Berit Kjos: Her Globalist and New Age Associations 

“For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was anything kept secret, but that it should come abroad.” Mark 4:22
The Controlled Opposition 
What is a controlled opposition?  Allow me to quote from
“In the effort to establish a singular global government, the powers that be recognized that opposition to their plan would be evident and unavoidable. These opposition forces must certainly be neutralized and their voices squelched, if the socialists’ plans to conquer the world were to be rendered successful.
“How can one keep leaders arising out of the teaming masses to speak out against the plan in favor of freedom? The diabolical would-be dictators understood the only way to accomplish this, was to create the perception that someone was already fighting the battle of liberty for them. Someone who both supported the plan, yet spoke out against it. Someone who would gain the trust of the masses, then employ diversionary tactics, leading them into tyranny.
“These are the controlled opposition. They come in many different forms, and organizations, and purport to stand for various causes. Some fill pulpits, others occupy public offices. Several are broadcasters. All are deceivers. All are players of a manipulation process called the Hegelian Dialectic.
“They hammer at issues, are vocal about matters that appeal to Christians and conservatives, and even do some good deeds. But their efforts always fail to mobilize their supporters to take the right action, leading the majority who never see through their scheme to ask, ‘Who silenced the outcry?'”
The Communitarian Agenda and its Controlled Opposition
Anticipating opposition to their Communitarian agenda (see What is the Church Growth Movement?), the conspiring wolves in sheep’s clothes created a “controlled opposition” front to silence the outcry.  Barbara Aho, a Christian researcher, has identified one of the many controlled opposition fronts being the Discernment Ministries. This revelation is the result of two years of research motivated by the discovery of a secret meeting in 1997 involving the Discernment Ministry leaders and the British Israelite and Unitarian minister, Sir Anthony Buzzard (Dean Gotcher was present at this meeting and Berit Kjos was a speaker at their 1997 Discernment Conference).
According to Barbara Aho, “The desperate and deceptive attempts of these pseudo ministries to cover their tracks should serve as a warning to all, that the so-called discernment network is really a controlled opposition movement, comprised of various fronts whose purpose is to disinform as well as to control and neutralize the opposition that is bound to arise against the main conspiracy. Fronts in a controlled opposition movement also work to identify dissidents for future elimination and to control all of the information concerning the conspiracy, so that no one gets close to the truth. Which is why the discernment organizations are so determined to discredit, and have even tried to destroy, Watch Unto Prayer.” (Listen to the audio program, Controlled Opposition Fronts [Aug. 4, 2005], to learn more.)
Of interest, three of the individuals that Mrs. Aho has identified as being part of this particular controlled opposition: Lynn Leslie, Sarah Leslie, and Berit Kjos are featured on Dean Gotcher’s website as having recommended his ministry.
Berit Kjos has written extensively about the dangers of globalism, the communitarian agenda, the Purpose Driven movement, the New Age movement, the occult, as well as other issues that are of concern to Christians.  And though it may seem to many that her opposition to these evils is genuine, the evidence indicates that her “opposition” is within limitations and is merely “controlled.” As many Christians don’t know about her globalist connections and her not so subtle advocacy for the New Age movement, allow me to list just a few things about Berit Kjos that will raise doubts about her Christian profession.
Berit Kjos Signed the Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship
The Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship is an environmental statement of faith signed by Jews, Catholics and Protestants.  It could be considered to be a “Christianized” version of the UN Earth Charter.
According to Barbara Aho, “The Cornwall Declaration and the coalition built after it, the Interfaith Coalition for Environmental Stewardship (ICES), are ecumenical initiatives which make environmental stewardship a religious issue and incorporate the New Age philosophy and agenda in the programs of Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism.
Some time ago, ICES removed the names of all but the “notable signers” which included James Dobson, Bill Bright, Chuck Colson and D James Kennedy. The list of “other signers” which includes Berit Kjos is available by clicking here.
Berit Kjos was/is a Board Member for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) is an environmental think tank planning a better society with alternative solutions for the environment. CFACT also participates in numerous UN summits and World Trade Organization (WTO) conferences. Berit Kjos was listed as sitting on the Board of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, but several years ago and perhaps in an effort to hide her affiliation, her name was removed from the list.
The CFACT Statement of Purpose states, “David Rothbard and Craig Rucker currently serve, respectively, as President and Executive Director of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow.”
“Rothbard and Rucker are often called upon to provide expertise to a wide range of government, media, and industry forums, and have been active participants in various international meetings including recent United Nations summits in Cairo, Istanbul, Kyoto, and Buenos Aires.” 
“Pressing Toward a Sustainable Future,” by David Rothbard, states, “In summary, CFACT’s position on sustainable development for the developing world is very much the same position espoused 20 years ago by Chairman Gro Brundtland [then-Chairman of the World Commission on Environment and Development.]”
Gro Brundtland, a fellow Norwegian of Berit Kjos, was Prime Minister of Norway, and later became Director General of the UN’s World Health Organization. The Commission she chaired developed the political concept of sustainable development and provided the momentum for both Agenda 21 and the 1992 Earth Summit headed by Maurice Strong, a prominent member of the Commision.

The article by David Rothbard also states, “CFACT’s methodology for sustainable development in the developing world is akin to that recently adopted by the European Union…”
CFACT wants to create Communitarian partnerships as seen by its desire to implement its international SEFED program in Mexico.  “SEFED (Social Entrepreneurship and Free-Market Environmental Demonstration) works through building partnerships among businesses, government entities, non-governmental organizations, and individuals to remove barriers to success placed by governmental, banking, and other institutions and replace them with bridges built by SEFED partners.”
These SEFED goals match the Communitarian goals of the globalists in creating a “Healthy Society” through a merger of the government, business, and social sectors. The CFACT website, which is filled with Communitarian buzzwords, calls for things like empowerment, measurable goals and new mindsets. CFACT seems to be implementing the same globalist, Communitarian agenda that Berit Kjos warns against in her articles.
I have copied the list of CFACT board members which includes not only Berit Kjos, but Catholic priests, people from the U.S Dept. of the Interior, the Hudson Institute, as well as the President Emeritus of Rockefeller University. This list of board members can be seen here: 
Berit Kjos’ New Age Visualization Teachings
In his March, 1993 newsletter “The New Age Adversary Bulletin,” Christian researcher David Harris wrote regarding Berit Kjos’ New Age visualization teachings:
Either the present documentation I have on this lady is false, or we have another New Age change agent successfully spreading false doctrine within the professing church.”
Mr. Harris was specifically referring to Berit Kjos’ usage of a formula that has been a teaching tool for the New Age movement, I + V= R, where I is imagination, V is visualization and R equals realization.  This wording can be seen in a tract she wrote called “Behold him in His Word.”
Berit Kjos is Ecumenical and Promotes the New Age Movement
In “The Little Cloud Report,” Spring, 1996, in the article “What’s wrong with Berit?”, BE and CD Blinstrub wrote, “The evidence is abundant to convict Mrs. Kjos of being ecumenical and a promoter, whether knowingly or unknowingly, of promoting the New Age.”
Berit Kjos authored Under the Spell of Mother Earth which promotes the New Age Agenda

In reading Berit Kjos’ book, Under the Spell of Mother Earth, it makes one wonder if her intention was to expose the New Age agenda or to subtlely promote the New Age agenda; for in Under the Spell of Mother Earth, Berit Kjos recommends and references books that heavily promote the New Age agenda.  For the first example, in the appendix of Under the Spell of Mother Earth which is deceptively titled “Family Projects and Helpful Resources” p.170, Berit Kjos suggests that “The Earthworks Group” have “some great ideas” in a book called 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth.
According to BE and CD Blinstrub, “It is in reading this book, that your Christian child will be manipulated into a hard-core New Age agenda.” On page 7 of 50 Simple Things Kids can do to Save the Earth under the section “A Note to Kids” it states, “Kids have a lot of power. Whenever you say something, grown-ups have to listen. Whenever you care about something, grown-ups need to care too. Whenever you do something, grown-ups have to pay attention. They don’t always tell you this, but it’s true. So if saving the earth is important to you, then grown-ups will have to follow along.” This, of course, reverses the God given order in the home.
In Under the Spell of Mother Earth, p.171, Berit Kjos recommends another book called “Earthbook for Kids” by Linda Schwartz.  Kjos says she recommends this book because it contains instructions on how to save paper by making your own cloth lunch bags.
According to the Blinstrubs, “Earth Book for Kids heavily pushes the Earth Day political agenda and suggests that children ‘make every day earth day.'” In Earth Book for Kids p.184, “children are encouraged to call the earth their mother.” On p.106, “people are referred to as animals.”
At the back of Earth Book for Kids is a list of organizations which includes Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Citizens Clearing House for Hazardous Waste (a militant Green group), The New Alchemy Institute, and the World Federalist Association which is located at 777 United Nations Plaza in New York.
It does make one wonder, if Berit Kjos really just wanted kids to learn to make cloth lunch bags, then why didn’t she simply give the instructions herself? Why did she feel the need to recommend this dangerous New Age book to children?
In Under the Spell of Mother Earth p. 175, Berit Kjos refers to the book “Target Earth” calling it a “wonderful Christian atlas.”  On the cover of  Target Earth is the subtitle: “The necessity of diversity in a holistic perspective on world mission.” The list of contributors and acknowledgments in this book include Loren Cunningham and C Peter Wagner.
According to The Little Cloud Report, “Target Earth is probably one of the most dangerous books on evangelism. We have a really big problem with a reference book [Target Earth] filled with mission field statistics that relies heavily on data from the UN and the Vatican.” And “Target Earth borrows extensively from the UN report called ‘Our Common Goal’ (Target p.3). And on page 85 of Target Earth, the UN ‘Declaration of Human Rights’ is printed in full.”
The author of Target Earth, Frank Jansen, a fellow Norwegian of Berit Kjos, stated on page 169, “My dream is to see a whole new generation of missionaries and WORLD CHRISTIANS, called from every walk of life.” And it does make one wonder who is aiming at this “Target Earth?” God? Or the fiery darts of the wicked? (Eph. 6:16)
In Under the Spell of Mother Earth, p. 174, Berit Kjos encourages parents to help save the rainforest by buying New Ager’s Ben and Jerry’s “Rainforest Crunch” ice cream.
On page 150 of Under the Spell of Mother Earth, Berit Kjos states, “During the Middle Ages, God preserved his scriptures in monasteries isolated from the surrounding spiritual compromise.” In truth, the monasteries hid the scriptures from the common man in obedience to the pope. She seems to be implying that the monastery was a holding line against spiritual compromise.
On p. 147 and 148, B Kjos calls Roman Catholicism “distorted Christianity.”
Berit Kjos seems to disobey the Biblical command to abstain from all appearance of evil. According to the Little Cloud Report, in Under the Spell of Mother Earth, “B Kjos tells of her adventures hanging out with Greens (p.25), hiking with a lesbian witch (p.28), celebrating Earth Day (p.14-15), partaking in an Indian ceremony, ‘It was fun.’ (p.50), visiting occult headquarters (p.47), and even taking on the Dalai Lama alone (p.157-160).”
According to the Blinstrubs: “There are a great many more inconsistencies, confusions, contradictions and compromises that could be pointed out about Mrs. Kjos’ writing. It would literally take a book to do the subject justice.”
Berit Kjos States the Lausanne Movement was of God

Berit Kjos wrote an article called “Waiting for a Global Kingdom, not the Coming King” in which she stated that the pro-catholic, ecumenical Lausanne movement was of God.
“The Lausanne movement has served a vital function of awakening the church to the urgency of the great commission. Surely the intentions of Billy Graham and other faithful visionaries and organizers have been to serve God and to share the gospel everywhere.” Click here to learn the true intentions of those who organized the Lausanne movement.
Watch Unto Prayer lists Berit Kjos on its webpage, “Ministries Facilitating the Transition to Lausanne-Addendum.”
Berit Kjos Attends UN Conferences 
Berit Kjos frequently mentions the UN and she attends their conferences.  For example, she attended the UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) June 3-14, 1996 in Istanbul while registered as a reporter.
According to Berit Kjos, “During the 1996 UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), I attended a day-long ‘Dialogue’ on the meaning of ‘Solidarity’ at Istanbul’s elegant Ciragan Palace. Registered as a reporter, I received a list of 21 panel members. It included UNESCO’s Director General Federico Mayor, the now discredited UN leader Maurice Strong, World Bank Vice President Ismail Serageldin, and Millard Fuller who founded Habitat for Humanity…
“During a break, I asked moderator Robert McNeil to define solidarity for me.”

​Berit Kjos is Associated with the Council for National Policy

According to Watch Unto Prayer, the Council for National Policy (CNP) which evolved from the intelligence arm of the John Birch Society controls the “Christian Right” in the US.  The CNP which is considered to be the religious front for the Council on Foreign Relations, is a globalist organization and is anti-American to an extreme.  Watch Unto Prayer is quoted below concerning Berit Kjos’ associations with members of the CNP.

Berit Kjos – Frequent speaker on platforms which include Council for National Policy (CNP) members. The Prophezine Prophecy Alliance profile on Berit Kjos has listed CNP member organizations which have provided speaking/writing platforms for Berit: Constitutional Coalition [Donna Hearne], Concerned Women for America/Beverly LaHaye Live [Beverly and Tim LaHaye], The 700 Club [Pat Robertson], Point of View [Marlin Maddoux], and (Citizens for Excellence in Education/Robert Simonds [Coalition on Revival]). Compass Magazine (as in Square & Compass?) featured Larry Burkett and Berit Kjos on the cover with ads for Dallas Seminary with Chuck Swindoll, Steeling of the Mind Conference with CNP members Alan Sears (Alliance Defense Fund), John Ankerberg (Theological Research Institute), and Chuck Missler.” (The Elijah Revolution)
Kjos Ministries’ Web Address has Occult Significance
The name of Berit Kjos’ website is Kjos Ministries and its web address is “”  It seems odd that a Christian ministry that purports to warn Christians about dangers from the occult would use for its web address a term that has occult significance.
Crossroads are considered sacred in almost all magical traditions. A crossroads is a universally accepted place to hold rituals, leave offerings, or dispose of items you wish to be rid of …It is believed tat Hecate rules over the three-way crossroads. She can see the past, present and future, It is said that if you should approach a three-way crossroads at night, you would hear her black dogs howling. Her altars have been erected at such places for centuries.
“The four-way crossroad are considered to be powerful because all four directions meet at one point. Dirt, rocks and sticks gathered from such a crossroads are said to have powerful spiritual connections, albeit tricky ones to master. In Greek myths, Oedipus met his fate at the crossroads. From the Yoruban people we have Legha (a god known for his clever tricks) ruling the crossroads.
“Ancient people were afraid of what it meant when one direction met another direction. All manner of folklore is available concerning the crossroads. Fairies are said to hand about there, along with ghouls and goblins. Even the Christian Satan is said to roam the crossroads.
Earth Witches know that a crossroad is actually a place of sacred transformations, manmade or not. Frequently they see them as a metaphor for transformational points in our lives. In such a capacity the crossroads relate to time.”
According to the article, Robert Johnson and the Crossroads Curse, “In rural folklore, the intersection of two roads was often regarded as an evil place, the site of black magic…So according to the legend, Johnson [an American blues singer] went down to the crossroads and made a pact with Satan. The devil promised to fulfill his dreams, thus Johnson traded his eternal soul for his extraordinary talents. Of course, the devil wouldn’t allow him to enjoy his success and the lord of the underworld soon claimed his prize.”
Kjos Ministries Listed With Several Other Controlled Opposition Sites

The website, Cabal Times, has listed the “Ten Best Conspiracy Websites.”  The first listed is “Infowars” by Alex Jones.  Alex Jones’ “opposition” to the NWO is merely controlled.  And the same could be said for “Rense,” the second website listed.  Kjos Ministries is listed third.  Others on this list include “Rabbi Barry Chamish” and Lyndon LaRouche’s “Executive Intelligence Review.”  Watch Unto Prayer is a website that truly exposes the NWO with far more information than Kjos Ministries, yet when Watch Unto Prayer was recommended to Cabal Times in a comment it wasn’t approved.
Note: “Berit” means “covenant” in Hebrew

“Berit” is a Hebrew word used in the Old Testament for covenant. (Covenants)

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  1. berit also lives in the snazziest zip code in california. her husband is a member of the Law Merchant Society. these two facts sent up a warning to me several years ago and i never bothered with her as a result.

    1. a non professional hatchet job by tj on an article that exposes an evil witch in the form of berit. to live in the most expensive zip code in the united states, excludes her from knowing jesus christ in any meaningfull way. material wealth has a way of doing that. she is just another wolf in short robes.

  2. TJ, How would you know Berit Kjos loves Jesus Christ? And setting aside the evidence that Berit is Jewish, why would she attend many UN summits and conferences if she has a love for Jesus Christ? After all, Christians know the agenda of the UN is to build the world government which will be led by the Antichrist.

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