ‘You don’t find socialism anywhere in Scripture…God has granted us the freedom to become everything we can become. The world is packed with riches but they must be mined out. This has always been the enterprise of man.'”  Is John Macarthur correct?  Has God granted Christians the freedom to “become everything we can become” and to “mine out the world’s riches?”  To “be all you can be” is New Age “possibility thinking” from the Human Potential Movement promoted by people like Robert Schuller.  And contrary to John Macarthur’s claims, God demands that Christians “deny themselves and pick up their crosses daily.”
MacArthur said,”…the Bible supports free enterprise…”  Another name for the free enterprise economy is laissez faire economics.
[Note: “The Mont Pelerin Society was founded in 1947 in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland by Friedrich von Hayek to oppose socialism and advocate for laissez-faire capitalism and the free market, unencumbered by government regulation. Laissez faire (Fr.) means “let them do as they will”. Classical liberalism, the philosophy upon which von Hayek based the Mont Pelerin Society, does not mean ‘liberal’ in the current sense of the word, but its exact opposite; economic ‘liberalism’ refers to public sector (government) permissiveness toward the private sector (business).”  (Watch Unto Prayer)
John Macarthur’s church, along with thousands of churches in the US, is being conformed to Peter Drucker’s organizational model. (Drucker was a student of the Kabbalah).  “Regular guests of the Druckers included the economists Schumpeter, Hayek and Mises, with whom Drucker’s father had professional relations…”
“What Dr. MacArthur and Dr. Brooks articulated is a fourth approach which rests totally on Scripture. God wants us involved in society as servants [are Christians called to serve society?]. We should be involved, but based on biblical principles and not political ones.”  “The Master’s College, home to more than 1,200 undergraduate and graduate students across more than 50 majors, is poised to play an important role
According to the comments made during TMC-AEI Forum, one can conclude that John Macarthur’s The Master’s College through the development of the Master’s Institute on Public Issues is taking “an important step” and “forging a new approach” by “co-hosting forums” with AEI in order to discuss the “role of Christians” in “shaping the future of public policy in the US.”  It seems Macarthur is now training his Master’s College students to become change agent/facilitators in order to affect social change.

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) Leadership  
According to Watch Unto Prayer, “AEI is supported by NY Banks, Big Oil, CFR and CIA assets.”  Lilly Endowment has given millions to the AEI’s [American Enterprise Institute] Center for the study of Government Regulation (Eli Lilly is the manufacturer of Prozac).
Let’s now list some of the AEI leadership along with their extraordinary NWO/Satanic affiliations. You will see these AEI affiliations include the Bilderbergers, the World Bank (its former president), the Federal Reserve System (its former Governor), the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the UN among others.

AEI Board of Trustees (selective listing)
Bruce KovnerCFR; Chairman, Caxton Associates, LP
Richard B. CheneyCFR
Harvey Golub–Retired Chairman, American Express Company [CFR affiliate]
John A. Luke Jr.–CFR
Daniel A D’Aniello–Co-founder and Managing Director–Carlyle Group  

AEI Scholars and Fellows (selective listing) 

John R. BoltonCFR; Senior Fellow, AEI; Experience–U.S. Permanent Representative to the United NationsUnited States Mission to the United Nations, 2005-2006; Senior Vice President, AEI, 1997-2001
Alex BrillCFR
Lynn V Cheney
Nicholas EberstadtCFRConsultant, World Bank; M.Sc., London School of Economics
Kevin A. Hassett –Economist, 1992-95, Division of Research and Statistics, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Irving Kristol (1920-2009)–Senior Fellow Emeritus AEI; CFR; In July 2002, he received from President George W. Bush the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.
Lawrence B. LindseyGovernor, Federal Reserve System, 1991-97
John H. MakinCFR; Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 1977Fellow, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 1968-69
Charles MurrayBilderberger; W. H. Brady Scholar; His 1994 New York Times bestseller, The Bell Curve (Free Press, 1994), was a publication advancing the theory of the intellectual inferiority of the black race.
Michael Novak–the 1994 recipient of the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. He has been an emissary to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe; •U.S. Ambassador, United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, 1981, 1982signed Evangelicals and Catholics Together Document.
Norman J. OrnsteinCFR
Perle, Richard N., Resident Fellow, AEI; Trilateral CommissionBilderberger; (go to the following link and see that Perle is a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Meetings http://bilderbergmeetings.org/governance.htm); Perle has on occasion been accused of being an Israeli agent of influence. It has been reported that, while he was working for Jackson, “An FBI summary of a 1970 wiretap recorded Perle discussing classified information with someone at the Israeli embassy,” writes Paul Findley (They Dare To Speak Out, Chicago, Ill, Lawrence Hill Books 1989); As a member of the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based consulting firm Monitor Group, Perle was an advisor to Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2006.
Marc A. Thiessen–Visiting Fellow; CFR; Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, 2009-2010
Peter J. WallisonCFRSpecial Assistant to Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller; Counsel during Rockefeller’s Vice Presidency, 1972-76
Paul Wolfowitz–Visiting Scholar; CFRPresident, World Bank Group, 2005-2007
Alex J. Pollock–Resident Fellow; Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 1991

Note: Recently I spoke with Pastor Darrell Beddoe, a member of the board of directors of The Master’s College. I called to ask him why TMC, a supposedly Christian College, would team up with an org like AEI.  Pastor Beddoe defended the AEI as “biblical” and after I told him their leadership was affiliated with NWO orgs such as the Bilderbergers, Federal Reserve, CFR, Trilateral Commission, London School of Economics, etc., he replied, “I’ve heard these theories for years and I don’t want a discussion with you” as he hung up the phone.

Note: The logo for The Masters College is a Shield Cross, a masonic symbol.  To see masonic/occult symbols at John Macarthur’s Grace To You click here.

John Macarthur’s Spiritual Mentor was a Jewish Rabbi

John Macarthur’s father, Dr. “Jack” Macarthur, in addition to being the director of the foundation which started Fuller Seminary, was in Henrietta Mears’ inner circle and was involved at the highest level of the world ecumenical movement. The goal of the ecumenical movement is to create a one-world religion for the worship of Lucifer.  Christians have been falsely led to believe that the one-world religion will eradicate Christianity rather than transform it. (See John Macarthur’s Ecumenical Roots and What is the Church Growth Movement?)

According to an interview with Phil Johnson of Grace To You, John Macarthur stated that at his father’s request, he went to Talbot Theological Seminary (now known as Talbot School of Theology) “just because of him [Dr. Charles Feinberg], to be my mentor, my professor and [to take] every course that he offered.” (1)

Dr. Feinberg was Talbot Seminary’s first dean (1952-1975) and according to John Macarthur, was a Jewish rabbi.  In reference to his time at Talbot Seminary (I believe in the early 1960’s), John Macarthur stated, “Charles Feinberg…, just a converted rabbi, basically, studied fourteen years to be a rabbi.” (2)  Why are Jewish rabbis heading Christian seminaries?  Do you believe a Jewish Rabbi would personally tutor a Gentile?

According to Wikipedia “In 1930, he [Charles Feinberg] converted from Judaism to Christianity through the ministry of Chosen People Ministries.”

According to the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Feinberg was a charter member of the ETS), “Charles Lee Feinberg was born on June 12, 1909…  He was reared in an orthodox Jewish home and prepared for the rabbinate for fourteen years prior to his conversion to Christ in the fall of 1930.”(3)

The curriculum for being a Rabbi involves studying the Talmud, the textbook of all rabbi’s and the basis of Judaism.  The Talmud is extremely anti-christian and greatly slanders the Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. Feinberg studied the Babylonian Talmud and cited it in his writings.

Though John Macarthur refers to his spiritual mentor, Rabbi Feinberg, as a “Jewish Christian,” (4) Rabbi Feinberg’s son, Dr. John Feinberg, referred to his father posthumously as “an orthodox Jew” (5).

Of interest, according to the Lockman Foundation website, Dr. Feinberg was an original translator of the corrupt bible version, the NASB, the version from which John Macarthur currently preaches. Click here to read more about this corrupt bible version and the false Greek text from which it was translated.

There is also evidence that Rabbi Feinberg was a Calvinist.  “…or the treasury of notes in the New Scofield Bible written by an elite group of Bible scholars which included Charles Feinberg, who incidently, was a Calvinist.”  To those who have studied the truth about John Calvin, a crypto Jew, and the Protestant Reformation, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that an orthodox Jewish rabbi was a Calvinist.  Click here to read a most enlightening article regarding evil Calvin, Calvinism, and the Rosicrucian roots of the Protestant Reformation.

Christian researchers have found definite connections to Freemasonry at the highest levels of the leadership of the Reformed movement (located in Edinburgh, Scotland).  Interestingly, the motto for FIRE (Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals), which includes Phil Johnson, the Executive Director of John Macarthur’s Grace To You, as a member, is nearly identical to the motto of Phoenix Freemasonry. (See John Macarthur’s Ecumenical Roots)

The following references the curriculum for Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies at the Charles Feinberg Center in partnership with Talbot School of Theology. The Feinberg program is approved by the Rockefeller-funded Assoc. of Theological Schools which is the accrediting institution of Talbot School of Theology. 

Where do Messianic Jewish Rabbi’s get their training? 

Do they attend a Yeshiva University or Bible College? I’d be interested in hearing the answers.

Best Answer

I’m a Messianic Jew and know a good amount about Messianic training. Unfortunately only some of the avenues of education can be presented here. There are many more.

In-depth education from an accredited University is required to become a Messianic Rabbi. They need as much education as a Conservative or Reform Rabbi does. Here’s some facts about their education.


Here are just some of the courses offered in Colleges having Messianic courses. These would be for those interested in a degree or Smichah program:

Pastoral Holistic Ministry, Pastoral Holistic Counseling, Theology/Religious Studies, All Messianic Missionaries and Rabbis know about Hebrew Synagogue forms of worship and liturgy, Shabbat observance and laws, Holy Day observance and laws, Extra biblical observances, Kosher laws, Life cycle events, Talmudic study, Zohar, Midrash Rabbah, Lawful forms of rabbinic interpretation of Scriptures, Rabbinic teaching methods.

Most importantly, Messianic rabbis must know about Oral Law and how it should be used in the messianic community. Here are some very accomplished and recognized Messianic Leaders. I’ll let their education speak for itself – each one has a short bio:

MESSIANIC JEWS – What education is required to be a MESSIANIC RABBI?

Here’s the criteria for one being ordained a Messianic Rabbi, as stated by one particular synagogue:

“The calling of a person to the Rabbinate is a serious and humbling experience. No one should enter into this calling lightly, or for selfish gain. Do to the preponderance proliferation of many self proclaimed “rabbis,” it is important that a firm definition and qualifications be established.

The Union of Conservative Messianic Jewish Synagogues does not agree with the popularly practiced procedure of a Christian Pastor becoming a Messianic Rabbi with no formal training or Jewish Heritage.

Would established mainline Churches would accept a Rabbi without any formal training on Christian Theology? Not Likely! Then why should Jewish Synagogues, Messianic, Reformed, Conservative, or Orthodox accept someone not properly trained.


  • Jewish by birth or conversion
  • Have lived a predominately Jewish Lifestyle for a minimum of 3 years (preferably more, this includes secular Jews who have been away from the community)
  • Full identification as a Jew
  • Formal Yeshiva Training which must include: Torah, Talmud, Shulkan Aruch, Jewish History, Jewish Thought, and Jewish Lifestyle / see Shulkan Aruch below
  • For UCMJS rabbis, formal acceptance of UCMJS Halacha


The Charles L. Feinberg Center is an accredited Master of Divinity program in Messianic Jewish Studies. The program is designed to train those with a call to full-time Jewish ministry as Messianic congregational leaders, outreach workers or educators.

These unique training needs are the focus of a program emphasizing biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek exegesis, and the understanding of rabbinic texts. Essential matters of theology and practice are treated through intensive study of Jewish law, religion, culture, sociology and history.

Students are encouraged to explore this rich heritage, and to develop effective methods to reach and serve today’s Jewish community. Practical areas of Jewish ministry are addressed through courses in apologetics, Jewish-Christian relations, pastoral care and counseling.

The Master of Divinity program is a professional degree designed to be completed in three years of full-time graduate study. 


  • Tuition scholarships and financial aid
  • Graduate classes in Messianic studies
  • A summer program offered in Los Angeles and offer full-time studies offered in New York City
  • Messianic Jewish studies integrated throughout the curriculum
  • Specialized library of over 10,000 works in Manhattan for Messianic Jewish studies and an extensive research library on the Southern California campus.
  • Practical field training through mentoring and internships
  • Professors with academic and Jewish ministry experience
  • Opportunities to attend lectures and cultural events, and take classes at Jewish institutions in Southern California and New York 


Talbot School of Theology, a graduate institution of Biola University, is partnering with Chosen People Ministries to provide this Master of Divinity program in Messianic Jewish Studies.


  • To receive a quality Messianic Jewish education
  • To prepare for professional Messianic Jewish ministry
  • To have your Messianic ministry certified and recognized
  • To secure a Messianic Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree


Was formed to serve the unique need of those who feel especially called to Messianic studies and leadership, but cannot attend on-site classes.

MBI Yeshiva is both a Bible Institute and a Yeshiva. 

 Shulchan Aruch

“The Shulchan Aruch (Hebrew: שׁוּלחָן עָרוּך‎ [ʃulˈħan ʕaˈʁuχ], literally: “Set Table”)[1] also known as the Code of Jewish Law, is the most authoritative legal code of Judaism. It was authored in Safed, Ottoman Eyalet of Damascus, by Yosef Karo in 1563 and published in Venice two years later.[2] Together with its commentaries, it is the most widely accepted compilation of Jewish law ever written.

The halachic rulings in the Shulchan Aruch generally follow Sephardic law and customs…”

The Shulchan Aruch, the Code of Jewish Law, studied by Rabbinical students in the Yeshivas and Messianic Jewish schools such as the Feinberg Center, where students are “encouraged to explore the ‘rich heritage'” of rabbinic texts and Jewish law and take courses at Jewish institutions. The Shulchan Aruch was authored by Yosef Karo, a Kabbalist, which is often quoted in his works:

“Isserles, like Yosef Karo in the Shulchan Aruch, often quotes Kabbalistic sources and opinions in his various works, and writes of his great joy upon finding that his ruling concurred with what he later found written in the “words of the Zohar which were given at Sinai…”.

Moses Isserles

The Kabbalah is sephardic. The Talmud is Ashkenazi.”

Lurianic Kabbalah

“An important body of customs grew up in the Kabbalistic circle of Isaac Luria and his followers in Safed, and many of these have spread to communities throughout the Sephardi world:…”


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John MacArthur’s Masonic Heritage

John MacArthur’s great grandfather, Thomas Fullerton, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island

Thomas Fraser Fullerton, PGM
Most Worshipful Brother
Thomas Fraser Fullerton, PGM*
Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M.; Grand Master 1913 – 1914
Thomas Fraser Fullerton was born at Glasgow, Scotland, on March 28th, 1861.
He received his early education at a Public School, matriculating into Glasgow University from which he graduated as Prizeman.
Having fitted himself for a life of theological work he came to America in 1889, and after a short Pastorate in St. John, N. B., he accepted a call to St. James Presbyterian Church (Kirk) in Charlottetown, P. E. I. This charge he still holds, and has held continually for twenty-one years, with the exception of one year while in active service as Chaplain with the Royal Canadian Regiment in the South African War in 1900.
He received the Degree of Doctor of Divinity from the Presbyterian College at Halifax, N. S. in 1913.
In Masonry he received his first light as an Entered Apprentice in St. Johns Lodge, No. 1, Charlottetown, on March 15th, 1901, as a Fellow Craft, April 16th, and as Master Mason, May 14th, of the same year. He presided as Worshipful Master of St. Johns Lodge in 1911. In the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite he received the degrees of the Lodge of Perfection and Rose Croix Chapter in 1903, and the intermediate degrees to 32 degree in Charlottetown Consistory in 1911.
In the Grand Lodge he was Grand Chaplain, 1907-10; Senior Grand Deacon, 1911; Deputy Grand Master, 1912 and Grand Master, 1913.
From the Proceedings of the 38th Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island A. F. & A. M. (1913).


John Macarthur has boasted that he is the last in his family lineage of pastors that goes back five generations to Scotland.  The following excerpt from a sermon Macarthur gave that was aired on a Grace To You broadcast mentions these five generations of pastors which includes his great grandfather, Thomas Fullerton, who is described in particular.

“The good news is, when the soil is prepared by God, there’s going to be an explosion of spiritual fruit and the harvest will go on and on and on and on and on and on. A nice young man in our church was recently in Prince Edward Island and I had said in the church service that my great grandfather was a pastor of St. James Kirk Presbyterian Kirk in Prince Edward Island back in the 1800’s. So when he was up there, he started digging around and found all kinds of things about my great grandfather. Thomas Fullerton was his name and he was pastor there at the main church in Charletown(?) for about twenty-eight years. He was a chaplain in the Canadian Military and he went to the Bower(?) War in South Africa and fought and did ministry among the troops. And you look back and that and you say, Okay, there’s a…his father was also a pastor who had been in Scotland and then gone to Australia and come there and at some point the Lord plowed the heart of that family and it just kept going and it just kept going and it kept going and it came down through my…from my great-grandfather to my grandmother, his daughter, and then through her to my father and then through me and this is the explosion and we’re all in this process somewhere.”  (A Diagnosis of the Soils)

Who was Thomas Fullerton?

Who was John Fullerton Macarthur, Jr’s great grandfather?  The following was written by The Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island.​

Most Worshipful Brother

Thomas Fraser Fullerton, PGM

Grand Lodge of

Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M.;

Grand Master 1913 – 1914

“Thomas Fraser Fullerton was born at Glasgow, Scotland, on March 28th, 1861.

“He received his early education at a Public School, matriculating into Glasgow University from which he graduated as Prizeman.

“Having fitted himself for a life of theological work he came to America in 1889, and after a short Pastorate in St. John, N. B., he accepted a call to St. James Presbyterian Church, (Kirk) in Charlottetown, P. E. I. This charge he still holds, and has held continually for twenty-one years, with the exception of one year while in active service as Chaplain with the Royal Canadian Regiment in the South African War in 1900.

“He received the Degree of Doctor of Divinity from the Presbyterian College at Halifax, N. S. in 1913.

“In Masonry he received his first light as an Entered Apprentice in St. Johns Lodge, No. 1, Charlottetown, on March 15th, 1901, as a Fellow Craft, April 16th, and as Master Mason, May 14th, of the same year. He presided as Worshipful Master of St. Johns Lodge in 1911. In the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite he received the degrees of the Lodge of Perfection and Rose Croix Chapter in 1903, and the intermediate degrees to 32degree in Charlottetown Consistory in 1911.

“In the Grand Lodge he was Grand Chaplain, 1907-10; Senior Grand Deacon, 1911; Deputy Grand Master, 1912 and Grand Master, 1913.

“From the Proceedings of the 38th Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island A.F. & A. M. (1913).”

Note: In 1892, Rev. Thomas Fullerton was also Grand Secretary of the Provincial Grand Orange Lodge for the Province under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of British America. (Canada: An Encyclopedia, p. 318)

Thomas Fullerton’s D.D. was Honorary

 According to John Macarthur Freemason:

“The Grand Lodge of PEI’s tribute to Most Worshipful Brother Rev. Thomas Fullerton states that John MacArthur’s great grandfather received his Doctor of Divinity from Presbyterian College in 1913, the same year he became Provincial Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of PEI, Canada. According to The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, Thomas Fullerton’s D.D. was an honorary degree rather than an earned degree.

  “HONOURARY DEGREES CONFERRED… Halifax Presbyterian College… Rev. Thomas Fraser Fullerton… Charlottestown… D.D.” (The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, Vol. 13, John Castell Hopkins, p. 491)

“Thomas Fullerton’s theological studies and training were accomplished, therefore, not in a seminary but in the Masonic Lodge as he studied the requisite Masonic literature for initiation into the successive degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craftsman, Master Mason, Lodge of Perfection and Rose Croix and the 32nd Degree, the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret.

Thomas Fullerton: A Ruler of the Whole Craft

Thomas Fullerton was the Grand Master of a Grand Lodge which governs other Masonic Lodges within a given area or jurisdiction.

“A Grand Lodge or Grand Orient is the usual governing body of ‘Craft’, ‘Blue Lodge’, or ‘Symbolic’ Freemasonry in a particular jurisdiction.” (Wiki).

“All Grand Jurisdictions regard the Grand Master as the ruler of the whole Craft, as well as the Grand Lodge; a Lodge or a brother who questions the authority of a Grand Master is so infrequent as to be remarked.” (Grand Master’s Powers)

It’s noteworthy that Thomas Fullerton was elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M. the same year that he received the honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity from the Presbyterian College at Halifax, N. S.

“Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.” (1 Corinthians 10: 21)

Was Thomas Fullerton a Druid?

Thomas Fullerton was a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge.  Was he also a Druid?  It’s quite possible that Thomas Fullerton was a Druid and for the following reasons:

1. Thomas Fullerton was born in Scotland and Druids lived in Scotland. (Druidic Places in Scotland)

2. Thomas Fullerton was a Grand Master in Masonry and Masons are our present Druids.  “Albert Churchward, another Masonic writer, states that Masons are ‘our present Druids.’ (Druid).

3. Thomas Fullerton received his Doctor of Divinity from the Presbyterian College at Halifax, Nova Scotia (New Scotland).  Druidism exists today in Nova Scotia (Druids in Nova Scotia).

4. Thomas Fullerton presided over Masonry within Prince Edward Island which is only about 10 miles from Nova Scotia.  The International Center of the Island Druid community is on Prince Edward Island (Island Druid).

Is John Fullerton Macarthur Jr. also a Mason and/or a Druid?

Read John Macarthur’s Druid Festival to learn that John Macarthur’s annual “Camp Regen” which he holds for high school age Christians is the Druid Festival of Lughnasadh.

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Henrietta Mears – Grandmother of the Apostate Church

     Born in a Bank

Henrietta Mears’ father, E. Ashley Mears, had substantial wealth, owning more than twenty banks located in the Dakotas. (Talbot School of Theology).  “Banking was the occupation of his [E. Ashley Mears’] family; one of his uncles founded the First National Bank of Philadelphia and another uncle founded the First National Bank of St. Paul. (The Henrietta Mears Story-Ch. 8).

Since the global ecumenical movement was launched to a large extent by Henrietta Mears’ ministry, it makes one wonder if powerful bankers contributed significant amounts of money to give credibility and a firm foundation to this ecumenical and ultimately Masonic enterprise. (See John Macarthur’s Ecumenical Roots).

“Her family belonged to the First Baptist Church of Minneapolis, and they would often entertain such renowned Christian leaders as W. Graham Scroggie, G. Campbell Morgan, and R. A. Torrey, who greatly influenced the young girl.”

Utilized Small Groups for Church Growth

Organizing Christians into small groups is the objective of nearly every Christian church leader today.  While some of these small groups are biblical “didactic” Bible studies, most are unbiblical “dialectic” sessions meant to “mind control” the group participants by changing their way of thinking from obedience to God to obedience to the group and its leader.  Their objective is to shift the accountability of the group participants from God to man.  Click here to read how these small groups place the participants in demonic bondage.

In recent times these small group dialectic sessions have been popularized by Rick Warren who refers to them as facilitator-led groups.  At John Macarthur’s Grace Community Church they are called “Discussion Groups” and at the Harvest Bible Fellowship they are called “Life Groups.”  These groups were developed to an extent by social-psychologists at the National Training Labs.

“Accepting a position at Central High School, Henrietta continued in that capacity for ten years. Her Fidelis Class, comprised of young women at the First Baptist Church, grew to an enrollment of three thousand attendees at the end of ten years. Such growth was based on a system of small groups comprised of five girls including a leader; when groups reached ten girls, one girl left to start a new group of her own.” Did these girls join the groups because they believed in Christ or because they desired to socialize?

“In March of 1926, she met Dr. Stewart P. MacLennan, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, California, who had come to preach in her church…She found an exciting ministry there with great potential; she finally sensed God’s call and accepted the position of Director of Christian Education in the fall of 1928.”

“Under her direction, the Sunday School grew from 450 to more than 6000 in 1933, and later to 6500-the largest Presbyterian Sunday school of its time in the world. ‘Teacher,’ as her students called her…”  “she operated on the same level as the pastors, practically speaking.” Henrietta was disobedient to God in this capacity.  “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” 1Timothy 2:12

Outcome Based Education employs the dialectic process.  “After she and her fellow Christian educators agreed on learning outcomes for each of the levels, she began to write materials by herself at first, and later was assisted by associates.”  “[Her] Publications were known for their quality, student appeal, and emphasis on life application.”  Life application is a watering down of the Bible.

Hollywood Christian Group

“Her vision also included reaching those in the film industry for Christ; she was instrumental in forming the Hollywood Christian Group as a means to this end…”  Of great interest, John Macarthur of Grace Community Church and Phil Johnson of Grace To You have both stated that John Macarthur’s father was a co-founder of this Hollywood Christian Group.  The Hollywood Christian Group included high ranking Freemasons like Roy Rogers (Leonard Slye) and Dale Evans. Click here to read more.

Mears Integrated the Teaching of John Dewey with Holy Scripture

The Talbot School of Theology lists Mears as a “Christian Educator.”  In a lengthy bio. about Mears on the Talbot website under the subtitle “Contributions to Christian Education,” it is stated:

“Possessing both training and experience as a public school teacher, she integrated much of the contemporary educational thought of John Dewey and others regarding student needs and learning process with the timeless content of Scripture.”

Can you believe that a so-called Christian Seminary considers the mixing of John Dewey’s socialism with Scripture to be a “contribution to Christian education!?” 

Who was John Dewey?  “It turns out that progressive educator John Dewey’s books were not only influential in the United States. ‘Dewey’s first six books were rapidly translated into Russian,’ historian Paul Kengor said in a conference sponsored by the group America’s Survival. ‘They told John Dewey his books were perfect for what they were trying to do in the USSR.'”

“‘Dewey’s ideas were apparently judged as crucial to the [communist] revolution as any weapon in the arsenal of the Red Army.’ Kengor did much of his research in the archives of the Communist International, about as primary a source as you can get.”


John Dewey was an original signer of the Humanist Manifesto in 1933:

“The first manifesto, entitled simply A Humanist Manifesto, was written in 1933 primarily by Roy Wood Sellars and Raymond Bragg and was published with thirty-four signatories including philosopher John Dewey.  Unlike the later ones, the first Manifesto talked of a new “religion”, and referred to Humanism as a religious movement to transcend and replace previous religions based on allegations of supernatural revelation.” (Humanist Manifesto-Wikipedia)

John Dewey was an anti-Christ atheist, yet Talbot School of Theology thinks it’s a great thing that Henrietta Mears integrated his teachings with Holy Scripture in order to facilitate Christian student’s needs.

Changing God’s Teaching Method

The Talbot website goes on to name another of Mears’ contributions to Christian education:

“Methods and procedures [of teaching] could change, she contended, and must be rethought based on the changing condition of the world and human need (Cox, 1961).”  Does God allow methods to change in teaching his word based on changing conditions?  God commanded that His word be preached and teached (didactic teaching).  He doesn’t command that His word be dialogued or discussed to a consensus (dialectic method) which was advocated by Marxists like Dewey and which now exists in nearly every church today taking the form of small group dialectic sessions.

“In her training design she utilized the full range of learning taxonomies. While her cognitive input was strong, she understood the power of the affective and volitional domains, and stressed the experiential as well (Clinton, 1995).”  Does God have an interest in your “affective domain” (feelings)?

Has Talbot ever been a Christian Seminary?  Talbot is the seminary for Biola.  Charles Fuller was the Chairman of the Board of Biola in the late 1920’s.  Talbot Seminary’s first dean was Charles Feinberg, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi.  John Macarthur has stated that the only reason he attended Talbot was to be personally tutored by this rabbi.  (See John Macarthur’s Rabbi).

Ecumenical Christian Conferences

Mears founded the Forest Home Christian Conference Center.  This was a place where Christian diversity could meet and mingle (setting aside their differences and finding common ground–building the one world church).  “Mears saw God’s work as crossing denominational lines.”  Today, numerous churches in America host these ecumenical conferences.

“Dr. Billy Graham claims that his evangelistic ministry was transformed through Mears and events surrounding the College Briefing Conference of 1949 at Forest Home.”  Bill Bright and his wife lived for 11 years in Mears’ home where the ecumenical Campus Crusade was born.

“One writer in Christianity Today (Zoba, 1996) called her ‘the grandmother of us all.'” (Talbot School).

Note: John Macarthur now sends his “Juniors” Children’s Ministry to Forest Home, the camp Henrietta Mears founded.

First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood was Founded at Masonic Hall

Henrietta Mears taught at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood (FPCH) for 35 years. According to FPCH History:

“Dr. MacLennan was instrumental in persuading Henrietta Mears to take the position as Director of Christian Education, where for 35 years, from 1928-1963, Miss Mears established a legacy of Christian education and ministry that was unique in American Christendom. During the 1950s, she ministered through the College Department to many hundreds of men and women, including such future leaders as Louis Evans, Jr.; Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ; Donn Moomaw, and Dale Bruner. Her vision for a Christian camp in the local mountains led to the purchase and subsequent development of Forest Home. She also founded Gospel Light Press, which continues to publish Sunday School materials.”

According to A Little Piece of History, in 1903, FPCH was founded at Masonic Hall:

“On December 20, 1903, at 11:00 am, a group of 25 men and women gather in an upstairs room at the Masonic Hall on Highland Avenue to organize what we lovingly know today as the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. Rev. Dr. H.A. Newell is the founder and pastor with these 25 charter members. Dr. Newell makes a great many house visits during this first year. One calculation estimates 1500 visits, resulting in him wearing out a buggy and one set of harnesses. Dr. Newell remained our pastor until 1909, passing away in June 1910.”

Jack Macarthur Met with Billy Graham at FHPC in 1951

John Macarthur’s father, Jack, met with Billy Graham (Freemason) at FPCH in 1951.  Click here to view 2 pictures of this meeting.